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DIVORCE and Reality TV: 22 families and counting

22 Families Affected By The Reality TV Divorce Curse

By Tracie Egan Morrissey, May 2, 2011 05:15 PM

22 Families Affected By The Reality TV Divorce Curse

There have been seven divorces that have occurred on The Real Housewives franchise in the five years since its premiere. The most recent casualty of this “divorce curse,” Vicki Gunvalson, blames reality TV for her marital troubles telling CNN recently, “We didn’t have 90 percent of the problems that we have now and I truly believe it is the show.” But can a television show really be at fault, or does it merely shine a spotlight on the cracks that were already present in the foundation of a marriage? Whatever the case, divorce and reality TV have gone hand-in-hand since the very first show in the genre in 1973, when PBS’ An American Family, which featured the breakup of the Loud family.

22 Families Affected By The Reality TV Divorce Curse

Bill & Pat Loud
It’s ironic that something as intellectually highbrow as PBS and expensive reels of 16mm film birthed what’s considered by many to be the dregs of our beer-bottle culture: Reality TV. Producer Craig Gilbert’s vision of conducting an anthropological “experiment” is something that’s still debated when discussing the genre today. With the invasion of cameras into people’s lives, are we seeing the worst of humanity or are we seeing how things really are? When the Louds were first approached about the project, they were made to believe that they were chosen because they were the “perfect” American family, which seemed to set the reasoning behind agreeing to being filmed for all reality TV families to come—an inflated sense of self and conceit in their own camera-readiness. But when filming commenced for the Louds, a mirror was held up to their lives without even seeing a single frame of their show. Perhaps it was the meddling of producers or the pointed questions they asked that helped illuminate the problems that the Louds realized they could no longer pretend did not exist. In the middle of the project, Pat filed for divorce and the drama that Gilbert had been hoping to capture on film became, well, a reality. The Louds blamed much of their problems on the series and its editing after the fact (perhaps the only people in history who could rightfully say that they didn’t know what they were signing up for with such a project). The behind-the-scenes story of the Louds’ experience with the project was dramatized for the recent HBO film Cinema Verite, at the end of which the audience learned that Pat and Bill have reconciled and at 84 and 90, respectively, are once again a couple.

22 Families Affected By The Reality TV Divorce Curse

Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey
Perhaps because of the cautionary tale that the Louds provided in the early ’70s, reality TV took a break from families for a while to focus on partying twentysomethings (The Real World) and competition-based series (Survivor, Big Brother), but eventually returned its focus on the institution of marriage with MTV’s Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica in 2003. Unlike the Louds, who were vilified, Simpson and Lachey were celebrated way more than they had been in their original careers as pop singers. But after three years of marriage, the couple announced they were divorcing in 2005, just months after the last episode of their show had aired. Simpson doesn’t blame reality TV for their breakup, telling Vanity Fair, “In all honesty, I believe it did not affect our marriage because we enjoyed watching those episodes.” Lachey, however, sees it differently, telling David Letterman, “It was just so invasive that it became a problem.”

22 Families Affected By The Reality TV Divorce Curse

Carmen Electra & Dave Navarro
Riding on the coattails of Newlyweds success, MTV aired ‘Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen and Dave, a one-season reality show about the famous couple’s preparations for their wedding. Although they broke up less than three years after they were married, the couple agreed on one thing—reality TV was not to blame. Navarro didn’t even consider the show very realistic “because you’re not gonna be real with an eight-man crew in your house,” adding that “It’s the most realistic portrayal of…life with eight guys with cameras around.”

22 Families Affected By The Reality TV Divorce Curse

Shanna Moakler & Travis Barker
Desperate for more married couples, MTV recruited Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker and former beauty queen Shanna Moakler. The two seasons of their show Meet the Barkers chronicled their wedding and the birth of their second child. Barker filed for divorce just months after the final episode of their show had aired. But even though Meet the Barkers was no longer on the air, their relationship was still very much a show. Moakler infamously hosted a divorce party, featuring a tiered cake with a murdered, mohawked groom. The couple were then very publicly off-again-on-again for a few years until they finally divorced for good in 2008.

22 Families Affected By The Reality TV Divorce Curse

Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown
When America’s sweetheart first married R&B’s bad boy many thought it would never work. But oddly, it did—for the 14 years before they decided to open up their lives to Bravo cameras for Being Bobby Brown in 2005. In just 11 short episodes, viewers were given a very rare look into the private lives of the famous couple, and most were shocked at what they saw. Rumors had swirled about Houston’s drug addiction for years, particularly after her infamous 2002 interview with Diane Sawyer, but the reality show highlighted the couple’s loving, yet erratic behavior. Just months after the series finale, Houston checked herself into rehab and reportedly stayed separated from Brown until she had a divorce fast-tracked one year later.

22 Families Affected By The Reality TV Divorce Curse

Linda Thompson & David Foster
Years before they were ever on The Hills, Brody Jenner and Spencer Pratt starred in the Fox reality show The Princes of Malibu, which followed the lives of Jenner and his brother as the spoiled sons of former beauty queen Linda Thompson. The premise of the show was that Thompson’s babying of her sons caused tension in her marriage to songwriter David Foster. That tension must have been very real because Thompson filed for divorce the same month that the show premiered, causing Fox to cancel the series after airing only two episodes.

22 Families Affected By The Reality TV Divorce Curse

Kathy Griffin & Matt Moline
Griffin and Moline’s marriage seemed strong on My Life on the D List, but evidently, there were problems bubbling beneath the surface that caused the couple to break up after the first season of her reality show. However, they reconciled briefly and Moline was filmed for the show’s second season, but the couple divorced in May 2006, several months before Moline’s last episode aired.

22 Families Affected By The Reality TV Divorce Curse

Danny & Gretchen Bonaduce
If there was ever a reality show “train wreck” it was VH1’s Breaking Bonaduce. During filming, Danny fell off the wagon and began openly drinking and taking steroids. He and his wife Gretchen allowed cameras to film their couples counseling. The first episode of the second season shows Danny traveling to Mexico to promote the show, where he sees for the first time an episode featuring Gretchen getting a lap dance from a male stripper and he subsequently loses his temper. Gretchen then kicked him out of the house. The couple divorced a year later.

22 Families Affected By The Reality TV Divorce Curse

Linda & Hulk Hogan
The Hogans had something very rare among entertainment-industry families—a solid marriage that spanned nearly a quarter of a century. They opened up their lives for the VH1 show Hogan Knows Best in 2005 and in just two short years their 17-year-old son Nick was indicted as an adult on four criminal charges and sentenced to eight months in jail, a story surfaced in The National Enquirer in which a woman claimed to have had an affair with Hulk while he was filming his show, and Linda filed for divorce (just one month after the final episode of Hulk Knows Best aired). Hulk found out about the filing when a local newspaper called him for a comment.

22 Families Affected By The Reality TV Divorce Curse

Missy & Bam Margera
In 2007, Bam Margera threw caution to the wind and featured the planning and ceremony of his marriage to Missy Rothstein on Bam’s Unholy Union, despite MTV’s dismal track record with the relationships of the couples featured on its reality TV programming. In 2009, Bam was hospitalized after a four day drinking binge, which he said was sparked by his marital problems. In 2010, Bam told Howard Stern that, although they are not officially divorced, he and Missy live in separate cities and she is aware of his various girlfriends.

22 Families Affected By The Reality TV Divorce Curse

Jenni Pulos & Chris Elwood
Bravo’s Flipping Out is about decorator/house-flipper Jeff Lewis and his staff, who must put up with Lewis’ demanding personality due to his OCD. Two of his assistants—Pulos and Elwood—were married before they began working for Lewis. During the show’s second season, Lewis fired Elwood after a surveillance video revealed that he was shirking his responsibilities and not doing his job properly. Pulos divorced Elwood shortly after, citing the tape as “a factor in their breakup.”

22 Families Affected By The Reality TV Divorce Curse

Katie Price & Peter Andre
The marriage of glamor model Katie Price (aka Jordan) and pop singer Peter Andre was a match made in reality TV heaven when they met while filming I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! in 2004. Audiences watched live as the couple fell in love. It was only natural for them that they continue their relationship on television, where they had a kid, got married, and had another kid while filming several one-off reality specials and eventually a series titled Katie & Peter. After three and a half years of marriage, the couple divorced, and while their breakup was not chronicled for television, the aftermath of it was with Price’s new show What Katie Did Next.

22 Families Affected By The Reality TV Divorce Curse

Kate & Jon Gosselin
The breakup of the Gosselins’ marriage dominated tabloid covers for a solid year, beginning in April 2009 when it was first reported that Jon was having an affair with a local woman. Perhaps the public was so consumed by the story because, unlike most reality TV couples, Jon and Kate were not famous before their show Jon & Kate Plus 8, a relatively mundane family show which featured the Gosselins raising their children—a set of twins and a set of sextuplets. The Gosselins’ brand, success, and entire reason for being (on television) was because of their family. Watching Jon’s misbehavior—the Ed Hardy shirts, the cigarettes, the late nights, the young women, the bikini parties in Vegas, the purchase of a two-seater car when he has eight children—play out in real-life was fascinating and completely antithetical to what TLC purported him to be. Jon blamed the media for “exploiting” his children in some kind of weird power play to get more money to appear on the reality show. Ultimately, he was kicked off the show and it was renamed Kate Plus 8. For her part, Kate never blamed reality television for any of their problems, but rather Jon, for being a selfish person.

22 Families Affected By The Reality TV Divorce Curse

Susie & Corey Feldman
Susie and Corey were married (by officiant MC Hammer) on the season finale of The Surreal Life in 2002. The returned to reality TV in 2007 for The Two Coreys, an A&E show which was originally intended to be a light-hearted account of Corey Haim moving in with the Feldmans, but spiraled into something completely different by the show’s second season, with Haim’s drug problem overt and out of control. Many scenes showed Haim lashing out at Susie Feldman. Corey Feldman refused to continue the project unless Haim got sober. (Sadly, Haim died of a drug overdose in March 2010.) In October 2009, Susie filed for divorce.

22 Families Affected By The Reality TV Divorce Curse

Jeana & Matt Keough
The Keoughs have the unfortunate privilege of being the first breakup in The Real Housewives franchise after they legally separated during the third season of The O.C. version of the show. Matt, a former major league baseball player, never liked the cameras and didn’t participate very much on the show. In interview segments, Jeana shared that Matt had a bad head injury that affected this personality, and later admitted that he struggled with alcoholism. In the summer of 2009, Matt was arrested for DUI and was later sentenced to eight months in jail. After the Keoughs’ money problems became public knowledge through the show, Jeana pulled out of the series.

22 Families Affected By The Reality TV Divorce Curse

The Count & Countess de Lesseps
The next Housewives couple to split were the de Lesseps, from the New York City cast, which came as a shock to viewers as there were no signs of marital problems. In fact, the Count was barely featured on the show due to the amount he had to travel for work. It turns out that the couple had been living separately for years—he in Europe and she in New York—and that he had been carrying on with an Ethiopian princess, for whom he eventually left his wife.

22 Families Affected By The Reality TV Divorce Curse

Tamra & Simon Barney
Although theirs was the third divorce to occur in The Real Housewives universe, the demise of Tamra and Simon’s marriage was the first to actually play out fully on the show. We watched as they suffered from financial trouble, forcing them into a short sale of their home. We watched as Simon became more controlling. We saw Tamra attempt a last-ditch effort to save their relationship by unwisely having his name tattooed on her finger. Eventually, Simon filed for divorce and (along with his children) no longer participates on the show. However, the couple’s drama is still very much playing out in the public eye, as they release statements and contact the press about their alleged bad behavior.

22 Families Affected By The Reality TV Divorce Curse

Cat & Charles Ommanney
As part of the ill-fated D.C. cast of The Real Housewives (the first in the franchise to not be picked up for a second season) Cat’s husband had a very impressive job as the award-winning White House photographer for Newsweek. Admittedly, Charles’ job involves a lot of political skill, so it impacted his career negatively when his new wife signed on to a tawdry reality show. Before the first episode even aired, the couple split; Cat’s involvement with the show and association with the Salahis, the infamous White House crashers, negatively impacted Charles’ career. In an interview with The New York Times, Charles blamed the show for the dissolution of his marriage saying, “In a way, I was naïve and foolish to sign off on doing this. But, at the end of the day, it was innocent. I wanted happiness for someone I was in love with. I put all my reservations aside and said: ‘Go for it. Do it if it makes you happy.’ Then I regretted it. I lost touch with everyone, and mix that with my marriage falling apart and the show taking over, it was very sad.”

22 Families Affected By The Reality TV Divorce Curse

NeNe & Gregg Leakes
Much of season three of The Real Housewives of Atlanta focused on NeNe’s marital problems that were evidently sparked by her husband’s finances. The split seemed final, though, later in the season when NeNe learned that Gregg had given a radio interview in which he blamed his financial troubles on the amount of money that he had to spend to make NeNe appear wealthy in order to secure her a position on the show. She filed for divorce in June 2010, yet told Essence in December that she and Gregg were still legally together and living under the same roof, but hinted at the fact that they would, in fact, divorce, leading many to believe she was saving the drama for season four of the show.

22 Families Affected By The Reality TV Divorce Curse

Camille & Kelsey Grammer
It’s odd to think that Kelsey Grammer, a successful actor, would need or want to be involved with a reality show—particularly one that would expose his marriage, which had reportedly been sexless for many years. It’s also odd that while the show was filming, he would move to a different city and embark on an affair with a younger woman, for whom he eventually left his wife and married. But according to Camille, Kelsey had already emotionally checked out of the marriage, and pushed her into getting involved with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as a distraction, saying, “He thought it would be good for me to do something that was separate from us being a couple.”

22 Families Affected By The Reality TV Divorce Curse

Vicki & Donn Gunvalson
As the last remaining original cast member of the original incarnation of The Real Housewives, Vicki Gunvalson shocked viewers after she filed for divorce in October 2010. The news came after season five of her show, which showed Vicki and Donn’s relationship healthier than ever after the renewed their wedding vows for their 15th anniversary. Vicki blames the show for her marital problems.

22 Families Affected By The Reality TV Divorce Curse

Jennifer & Eric Williams
The problems that plagued the marriage of Jennifer and (former NBA player) Eric Williams—namely Eric’s infidelity and a possible love child—were broadcast on the first two seasons of VH1’s Basketball Wives. After endless talks between the couple of saving their marriage, Jennifer confirmed to Life & Style in February that she was filing for divorce, the drama of which can be expected to play out on the third season of the show, premiering later this month.

22 Families Affected By The Reality TV Divorce Curse

Leah Messer & Corey Simms
Messer and Simms have had a crazy two years. They became pregnant with twins after only dating for about six weeks, tried to make it work, but then broke up shortly after the birth of their daughters (one of whom is a special-needs child), all of which was chronicled on their episode of 16 & Pregnant. They reunited on Teen Mom 2, and got married in a camo-themed wedding on the season finale. However, just six months after getting married (and only three weeks after the wedding episode aired on MTV) Messer filed for divorce, making them the youngest reality show couple to break up, as well as being the shortest-lived reality show marriage.

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EXCLUSIVE: GFTG reveals the big secret!!

Money Can’t Buy You Class … But Did It Buy You A Sex Change Operation?

Dear Countess – oops, I mean LuAnn de Lesseps: I know that money can buy YOU hair extensions, a reality show on Bravo, and even a new badly sung dance single, but I’ve had a realization about something else that you may have bought.

After watching your video I realized that you look and, more importantly, sound like the world’s most believable drag queen. I mean, it is just eerie how I never put it together until now.

Click here for more of GFTG hysterical investigation:

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RH of NYC….Kelly implodes

On this episode 5 of the ~real~ housewives head off to St. John …or “St. Johns” to Ramona…to celebrate a bachelorette weekend before Ramona’s vow renewal.

Ramona says that Jill didn’t join them on the weekend because it was not about her.  It couldn’t be because she felt uncomfortable spending a weekend with Bethenny. Right?

The countess is visiting a major record producer to record her single.  He is the real deal and we get to hear the long list of real stars that have paid him to record there.  While Bravo tries to spin it to sound as though she is very talented and that is reason he records her, the smart viewers know that he will record anyone who can pay the bill.  The bill will be high.   He wears his sunglasses the entire time, which makes him look like a dork, and feeds her a load of BS about how wonderful she is.   She is not horribly horrible.  That is the nicest thing I can say.

The ladies land in St. John, minus Jill and Luann,  and Bethenny looks like she is in shock. She just buried her father.  I feel bad for her.  Kelly announced that she doesn’t eat processed foods and says she prefers gummie bears.  Not one to let things like that go by Bethenny points out that gummie bears are hardly natural.  Kelly then says that it’s ok because they are “fun candy.”   Be warned, this is just a taste of the crazy that is to come.

They go to the dock because Bravo has arranged for them to stay on a yacht. Ramona grabbed the master suite because we are all supposed to believe that she is hosting this trip.

We start with Ramona showing off her bathing suits.  She does have a great body and I can’t blame her for being excited to show it off.  Everyone gets into a bathing suit and checks out the deck.   LUNCH TIME but Kelly needs to change and her clothes because she can’t eat in a bikini.  Whatever.    Ramona expresses concern for Bethenny and I like her for that moment.

Ramona wants her Pinot Grigio and Bethenny offers to stomp on the grapes from the fridge.  Hungry Kelly freaks out and says “NO, I am eating those.  You are not going to stomp on them”…B carefully explains humor but I doubt it registered.   Whacky Kelly is back in action..

Ramona begins talking about how Jill sent a text to Ramona telling her about B’s dad passing away.  She feels that Jill wanted to be the one to break the news.  They discuss how Jill kind of freaked out at the party because she did not get the call first.

Kelly now starts on her first strange rant of the day.  She says she doesn’t want to talk bad about people because she is a real person and she is normal.

“We are not normal?’….which is the question I would have asked.  She moves along and says that they are all too concerned with everyone elses moves.  For no reason she suddenly turns on Alex for delivering the message to Jill.  (how long are we gonna talk about this?)

B again patiently addresses her and explains that Alex had been putting up with Jill for 2 years and her packaging might have been a little off.

Kelly responds “It’s not that I don’t get it;  it’s that I don’t CARE.”….yeah…she said that.

B says ‘If you don’t care then don’t respond.”

Kelly then says that they are making lemons into lemonade.  Yeah, she said that too.

B once again explains that this analogy probably doesn’t fit her point.

Kelly then tells them that she will not do this everytime she comments on something because they are making it into something…it’s crazy…it’s gross…it’s disgusting.    Then she adds that she has a lot of respect for people she cares about.  I am guessing she cares about no one at the table.

They explain that they are just expressing their feelings.  Kelly’s eyes roll back into her head “Oh FEEELINGS”…a concept that seems to find ridiculous.  She then says that she is “not that girl.  Not the sorority, bitchy girl”  and she makes what she hopes will be a dramatic exit from the table.    The only problem is that she can’t figure out how to open the glass doors to get inside.  She gives another speech about how she will be in her little world with cart wheels and kindness and they can enjoy their banter and vile behavior.

Damn.  Doors won’t open.  She is stuck there until the nice paid help pushes the button with her finger.  Ramona tries to smooth it over and tells her they will see her in a little while…sweetheart…that had to hurt coming out.  Kelly takes the olive branch and smacks them all with it while she calls them demented and sick.    Kelly might want to pick up Luann’s book.

The girls dish on Kelly for a moment and then she returns with some kind of odd apology.  They give her dessert.  They probably just wanted to keep her mouth busy so she would shut up.

Later that evening Alex joined Bethenny on the deck.  B asks how she is enjoying her first trip away from the hubby and kids.  Alex wants to know how she is doing.  They like each other and you can see it.  I like that.  It’s a lost part of this show.  Genuine affection for each other.  Nice.  B talks about her father’s death and Alex listens sincerely.  Then they shift the conversation to Kelly and lunch.  Alex asks “What was that?” and they dissolve into laughter.  Real laughter.  I like it.  Belly laughs.  Bethenny said she might have gone to Columbia the country because there is no F-ing way that broad went to college.  I have to agree.

No-- this wasn't her date, I just like the picture and the "Project Runway" dude.

Back in NY Luann is on a date with her gay friend.  It’s a rather boring scene really.  I don’t care to watch people ordering in a restaurant.  He is trying to be flirty.  Luann makes it clear in her private interview that she doesn’t want to be serious.   He is acting weird.  The guy gives me the willies.    Suddenly he presents her with a gift.  HIS BOOK.   A product plug !?!  Well that NEVER happens on this show!!

He starts to push her for information on what she is doing.  Then he proceeds to try to flirt in a manner that makes me never want sex again….or at least for a long time.  He has a slimy vibe to him.  He starts kissing Luann and she doesn’t seem to be very into it.  I want to call the police and get a background check on the guy.  Never mind.   Run Luann.  RUN.

In St. John the girls are snorkeling.  Sonja tells us she did not want to ruin her good hair day to snorkel.  Her hair looked like….nevermind.

Dinner on the yacht:  SEATING CHART.   Ramona doesn’t want Kelly and Bethenny fighting.   I give her credit for trying.  Alex gives a toast.  It’s nice.  For a moment.

Bethenny, Kelly, and Sonja are talking.  B opens up about her father and the fact that he seems to have never loved her.   Kelly is hyper defensive about EVERYTHING B says.  Even when she discusses the pain of her father not loving her, Kelly defends the man.  Tells B she needs to accept it for what it is and then tells her that it is not ‘uncommon”…I wonder who she hangs out with?

Ramona pops in very drunk.  She has been on the neighboring yacht which is owned by the owner of Hooters.  She wants everyone to come visit that yacht with her.  Suddenly Sonja yells out to Kelly “When you have sex, do you ever think about women?”….I caught that.  I think she might have been hitting on her.  She then chastises her for not having one night stands.  I am going to guess Sonja missed the news of the aids epidemic?

Sonja is now in her personal interview commenting on how when she is around the conversation always turns to sex.  They think she is Dr. Ruth.  Ummm…Nooo….Sonja dear, YOU bring it up.

Bethenny agrees she has had a one night stand.   That is enough to start puritanical Kelly onto a speech about how she doesn’t do such things.  She is from the Mid-west.  Sonja doesn’t believe Kelly.  She laments that no one wants to die without a one-night stand.  Wow.    Is that really an important aspect to life?

Sonja is feeling like she needs compliments.  Bethenny plays along and gives her compliments and a hug.  I think I like the non-drinking B.

Suddenly Kelly starts on a new rant.  Why do people need titles: “Victim.  Survivor.?  Why can’t they enjoy the life that that they are living now?”

Sonja says “You’re not judgmental?”…which was an excellent reply.   Kelly assures her that she is not.  Sonja says that Kelly gets upset when people feel emotions.

Kelly then says…and I have to quote this “To be honest with you this whole feelings’s like 1979.”   She goes on to say that life is too short for pesky things like feelings and emotions.

Sonja is quickly learning to play along and I am starting to like her.  She says what she likes about Bethenny is that she is a survivor and doesn’t play the victim.  Kelly then says she is wrong and that Bethenny plays the victim a lot.   She then launches into a full blown attack on Bethenny.

“Bethenny tries to make people feel bad so that she can feel better about herself”

Bethenny begins to question her and Kelly brings up their argument from last season.  Bethenny tells her to let it go.  She accuses B of putting her and her kids in the press and when B denies it she says  “No one cares about you Bethenny.  No one cares.”

Kelly follows with a list of what she thinks about Bethanny: vindictive, malicious, cunning and deceitful.  Oh, and it’s creepy.  OUCH.  I am guessing that Kelly never read any articles on how to comfort grieving people?  Just a guess.   She also doesn’t seem to realize that when you enter your kids onto a reality TV show YOU are the one that put them in the press.

Oh, but she is not done.  She is now on her feet to say ‘You are not a chef but a COOK and it’s creepy.”   I wonder what is creepy about being a cook?  B corrects her and says that she went to culinary school.  Then Kelly tells her that no one asks her because nobody cares.    Kelly’s social skills are off the charts.   Bethanny actually kept her cool here and I give her a lot of credit for that.

Kelly tells us that she would like to look at Bethanny’s resume’  so she can see what she has actually done.  I wonder if Kelly has a resume?

Bethanny tells her that she speaks and she doesn’t know what she is talking about and then says “you are the most unintelligent person she has ever had the pleasure to be around. The worst vocabulary….” she is cut off by Kelly announcing that this is the world according to Bethenny.

She is glad she is not a ho-bag like Bethenny.  That made Bethanny laugh and I was glad to see that.

Bethanny decided to go over to the Hooters boat.  Good call.

Ramona is over there kissing on the owner of Hooters.  She started talking about her hubby and how much she loves him.  That is nice.   Bethanny is on the scene and tries to express what just happened.  I don’t know how she could explain it because even after watching it twice it is hard to understand.

Sonja comes to tell the group that Kelly is like a dog with a bone and has no basis for her argument.   Kelly announces that Bethenny has issues.  Ramona loudly announces that she is not going to let this go on.  She is in Kelly’s face and tells her to STOP.

Ramona, Alex, and Bethenny all go out dancing.   Sonja and Kelly go back to the boat.  I got a strong impression that Sonja was hitting on Kelly.  I got that vibe several times.  I could be wrong.  I don’t care either way, just a noticed it.

Next week we will see how this trip possibly could get worse.  It looks like it does.


From Life&Style,  Oct. 7, 2009

As Life & Style first reported, Sonja Morgan is joining The Real Housewives of New York City. The 45-year-old socialite and movie producer, who’s married to John Morgan, the great-grandson of J.P. Morgan, should provide plenty of drama: She recently lost a major legal battle with Hannibal Pictures over a movie in which John Travolta had been tapped to star. “She just lost a breach of contract case with a judgment against her for $7,066,294,” says an insider. “I am appealing,” Sonja tells Life & Style. “I hope the truth will be told.”

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Congrats to Bethenny Frankel: IT’S A GIRL!

The Real Housewives of New York City star and her husband Jason Hoppy welcomed a baby girl Saturday, her rep confirms to PEOPLE.

“Bethenny and Jason are proud to welcome their new baby girl, Bryn Hoppy, born at 8 a.m. . . . in New York City,” the rep says. “She is a 4 lb. 12 oz., healthy baby. Bryn, mom, dad and [their dog] Cookie are all very happy.”,,20367836,00.html

yeah, it’s photoshopped.

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Real Housewives of NYC

This show is out of control. What happened this season? I feel kind of dirty for watching. Normal social boundaries do not apply here. We grew up being taught that gossip was bad, saying mean things is wrong, and you should not talk about people behind their backs. Right? Violating those simple rules is all this show is about anymore.

Much of this episode focused on Alex’s decision to carry a message to Jill and deliver it in front of several people. Everyone has an opinion and feels that they are entitled to share it. Alex isn’t allowed to share her thoughts though; when she tries she is either cut off or talked over. She listens intently with her scarecrow face furrowed into strange expressions. She is very polite and even kind while she is being crucified. Watching it happen was painful and yet I somehow came away with a lot of respect for Alex. I would have lost my cool quickly and suggested several things they should do; most of them starting with F.

One of the more ironic moments was when the Countess asked Alex if she thought she was God while she was chastising her for getting involved. Alex resisted the easy shot and did not point out that the Countess was doing the exact same thing.

Finally, after being yelled at by enough people, including BOBBY, Alex tried to talk to Jill. Guess what? Jill won’t let her. Jill would rather nurse her wounds and continue her season as a professional victim.

Which brings me to Jill. What is wrong with her? She was crying about Bethenny and at one point says that when Bethenny was ready to talk to her she couldn’t talk because she DIDN’T HAVE HER NOTES!?! WHAT?? Is that an insane thing to say? She couldn’t make up with her friend because she needed notes? And she needed the right camera angle too- right?

It’s ok though. Now Jill has two nemesis to deal with so she can be properly victimized for the rest of the season. Expect more crying and comforting next week. Poor poor Jill. I wish her mother would come to town and tell her to put her big girl panties on and grow up.

Ramona surprised me this week. When Bethenny reached out to her during one of the hardest days of b’s life, Ramona was amazing. She has the right words, the proper empathy, and her tears were real. As crazy and strange as she has been this season, that moment redeemed her in my mind. I wish we could see more of Ramona in this mode.

Bethenny , I have nothing but kindness to wish to her this week. I have a message for her: Pregnant, losing a father after years of estrangement, no solid support network in your life….Girl, you are doing great. You have made something of your life. You are STRONG. I don’t think YOU believe that and I think you are your own worst critic. You keep those walls up and your use biting humor to protect yourself. I get that. I hope and pray that the new baby and husband in your life will help you learn to lower your guard a little. Appropriately, of course.

Kelly is coming across much better this season. I could not stand the nut job last year. This time she is not in your face and seems more comfortable with taking a quieter role. It suits her much better.

Last thing: The new lady. I don’t get it. I can’t even remember her name. In my opinion she is not very attractive and not very interesting. She is attempting to create a character out of herself and it’s a little pathetic. Most of what she says and does seems as though she is trying to show something off or prove that she is some amazing socialite. She’s trying too hard. Yawn.

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RHNY: Great Recap from

Since we haven’t been recapping RHNY, I thought I’d pass along this brilliant recap by a writer that could probably make the weather channel seem entertaining.


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RHWNY Episode 3 recap by JenD

On this round of Real Housewives of NY, we have fighting, yelling, arguing, feigned innocence, and more.

Bethenny and Jason2.0 waited until the cameras were present to discuss their impending cohabitation and Jason’s pledge to make a commitment.   The scene reminded me of scenes with the original Jason where he refused to discuss the relationship or their future.  Jason 2.0 was willing to follow the fantasy script that Bethenny laid out for him.  I feel a little insulted by the obvious staging.

Why did Bethenny kiss Luann and Kelly at the fashion show?  She made sure everyone knew that she had met Lisa Rina (sp?) before.   Then she pulled Luann aside to fight during the show?  What is her problem?  Kelly asked her to stop because she was embarrassing her.  That might be the first time I ever agreed with Kelly.

I agree with Luann, Bethenny is venomous and full of anger.  Her anger is not justified…unless I have missed something? It does appear that she attacked Luann out of nowhere.  Right?

Ramona took her daughter to her first fashion show.  I give her credit for making the effort.

Kelly, it’s not polite to ask why you were not invited to someone’s party.  I am glad Ramona turned the tables and busted on her for not inviting her to meet Perez Hilton.   Then when she decided to dump her daughter and go, she lost some mommy points with me.

Jill….why can’t you move past this Bethenny thing?  I am so sick of hearing you talk about it.  Can’t you see that Bethenny is not someone who can bond with others?  She did not bond with her parents, do you think she can bond with you?  Bethenny is all about Bethenny.  She needed you last year but now she has Jason.   It’s over.  Stop listening to the message…or is THAT your new hobby?

Bethenny went to Alex to gain some kind of support.  I was a little surprised that Alex piled on because that is normally not her style.  She is upset that someone comments on her boy’s behavior.  I will give her a pass.

It was kind of nice to see Jill and Kelly trying to find a way to be civil.   It was also funny to see them both trying to be nice in the private interviews…..but each landed in some kind of dig anyway.  They get two points for effort.

Jill, why are you lying on a couch to get your picture taken with your mother and sister?  Do you think you are some kind of diva?  Mom did not look happy and sister looked confused.  Weird photo shoot…

I am not certain why we needed the scene with Bethenny and Ramona at a bar rehashing everything.  Again.  Yawn.  I did like when Ramona said Jill would “be on me like white rice.”

Ramona, why did you tell Alex that Luann did not want to invite her over?  Why do that?  Ramona are you losing your mind?  I don’t even know who was telling the truth…but it did not matter.  It was not appropriate to do that.

Alex, I am so surprised that you confronted Jill at her dinner…and shocked that you cried.  Why do you care what these mean ladies say about your kids?  Your kids were a little on the wild side in the past.    It can’t shock you that people make comments.

Ramona, why do you care when Kelly leaves Jill’s party?  Do you really think you should ask someone if they go their breasts redone????  But, at the same time…I wanted to know the answer too.  So thank you for being insane and posing the question.  Based on Kelly’s response, I am taking it that she DID get them fixed.

Kelly, if you are going to bare your breasts for Playboy, it seems odd that you are pretending to be private about them.  Another thing, wearing that stupid fur was a weird idea.  You looked like some kind of storm trooper or something.

Ramona, you are bit unstable this season.  You might want to get that checked out.

That is more than enough crazy for this week. Signing off.

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RHWNY Episode 2 Recap & Words from JupiterJen

Bethenny, your “talk” was embarrassing to watch.  Cursing and talking crudely doesn’t make you cool.  Do you know that there is a difference between people laughing at your jokes and laughing because they are uncomfortable?  You manage to drop lower on the class scale in each episode.  I fear how low you will go.

Kelly, your interactions with your children are just plain strange.  They appear to have no idea who you are.  Perhaps you might want to spend some time with them and teach them some manners?  Just a thought.  If all else fails, frame your Playboy photo and sign it “Love Mom” and maybe one day they will put all the pieces together.

I like how you compared yourself to Bethenny’s PETA shoot and made sure that everyone knows you think you are better than Bethanny.   We get it.  You also wanted us to know that you were not asked to be photographed for PETA….but only because you wear animal skin and eat lots of meat.  Got it.  Thanks.    And for the record, Yes Kelly, posing for Playboy is still POSING NUDE.    Did you really have to go on and on singing your own praises?  Yawn.   For the life of me, I don’t know how they will make your alien boobs look slightly normal.  Photoshop is good, but is it THAT good?

Alex, I admire you for keeping it classy in the midst of this group of crazy.  I watched Luann and Jill trying to pump you for dirt on Ramona and you were great.   They dissed your kids, AGAIN, and you kept your grace.

Kelly, shut up about Playboy.  You interrupted another conversation to bring it up.  AGAIN.  40th Anniversary Edition….on the cover….10 page spread…  We heard you all 37 times.  SHUT UP.   Quit bragging…justifying…bragging…just shut UP.

Back to you Alex, I agree with you that the girls are being hypocrites about your nude photos while supporting nut job Kelly in her little debut.  Then again, did you catch the private interviews where Jill lets it out that she is actually opposed to it?  These women still don’t seem to understand that other people see those interviews.

Jill….I don’t get you this year.  You are so interested in what Ramona had to say at her party. …the one you were INVITED TO and decided not to attend.  You were not even part of the argument and you decided to join in the drama.  A psychic?  Jill…sweetie….your life is filmed and people talk about you in the city.  Do you think the psychic could do a little research and….well, you get it.  As for Bethenny, you are far too smart to not understand what happened.  She needed you when she was single.  Now she doesn’t need you anymore.  You are taking this personally…and I get that….but I don’t get why you are still lingering on it.  If she mattered to you then you would have worked a little harder to resolve this with her and accepted this new chapter in her life.  I think you are enjoying being the victim and it’s getting a little old.

Back to you Bethenny….you say that you wanted Jason’s party to be about him.  Why did you start performing and drawing the attention onto yourself?  Jason looks irritated with you quite often.  Have you noticed that?  You might want to pay attention.

Whoa- Jill, did you really think Mario was going to respond to you scolding him?

Loved the scene where Jill went to Kelly’s padded room…I mean apartment.  Finally someone asked about that stupid life-size horse in the room.  No answers…. but at least someone pointed the dang thing out.   Then Jill made a big deal out of the fact that Kelly is NOT in the 40th anniversary edition of Playboy- which was great.  When she started to explain the math Kelly’s eyes glazed over and she was mystified at the display of intellect right there in her kitchen….something that clearly doesn’t happen very often in that room.   Kelly responded with several words that did not create any kind of coherent sentence or convey any real information.   She needs to adjust her meds or install a C02 monitor.

Bethenny, maybe you should stop going after Kelly every chance you get.   It is wasted venom since Kelly is her own worst enemy.    Shooting fish in a barrel, it’s just too easy.    Just stop.

Jill…there are better places to deal with your issues than at an event with a lot of strangers present.  Just saying.

Simon and Alex, I loved the scene in your apartment.  You two look better all the time.

Luann, I did not have much to say to you because right now you are kind of lost.  You are hanging on to the drama of everyone else.   Your own life is a disaster and personally I think you should have taken the season off to regroup with your kids.  They did not need cameras present while their parents divorce was being finalized.  I guess I lied, I did have something to say.

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RHWOC Season 5: Reunion Part 1

Tamra not happy. Andy tells Gretchen she’s “understated.”

Vicki yelling, yelling, yelling, which is why I didn’t watch most of this season. Every time I heard that obnoxious yell I would turn off the show. Andy says, “you are a screamer” she says, “we own it, we’re a screaming family” Good for you. I bet the BRAVO sound guys just love you, Vicki. I know I turned the channel many times during your “screaming” so keep it up . . . you’re the most disliked of the housewives so your “screaming” is working just fine.

Stormy, turbulent ride that was Tamra and Simon’s relationship. Scenes of her being so over dramatic and him being passive-aggressive. He’s controlling or protective? Now she doesn’t like it. They have 3 kids but he doesn’t like how she acts. No couple should do this on tv. It’s personal. NOT entertainment watching a marriage fall apart. I guess BRAVO learned this from TLC. I don’t like watching marriages being destroyed. To me, watching it is participating and I don’t like how “icky” it makes me feel. Seeing them talk to each other so viciously makes me sad for them and for their kids that will someday see the DVDs.

Tamra says it was worse than we saw and “he just wouldn’t stop.” She acts as if “he’d get real mad at me.” Andy asked if the show changed her. — Oh no, It’s just growing. Not the show. Nope, not at all. —

She’s so afraid of “making him mad.”

Now Alexis’s marriage is being compared. Of course, she knows that they are different. Simon was blaming Vicki. Vicki is blameless. Tamra is being Tamra. Oh, now Tamra says Simon changed 5 years ago. Hummmm?? Season 5. She’s saying that 5 years ago she “knew” it wasn’t going to work so she pulled back. Oh, but got pregnant and had to make it work. Whatever. She’s playing pity party big time and I’m not falling for it.

Now she’s acting all happy and free. Vicki says, “Tamra is in a better place . . . someone was telling her she was wrong in everything she did. . . . . bla bl a bla” Vicki, shut the fuck up

Tamra starts crying when she talks about he kids. She’s putting them in therapy next week. Doesn’t this type of stuff always start next week? Yes, all reality TV kids need therapy. Simon charging Tamra with infidelity. She says, no way . .She “talked with an old boyfriend . . .” — haven’t we all.

Gretchen thinks it’s a publicity stunt and that Tamra shouldn’t be “all over the media” talking about it. She said she did the “2 page magazine spread” to get her side out. Set the record straight. She claims she never trashed Simon, except for 5 minutes ago when she was so afraid of “getting him mad.”

Gretchen is right, if you want to keep it private, keep it private.

Q to Gretchen: Tamra is being accused of infidelity, does the phrase ‘Karma is a bitch’ come to mind?

Gretchen’s answer was wishy-washy but basically, yeah, it IS Karma!

Q for Tamra: Do you want a millionaire Prince Charming (like Laurie)? Ummm… stupid question. Who doesn’t? I know straight men who would probably switch teams for the right millionaire Prince Charming. But of course the media whore said she just needs to be happy. Wealth in happiness. Yeah whatever.

Montage of exercising, sweating, obsessing about food, work out more, Lynn needs work out anon. Alexis needs hair and tanning maintenance. Then there is the botox and the spray tans. “My face has fallen and it can’t get up” so Lynn gets plastic surgery, as well as her daughter. So what if they can’t afford where they live!! Oh, but she looks great!

Q to Lynn: Why not tighten the belt instead of face? Yeah, it was a business decision. She’ll try to write it off to her jewelry business. She just said that on National TV, good luck with that write-0ff, Lynn.

Andy asked about finances. She says it changes daily. She acted as if she never knew it was coming or else she never would have had the plastic surgery and spent the money. I wonder how much was paid by Bravo or was traded for free advertising? Either way, Bravo edited this show to portray Lynn as shallow and materialistic (not that she isn’t) but I don’t necessarily believe she spent family money on the face lift. Her husband was too calm and self-blaming. Once again, I don’t like to see into other people’s marriages. It makes me feel like a peeping tom.

Alexis asked about the work she’s had done. Breasts, veneers, nose soon, botox, fillers, lips . . .

Lynn looks scary. Her jaw is very big and looks stiff.

Andy asked if “G-d believes in Plastic surgery?” I love that question because I believe that some plastic surgeries, for instance, cleft lips and palates, are needed for functional purposes, not for cosmetic reasons. I, personally, see nothing wrong with plastic surgery but I can understand how some might think it’s against G-d’s wishes to change what He created.

In Judaism, piercings and tattoos are considered to be “marring the body that G-d gave you” and people with tattoos cannot be buried in Jewish cemeteries because of this reason (except for concentration camp tattoos).

Alexis, The Holy Housewife, “God doesn’t want you to be unhappy, as long as you’re not obsessed with it.” Andy pushes her, “you’re messing with with g-d gave you?”

She didn’t have an answer. Then he asked, “What do the people at your church think?”

“oh, they say . . .what are you thinking? We pray for you. They feel bad for how I get beat up on the show.

“It’s elective,” Says Vicki. Tamra rolls eyes. “laying it on thick . . . contradiction.” Vicki hates Alexis and is trying to start a fight.

Is Alexis a loving wife or a loyal subject? She thinks her life is a fairytale. 7 Kt diamonds. Isn’t hat the only thing a woman needs? Her goal is to be the best wife she could be. Treat him like a KING. Never changed a diaper. He’d take the kid home. Tells her to not talk so loud. Would never let her go away by herself. Vicki called him a “smelly dork.”

Vicki denies saying that about a person. Must have been talking about her feet.

My opinion about Alexis and her husband? If they are happy, who cares? Maybe she’s really stupid so she likes being controlled? Maybe she actually controls him but for TV purposes let’s it look like he ‘wears the pants?’ Vicki wants to criticize because it’s a different dynamic than her marriage. SO WHAT?

Q for Alexis: Is Jim controlling? “If he was, we wouldn’t be married. He’s funny . . . we banter . . . it’s okay . . .”

Andy then went off on a little devil tangent. He mentioned that Tamra told Alexis that “The devil would love to hump 700 cc’s.” Alexis said Tamra has “Diarrhea of the mouth.”

Andy, “The devil loves to hump. He’s the devil. That’s what he does!!” Goofy Andy smile/glare/creepyface.

Lynn says Frank won’t ever cheat because he’s a germaphobe.

More Lynn, claims she’s trying to parent a teen-aged daughter who’s determined to push the boundaries.

All about Alexa. She does whatever she wants. Spoiled brat. Knows she won’t get in trouble and she’ll never gets grounded. Practically dares her parents to set limits but they never do. She drinks in front of them, talks back and does whatever she feels like at the moment. Lynn just gets a dumb look on her face as if she’s clueless that this might be something she should try to control.Gretchen and Lynn yelling and Alexa . . . all tears. Lynn looks odd. Her face looks like it hurts and she looks stoned (imo). Everybody telling her to discipline Alexa. “You can’t beat them anymore, it’s against the law.”

She’s saying there is nothing she can do. Lynn laughs says Alexa is “good” and thinks her kid is playing everybody. She’s “trying” to make Lynn look bad. She’s defensive and says she enforces rules.

Alexis talking on her high horse. Says if her kid ever asked her for a beer she’d put her in the car, drive her home, put her in her room, take away her cell-phone . . . bla bla bla” Lynn says she’ll check back with her when she’s on RRWHO 2020.

Hate to tell you this, Alexis, if your kid wants a beer they will get a beer.

Knows she could get always with it. I”M REALLY STRICT, I am a bitch” Who’s she trying to convince?

Gretchen was showing concern. Ohh, she has a degree in psychology and family development. She heard Alexa say “I’m really depressed, I need to see someone” and she saw that Lynn brushed it off.

Gretchen and Lynn arguing about being the parent of a teenager. Vicki says a degree doesn’t make you an authority”

Gretchen is concerned and she’s hurt that lynn thinks her inentions are off.

Lynn claims she couldn’t do a better job. She’s doing a pretty darn good job!”

Slade, aka Sloppy Thirds.

Andy, smiley. Lets’s talk about Jeff. Been since Sept’ 08 he died. Gretchen recoreded a song for him. Very over produced. Kinda cute I guess but she’s not a singer. She’s smiling, Alexis singing along. Vicki roling her eyes. Tamra says “beautiful.”

Gretchen and SLADE. Many asked, “is she really going outg with HIM”?

Slade Smiley and Gretchen are so hot for each other. He’s there for her 19 percent. It’s sopweird, “opportunist” “Stepped ihn a pile of Slade”

He is a poser. . . . skipped out on child support . . . serial housewife dating . . .

eww watch out, ewww.

Jo, Laurie . . . bfd. He’s dating woman near his home.

Good answer Gretch. No big deal.Gretchen explains that she bought a Catalog of music rights and now Jo’s music is a part of this. They are trying to say bad things about Slade and she’s saying that it was her business deal, not his. They keep saying, “but he introdueced you to the guy.”

Vicki says they were talking about Slade in the Vatican.

Gretchen snapped back that people always ask her “are Vicki and Tamra really that mean.”

Lynn thinks Slade has a strong hold but is turning her against her friends. Vicki agrees. “She’s so much better, he’s an opportunist, bad dad, is he trying to make you a star?” You are a bitch, Vicki.

Don’t make comments about something you don’t know. At the end of the day he’d the guy I’m inlove with . . . .

Andy says, “Nobody likes him. Negative outpouring on BravoTV and elsewhere.” Gretchen doesn’t care. She’s happy. The woman are trying to CONVINCE her that HE HAD SEX WITH OTHER PEOPLE (before he met her and he wasn’t married,). . . . okaay, why is that bad. Because Laurie is a “housewife”??? Gretchen is loving Slade so leave her the fuck alone. Maybe she should start telling all the other “housewives” that their husbands hit on her. Wouldn’t that be a “ratings” grabber?

Next part the men will be on. Are they alll going to trash Slade for “screwing 3 housewives too or will they be patting him on the back and calling him “Tiger?”

I’m not a Slade fan but Gretchen is a big girl and BRAVO obviously likes him so what’s the big deal? Only talentless women could be attention whores?

Vicki questions Slade’s issues with child support, “better not to have kids with him, Gretchen.”

Gretchen calmly replies, “Don’t want to get into that . . .Ask him . . . Yes, I want to have 4 kids with him.”

Vicki slamming Slade more. “He loves to be on TV.” Well duh, don’t all of you reality whores love to be on TV? She really doesn’t like the guy. She keeps going on and on on how he’s an opportunist. “Why is he lying? Ask him that.” Gretchen believes him and that as far as she’s concerned, he hasn’t lied about anything.

Slade told Gretchen that he and Laurie never had a date and were never serious.

Vicki says “Haooo hoo, when you’re having sex is it serious?”

Gretchen didn’t seem to care. Having sex doesn’t always mean “serious relationship” – – does it? She tells Vicki to “confront him.” Vicki says, “he’s not worth it.”

Ha ha, you don’t care, stop talking about it.

Gretchen says “YOU STARTED IT. You always talked had to say something negative.”

Omnipresence. That was Vicki’s final word about Slade.

Gretchen, “DON’T TALK ABOUT HIM!!”

“Next subject . . . . ” says Vicki trying to control the situation and pretend she’s under control . . . scenes from next week show her walking out. Poor Vicki.

Part 2 tomorrow with the men and Jeanna

Quote from Vicki “I’m not a beater upper . . . .”


Reunion Spoof

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“Real Housewives of NY” returns Thursday

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