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Louis CK & Two Sitcoms plus “Nurse Jackie” on Showtime

“Louie” on FX and “Lucky Louie” previously on HBO, now on DVD. These two sitcoms are written by and star stand-up comic Louis CK. You either love him or you hate him. He’s extremely crude and I don’t recommend him for the sensitive or faint-of-heart.

All I know is I laugh and I laugh HARD at these shows. I bought the Lucky Louie DVD at a Hollywood Video sell-out for .99. I’ve played the 6 episodes over and over, with and without the commentary. I’ve been watching “Louie” on Hulu and If you want to watch something different and funny, I recommend finding these shows.

I’ve also discovered “Nurse Jackie.” OMG. This show is up there with “Breaking Bad” with mixing comedy and drama. It’s a smart show and I love all the characters. Zoe, Mo Mo, “Coop,” I only have 8 episodes (same DVD sale) and again, I re-watch them with and without the commentary. I never realized that I liked commentary! Amazing what one will watch when they don’t have cable.

Also, did you know you can go to this place called a “library” and they will let you borrow DVDs? You just have to show a card and you can walk out without paying a cent! Amazing! I hear they have those book thingies too.

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