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What I’ve learned from movie commentaries

1. “This was the first day of shooting.” For some reason, they always remember this fact.

2. Words like “physicality,” and “organic” are used WAY too much.

3. Robert Deniro is a great actor but shouldn’t do commentary (Analyze This).

4. Some commentators get caught up in watching the movie and forget they are supposed to comment.

5. When the commentator prepares something ahead of time, it sounds stiff and stale. Don’t read off a paper.

6. The exterior is on location in New York City. The interior is a set in Los Angeles. (this can be used for upstairs, downstairs too).

7. “Anchorman” has the best commentary of any movie.

8. People with thick accents annoy me when I’m trying to zone out to sleep.

9. Sometimes the commentary really is better than the movie.

July 26, 2011 Posted by | Movies | 1 Comment