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Sober House Season 2, Episode 1

First introducing Jen, actress and recovery patient. She’s running the Sober Living house, again.

Day 1 in Sober Living after being in Rebab. They had a week at home first.

Tom Sizemore, broke and addicted. Coping skills are gone.

Heidi Fleiss talking about her first time using crystal meth with a creepy guy.

Jennifer: Sexual and drug sobriety. She will die if she doesn’t maintain sobriety.

Dennis Rodman: Doing it for an experience. That’s basically it.

Tom gets to the house first. Addicted to meth and heroin. Tom was in treatment with Jen 4 years ago. She’s checking bags (with rubber gloves) to make sure Tom isn’t bringing in drugs. She finds a crack pipe.

“I didn’t even know that was there. WOW. That is not cool.”

“Tom is a good actor, addicts lie. Point one. They just lie.”

She drug tests Tom and is hoping he’s drug-free (otherwise he can’t stay in sober house). He’s clean! He’s good to go.

Heidi still haunted by past as Hollywood Madam. She was arrested and sent to prison. After prison, crystal meth. Isolated. She doesn’t like people. Prefers lonliness. Pulls away from others.

Talks about her bad taste in men. Shot of Tom. Why are these two in the same Sober House? THEY HAVE HISTORY!! She filed a domestic abuse charge on. She hates him but here they are again in Dr. Drew’s experiment. TV show is still a TV show.

Tom’s hating Heidi now too. Very ugly words and feelings from both of them. I guess this is for their “recovery.” Live with someone you hate, that’s got to be good for anybody’s sobriety, right?

Jenny Ketcham for porn star Penny Flame is here for sex-addiction. BIG porn star. She wants to quit porn and she did. She’s doing good but she’s now working on being sober, I think.

Kendra Jade, model, former adult film star. She’s married to a rock star and has never been faithful. She loves her husband and doesn’t want to cheat. During Sex rehab she discovered she’s an alcoholic. She says goodbye to her husband to move into a house with other addicts to try and get over her addictions to sex and drugs.  What better way to stay faithful to her husband than to move away from him and live with other men. Good move.

Mike Starr. Horrible detox from heroin and methodone. Was kicked out of Alice in Chains for too much drugs. After rehab he relapsed, spent 3 days in detox, and now dr. Drew is letting him live in Sober House. He’s been addicted for over 20 years.

Mike and Tom hug. Tom thinks Mike’s hole is deeper. Mike thinks his heroin addiction is harder than anybody else’s addictions.

KeriFuckingAnn. She’s obsessed with sex and was thrown out of Sex Rehab due to her hostile attide and refusa to follow rules. Then, weeks later Drew allowed her into rehab for meth addiction so into Celeb rehab. Once detoxed, they actually made progress. Whoe. Love. B F D

Dr Drew says she “can be difficult,.” ya think>?

Jen has been warned that KeriAnn is “feisty.”

Jen tests her and . . . KeriAnne is positive for Meth.

She denies. Addict behavior. Now she’s asking if she’s with someone who are smoking can she maybe get it 2nd hand   . . .

Jen lets it go provided that she doesn’t use a gain and doesn’t threaten anybody elses sobreity. Oh, and she’s cute and makes for good drama but they just wnat to help her. Yeah, that’s it.

Dennis Rodman. EVERBYODY on the planet knows who I am.

Drinking hard. Doesn’t think alcohol would kill him until he has a brain scan and Dennis finally admits to being an alcoholic. he’s refusing to sign treatment contract. because hbe doesn’t want therapy.

House rules. He won’t sign ‘don’t need to’ but Jen says she won’t be intimidated. If you don’t sign you can’t stay. He’s really being an arroganht asshole and won’t look at her and leaves because he won’t sign the paper. He doesn’t want to be locked down. (on the phone probably with his manager). He’s impossible to understand so they have to put camptions ont ht screen.

Jen says, “this is not his world . . . it’s my world.

Bob Forrest and Dre arrive to explain to the “clients” what they could expext from the next phase of treatment.

First meeting, KariAnn doesn’t want to get up. She needs her juice. She starts bitching at Jen and yelling at her demanding RESPECT. She’s demanding not to be looked at and her juice or “then i’m going home.” waaah waah.

Jen wants her out of the hosue. If she can’t follow rules Jen doesn’t want to have to pamper the princess. I don’t blame her but, Jen’s not really the boss. She may “run the house” but we all know she doesn’t decide anything and is just cast in this show because she’s an actress that happens to be in recovery.

Jen won’t get her juice. Everybody laughs about the juice. Drew realizes the difference between her using and being sober. He knocks on the princess’s door and the princess says, “I don’t like Jen, I was nice to her”

Drew says she’s crashing. She’s whining. “You know how I wake up . . . .”
She’s complaining about being yelled at. She says she’s going home because jen is so mean.

Drew is condescending. She’s leaving and drew doesn’t like where she’s at and he wants her to stay. Jen doesn’t care. She’s tougher than Drew.

She’s still bitchin about her juice, not being looked at, and she makes a phone call. Jen doesn’t like her. A T    A L L.

beep beeepeidy bbbeeeep beep beeeeep I don’t know what she said but it was bad enough that they beeped whatever profanity laced thing that KeriAnn said to Jen.

“she’s either coming off the drugs or she’s a serious psycho.”

I like Jen, but we already know that.

KeriAnn finally comes down and tells Bob to shut up. Dennis still refusing to sign treatment contract.

Drew welcomes all to sober house saying it’s a “different level of care.”

Explains what sober living is and that he won’t be in the house everyday. Bob talks too, little more realistic than Drew. I like Bob.

Dennis still standing on the side watching the sun go down. He’s too big to physically move, I guess. He finally signs the contract and says, “whatever, not a big deal.” Ok , then why did you make a big deal about it.

Unique and tough group.

This season shows crying, yelling, leaving , positive tests, drew yelling at kendra. Tom fighting with the big guy. Jen yelling at Starr. Heidi yelling. More drinking.

Each day gets less crappier, Harry Sharer!!

I think I needed to hear that . . . . . . . . .

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“Celebrity Rehab 3” Graduation Recap

Three weeks sober. Yippee freaking doo da. They all get up to speak and say, “this place is amazing, I love you all dearly, . . ” bla bla bla and then the other patients get to give “feedback” on that person. Much of this feedback was left on the cutting room floor.

Mike Starr, from Alice in Chains, seems very sincere in his attempt to stay sober. His band member died of a drug overdose and that seems to have had a huge effect on him. I never listened to AIC and couldn’t name one of their songs if my life depended on it.

Heidi realizes she needs people in her life. All she has is her birds and those birds have become the most important things in her life, well, except methamphetamine, of course She said she’ll go months without her phone ringing. I don’t know why I like her but I think she’s not a bad person, just very wounded (and stupid). Her name is notorious and she will never be remembered for anything but being the Hollywood Madam for Charlie Sheen.

Joey, Joey, Joey. Yeah, he’s a future statistic. He claims he will NEVER do drugs around his future kid. Yeah. Mackenzie warned him about his temper. Yeah, that temper is an issue, Joey-boy.

MacKenzie Phillips is inspirational and amazing. Kari Ann told her that she has nothing nice to say because Mac, “let her down” so she wishes her “good luck.” Dr. Drew told Mac she’s a great friend and really cares about people. That’s what I felt about her too.

Tom Sizemore is a mess. When Heidi had to speak at Graduation she slammed him. First she said that (paraphrasing)–looking at him makes her feel better about herself because he’s such a loser and any woman would be gay rather than be with him.–

Her intense hatred of Tom is clear and I think it’s unprofessional to have them in the same facility. Are they going to be living in Sober House together?  No professional center would have former lovers with such a violent and dysfunction history in the same facility. IT JUST ISN’T DONE and I wonder if this isn’t some kind of  false hatred to feign drama and emotions. Heidi seemed to sincerely despise the man and if she’s “acting” – – her future career should be in TV or movies.

Mindy said he could be a big star again and that he’s so handsome.

Dennis is telling him that HE WAS IN HOLLYWOOD. bfd.

Dr. Drew telling Tom he’s going to die and his kids will be touching his gravestone.

Bob gave great words of support and told Tom that after 13 years sober people feel about him the way that Heidi feels about Tom.

Lisa, whoever she is, talks about the wonderful experience but she’s denying any addiction. She thinks it was a “preventative” measure to go to rehab and stated that she hopes she never gets “as bad” as the other patients. Ok. I guess she was there for a career advancement but since I still have no idea who she is, it really didn’t work, did it?

Dennis. Ego. Arrogant. And no way in hell will he say he won’t drink again. It’s his life. Cocaine is his “drug of choice” and I think he’s doomed.

Mindy. Seisure, dislocated shoulder, hair to the side but she remembered Dennis saying “we here for you baby,” when she was in the ambulance. Big heart. She loves him to death.

Dr. Drew. “You are a biological, organic expression of American History . . . ” Oh shut the fuck up Dr. Drew.

Will you go to Sober Living?

KerriAnn says she’ll go to Sober Living. Of course she will, it’s another show.

Mike doesn’t want to go to Sober Living but he will follow Drew’s direction.

Heidi can’t be away from her birds and she’s “cured” but she’ll go.

Mindy “would love to finish the journey” but she has a 3 year old and she has to be with her little boy. She plans on-going care. Good luck.

Joey, Oh, JOEY. “Loved the program, great, I am going to Sober Living . . .  just not right now. Need to be with GF and help her move. I’ll go to a meeting, get a sponsor and work the steps.” Sure you will.

Mackenzie has a stable home, strong support system but she made the choice not to go to Sober living. I think she’ll be better off NOT in another Dr. Drew experiment. She has friends who are clean and sober and I don’t think living with little bitches like Kari Ann is good for anybody’s sobriety.

Tom wants to go home. He wants to go home but he’s not going to. He’s going to Sober Living. Heidi rolls her eyes. I thought he was homeless. What about his wonderful girlfriend?

Lisa, whoever she is, says she’s going to live soberly and go to meetings on her own. Since she’s not an addict . . . she doesn’t have anything to worry about except people knowing who the fuck she is.

Dennis. “I got things I gotta do man.” Hemming, hawing, excuses, kids . . . babbling, they even put captions since he’s hard to understand. “yeah, I guess I’m going to Sober house.”

or  . . . Yes, I’ll do another TV show.

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