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Big Love, Sister Wives and Creepy Actors

I’ve been watching Big Love the past few weeks. The dynamic of one man with multiple wives is foreign to most of us but it’s worked for thousands of years in certain civilizations. Big Love normalizes it. Sister Wives seems to exploit it.

In another life I had a Mormon roommate. We became best friends and with our doggies had a sort of little “family.” Her family is very high up in the Mormon community and I learned many things about the religion from her. This Jewish girl even went to a church dance with her!! The men were all gentlemen and I had a good time. Nobody ever tried to convert me and living with her was one of the most peaceful times of my life.

As I watch Big Love now, I’ve learned a new word (shout out to IDModo):
Wife #1 just told Wife #3 she was being obstreperousness. Good word and no red squiggley line..

Harry Dean Stanton makes me cringe!

Sometimes an actor is so good at being bad that one role could haunt you forever.

While watching Big Love, I have now added Harry Dean Stanton to my list of creepy actors. I always liked him before. Repo Man and my favorite Brat Pack movie, Pretty in Pink, but in Big Love his character is pure evil and he’s very good at portraying the head of a Polygamist dynasty.

Another actor I cannot see with getting shivers is Tony Todd in Candyman. That movie was very suspenseful and about as horror as I will go. I won’t see Saw or any of the over-the-top grotesque gore. I like suspense.

The third actor is a character actor and I don’t know his name or what movie he’s in that creeped me out. I only know I see him often and remember something negative and get an “icky” feeling. Someday I’ll figure out his name.

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