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Odd Couple: Kid Rock and Kellie Pickler, Oddly ADORABLE!!


I love when people get together. Espeically people you never expected to be together. Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovette. Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley. Me and Mr. T.

I never would have put these two together but, I like it!! Kid Rock only got my attention when he recorded with Hank Williams, Jr. and Cheryl Crow. Of course, his “All Summer Long” song is one of my favorites. Brings me back to¬† the late 70’s in Illinios and, Gary. My first love.

I have a weird crush on Kid Rock. I think he’s a scum bag and I don’t know why. It’s one of those “guilty” crushes. I don’t think he’s “hunky” like Julian McMahon or Kevin McKidd. I don’t think he’s overtly sexual like Russell Brand. I don’t know why I’m oddly attracted to him but I’m assuming it has something to do with high school and that first love.

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