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“Survivor” – Injuries and Insults- Let the games begin!

The new season kicked off and settled into status quo in just minutes. The past season contestants were selected and divided into two groups; Heroes and Villains. I won’t bore you with the list because if you are fan, you saw the show. I don’t think any viewers were surprised by the selections but several of the villains were unclear on why they were placed on that team. Do you think they own a DVD copy of the season they played? They might want to review them.

Richard Hatch was unable to get an early release from house arrest to play in the game. I am not sure why the show would want to include him (if indeed they did) after he accused them of not upholding a deal to pay his taxes and sneaking food to contestants.

Russell was one of the worst villains in survivor history- right? You would think the tribe would want him out ASAP. Except that they don’t even know who Russell is. This season was filmed before Season 19 was aired. None of the contestants know Russell’s tricks or what to watch for. I happen to think this was an unfair advantage for him. Every other contestant can be reviewed in anticipation of the game.

Unfortunately for Sugar, the show was filmed while she was clearly in heat. She sniffed Colby and followed him around until he got so irritated that he made sure she was voted off.

A broken toe, a dislocated shoulder, a topless chick that flips the bird- and that was all in the first 10 minutes! This is going to be a good season.

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