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The Tooth Fairy made me laugh and cry (Spoilers)

It’s no secret that I think Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the perfect man specimen. I still stand by that opinion. During an early locker room scene, I gasped. They covered up his body tattoos so it was pure ROCK. He is beautiful.

In this silly movie he plays a hockey player known as “The Tooth Fairy” because his hard hits tend to send teeth flying. He’s dating a woman (Ashley Judd) who has two children. The mother wants her kids to believe in dreams and wishes. Darryl tends to be cynical and actually steals the little girls tooth money to win a poker hand.

Julie Andrews plays the “head” fairy and she is perfect in this role. A shoutout to Tracy, played by Stephen Merchant. I never saw this guy before but he was terrific. Very tall, thin, weird looking and a wonderful face full of expression.

Billy Crystal’s one scene stole the show. My kid was elbowing me and theater goers were turning around to look at me laughing my ass off. I’ll see if I can describe the scene and do it justice.

Crystal’s character was giving the new Tooth Fairy all the “tools of the trade.” He gave him a tube if “shrinking goo” and started explaining that he likes to get real tiny and walk in ink. Then he walks all over his wife’s body and when she wakes up she has tiny little black footprints all over her body.

His delivery, which was probably improvised, had me laughing harder than I’ve laughed in a long time. It was as if NOBODY in the theater even knew who Billy Crystal was or why I was laughing. Oh well, I enjoyed that part the most, obviously.

The ending had tears rolling down my face. Yes, it’s a light and silly movie but I enjoyed every minute of it.

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No words needed . . . .

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Taylor Swift is a talented singer AND actress

I think Taylor Swift will be the next Barbra Streisand/Bette Midler type. Her performance on SNL was fantastic, she writes her own songs and she’s a sweet person. Her parents taught her that nothing will be handed to her on silver platter (her parents know how to speak). She is so grateful and respectful of her fans. She talks to them and even considers some of them her FRIENDS. She’s very young and I hope she stays bright and safe in the crazy world of showbusiness.

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Ray and Debra Barone are gone, check out their new shows

“Men of a Certain Age” TNT, Monday nights at 10 pm
“The Middle”
ABC Wednesday nights

Ray Romano, Scott Bakula, and Andre Braugher play old time friends in different stages of their lives. Ray Barone is gone. I was still uncomfortable watching “Joe” have sex. I kept expecting to see Doris Roberts burst in with a plate of spaghetti.

Joe is recently divorced from the never-recognizable Penelope Ann Miller. He has two kids and his interaction with them and their peers is also very entertaining. Joe grows from his conversation with a boy bothering his teen aged daughter. At first you think he’s going to kick the boys ass but he actually sees himself in the kid and gives him some great advice. Then, tells him if he doesn’t leave his daughter alone, he’ll kick his ass.

Scott Bakula plays the swinging man-whore. He dates different woman, sleeps with many and never settled down. As he ages he seems to be realizing that he’s missing something. His buddies have kids and responsibilities but all Terry has is Terry. Owen (Braugher) told Terry that the reason he’s always late is because he never slows down enough to actually LOOK at himself in the mirror. Interesting analysis of his friend.

Owen is probably the deepest character of the show. He has a happy marriage with a strong woman but he works for his father, an ex NBA star. His father never will think Owen is “good enough” and he treats his son worse than the other employees because he wants to make sure nobody thinks he’s playing favorites. It’s very sad to watch the interaction with Owen’s father and Owen’s children. It gives you a glimpse into his childhood and it was full of criticism and perfection. His marriage is one of the best things about this show. They are cute, playful and also respectful and supportive of each other. Nice to see a good marriage on TV. We don’t see enough positive examples of marriage.

On the other hand, watching Patricia Heaton on “the Middle” is refreshing compared to the logical Debra on “Everybody Loves Raymond.” She drinks, she ignores her kids, she drinks, she works outside the home and she has an attitude that would have made Ray Barone cry. Her husband is played by the “Scrubs” janitor, Neil Flynn and I still need a few more episodes to determine how I feel about him. The kids are great. REAL kids with issues. The youngest boy reminds me of Dewey on “Malcolm in the Middle” and the teen-aged girl is a great actress. The episode with her school picture retakes was hysterical. How many of us just cannot take a decent school picture? My kid is one of them but I never went for the retakes.

It’s great to see Ray Romano and Patricia Heaton leave Ray and Debra Barone behind. I wish them luck in both shows. I knew Patricia was an actress but never realized that Ray was an “actor.” I’m very impressed with his work on “Men of a Certain Age.”

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Super Mario Bros. at the Jersey Shore

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Sigorney Weaver channels her inner “Delusional Diva”

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Jay Gets Back “The Tonight Show” and Johnny Carson rolls in his Grave

NBC is foolish. They made a promise to Conan and they are not contract honorers. I hope Conan takes the money and gets another program. I will never watch Jay again. He’s selfish and egocentric. He could have stepped aside but instead he’s whining like a Gosselin kid for their mother’s attention.

Except for “Chuck,” I don’t watch anything on NBC. I won’t watch their news since they allow their ‘journalists” to do puff pieces for TLC. Buh-bye NBC.

I usually watch “The Daily Show” and “Chelsea Lately.” I’m a flipper so I try to catch the monologues and I have different opinions on each of the players in this late night game.

Dave is fun when something interesting is happening. This week he’s on fire! He’s Dave and I hope he stays on the air as long as he wants to. I would like to see Craig Ferguson eventually move to the earlier slot but if Dave isn’t ready to retire, that’s HIS business. However, I know he wouldn’t retire and then “take it back.” Dave may screw his employees but he won’t screw another comic.

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For the record . . . . .

This blog is not going anywhere!

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Jon and Kate: Marriage Counseling

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What other blogs are saying . . . .

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