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Breaking Bad takes a Break … In the middle of Season 5

After 8 episodes, A&E has decided that we will not see the remainder of Season 5 for another year! Because Vince Gilligan decided to end the series after 5 seasons, his choice, there are only 8 more episodes before the show is completely finished.

Who will survive? Who will die? Who will keep the money?

So much can happen in 8 episodes and most of this season has been on the boring side. A few WTF moments but overall, season 5 hasn’t lived up to the previous building of the past seasons.

Season 1 was AWESOME, Season 2 was even better and by “Face Off” in at the end of Season 4, Breaking Bad has proved to be one of the most popular and critically acclaimed television shows of all time.

This year, Breaking Bad and it’s cast are nominated for 13 Emmy Nominations.


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Breaking Bad Season 3 Finale: “Full Measures”

Great recap from AlanSepinwall.
Thank you to Vince Gilligan, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul for another amazing season of Breaking Bad. This show takes my breath away.

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“Breaking Bad” Season 3, Episode 10, “FLY” — recap and spoilers

No original recap this week. Please check out Allen’s recaps at HitFlix

What Allen’s Watching

Allen’s watching BREAKING BAD.

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“Breaking Bad” Season 3, Episode 9, “Kafkaesque” Recap & Spoilers

This reviewer said in one paragraph what I tried to say in this entire post:

This late in season three, they’re old hands at it, even if their circumstances have changed repeatedly, but there are still lessons for them – and us – to learn, and “Kafkaesque” is all about that. We open up with a glimpse of how Gus’s distribution network operates. Jesse crunches the numbers and realizes how much more Gus is making than they are from their hard work, and Walt later uses that info, and the revelation of Hank getting the warning call about the Cousins, to try to negotiate a raise from the Chicken Man. Saul gives Jesse a colorful lesson in money laundering with the help of some nail salon supplies, then tries to charge him a higher rate than Walt. And Skyler uses Walt’s meth-cooking adventures as the spine of an elaborate but palatable lie about card-counting that she uses to make Walt pay for Hank’s expensive physical therapies. And Jesse realizes how to skim some meth out of their production without being noticed, and then that he has the perfect new market in his 12-step group.

Click HERE for the rest of Alan Sepinwall’s Review

Commercial for the Los Pollos Hermanos, aka “chicken brothers.” Guy’s restaurants. The commercial voice over is talking about his 2 uncles which makes me think of the cousins and Tio. Also makes me think of hot, spicy, juicy, succulent chicken.

Walt and his large crew are packing up the blue meth for distribution.

Weighing, passing, bagging, storing, hiding the blue meth in the the refried bean containers for the chicken places. I’ll never look at beans the same way. All automated with Los Pollos Hermanos trucks picking up the shipments of meth filled retried bean buckets. Gus supervises with satisfaction.

Jesse weighs the junk and they are over 1.5 lbs. Walt wants to ship it as is but Jessie wants to take it out. “why are you purposely giving them fee meth, These bitches are bleeding us already.”

They argue and Jesse complains about the deal. Jesse isn’t satisfied because he did the math and realized that Gus is making 96 million to their 3 million. “That is messed up, yo.”

“Jesse, you are now a millionaire and you are now complaining. What world do you live in?”

He walks off as Jesse is still yelling.

Hank in hospital with Marie fawning over him and Skylar in the room too. Gomie comes in to visit and Marie allows it.

“His color looks good” Hank calls him closer, all the way to his face and says, “asshole”. Walt Jr.  says, “heh, he got you good,.”

He gives Hank info on the blue meth popping up all over the place. Walt is in the room. Skylar is obvious. Hank doesn’t really care that he predicted this. He wants more meds. Marie says, “no shop talk.”

Hank says he didn’t see it coming. he tells Gomie about the warning call before the attack by the cousins. Watl listens intently.

Walt goes to his car looking guilty and sick to his stomach. He knows Gomie news about the blue meth being all over the place is his blue meth. Skylar gets in the car and he says he has nothing to do with it. Sky just wants to know if they are safe. She’s breaking bad . . .

“are you safe.”?? “Absolutely.” She leaves the car and walks back into the hospital.

Jesse is in his 12 step meeting. He shares with the group that he’s working at a laundromat. It’s corporate owned and very strict. They have secrets and the employees don’t know anything. He complains about his boss, the job and the group leader (Jere Burns) says it’s “Kafkaesque””

Marie is opening flowers and get-well gifts for Hank. He doesn’t give a fuck. My allergies are acting up just seeing all the different flowers. Skylar’s boss/lover gives a generous gift, along with time off. Gee, I wonder why.

Doctor comes in to check Hank for feeling in his legs. None. He says he feels a tingle but he can’t rate it. He’s lying. He lies again “6” — I can tell he’s lying and I think the doctor did too. He puts the covers back on and says “looks like some nerve function is returning.”

Doctor explains to Marie alone that they can’t have high expectations. Of course they can’t start physical therapy until the damn insurance papers come through and our accepted. There is an insurance lady there to explain what isn’t covered. It’s all about $$, not Hank’s care. Great example of our health care problems. They want to start therapy now but the health plan won’t allow it because it might not be in the network.

The insurance lady starts talking about the money. “If you don’t follow the insurance companies procedures, they may never pay you back. I’ve seen families go bankrupt.”

Sky is thinking about all the money she and Walt have and continue to make.

Saul getting mani/pedi and Jesse walks in but doesn’t want the pampering. Saul says the nail Salon is “all his” and he’s the new owner. Might have been Walt but Jesse showed up first. He bought it for 312k so Jesse could look legit and have a money laundering establishment. Jesse tries to walk out but Saul calls him back in and mentions IRS. He explains that he needs the “cover” and the nail salon would be the perfect example.

“You want me to by this so I could pay taxes? I’m a criminal, yo.”

Saul says he’ll get 17% and Jesse walks out.

Walt sees the trucks pass him as he’s heading to to Gus’s desert hideaway. He gets out to talk to Gus.

“How is your brother-in-law?”

“He’ll live.”

“Good I’m glad. Walter you seem troubled, How can I help you?”

“I asked to see you in order to clear the air. There are some issues that could cause a misunderstanding between us and I think its in our best interest to lay the cards on the table.”

that’s the best way to do business

“My brother-in-law got a call, I think that same person was protecting me from those 2 men and somehow they were steered away from me and to my brother-in-law. Because of this, I’m alive. And I think this person is playing a much deeper game. He made that phone call because he wanted a SO , in one stroke he blooded both sides, sent the MA gov against, stopped supply, if this man had his own supply, has market to himself. The rewards would be enormous.’ We’re both adults. I can’t pretend I don’t know that person is you. I want there to be no confusion. I know I owe YOU my LIFE. And more than that, I respect the strategy in your position, I wouldC done the same . One issue which troubles me-0– i don’t know what happens when our 3 month contract ends.”

“What would you like to happen?”

You know why I do this, I want security for my family.”

“You have 3 million for 3 months work. Extebded annually, 12 mil a year. Call it 15, open ended. Will that be agreeable?”

Walt drives. He starts speeding, faster faster, flooring it at 90 and going faster and closing his eyes, swerving into the wrong lane, truck walking and he wakes up to swerve in time but he’s out of control and crashes into the road. shaken up. Exhales.

He puts on his turn signal, gets back on the road and drives off.

Jesse again in meeting. Talking about relapse triggers to head off the disease before it comes back. Free license to bitch and moan. Jesse,  . . .?? ”

The leader asks Jesse what he would do if he had all the money he needed. He says he’d like to work with his hands. He liked wood working. He explains about a past class project. Other people look bored. Another great monologue by Aaron Paul. “is that the best you can do” is what the teacher asked him because he rushed through it. By ehe end of the semester his 5th box was “insane.” He used special wood, screws, sanded it for days, it was perfect and he was proud of it. He told the group that he gave it to his mom.

No, he traded it for an ounce of weed.

Marie and Skylar talking about the insurance crap. Sky’s lover shows up and she introduces Marie to Ted. Marie thanks him for the gift basket. Marie invites him in and offers him a glass of wine. She decides to leave and take a bath. She must smell; bad because Skylar just suggested the same.

Sky is not happy to see Ted but he wants to talk. He’s acting all needy and whiny, “I haven’t heard from you in days”d She’s explaining that this whole thing iwhth hank is a non-stop horror show. She wants him to go. He gets pushy about being hidden and she starts yelling at him he leaves telling her to take as much time off as she wants.

SP and Jesse talking about the joys of cooking in the RV. Sitting w his druggie buddies have useless talk. He’s pissed about paying taxes and says it’s Kafkaesque and I believe he’s using the term wrong. He wants to start cooking alone again to sell on the street. He claims to have a whole new market. All they need is the Meth.

Walt and Jesse in the lab. Jesse slamming things.  asks about th yield 201.8

He’s thinking and if he had a mustache he’d be twirling it.

Coming attractions for next week. Fuck you AMC.

Jesse back in group. New faces don’t want to speak up. Brandon, one of Jesse’s friends, I think he wants them to get clean so they can sell and not be addicts. He talks about his meth addiction and how the new version is on the streets and skinny peat says, “not that blue stuff” and they start talking about the stuff that “lights their whole head on fire” They talk about the same of running out and and that it’s back in town. All the addict ears perk up. Jesse smiles with pleasure. This is low.

Marie threatening to go to the press if Hank doesn’t get the care he needs. He might be in a wc if he doesn’t get ps immediately. Walt offers marei “anything” but he can’t say he has money. Sky says, Walt, we can always [pay their bills”

“We have the money, more than enough” Walt’s starting to panic, “Marie needs to know the truth”

She starts lying about the problems they’ve been having and money. She starts explaining that he’s providing and he paid his own medical bills. Explains he wouldn’t take charity. He’s nervous but I think he trusts she will come up with a story to explain his money. Yep, she praises him and says he came up with a blackjack counting card system. Yeah, like Rain man. Says Walt went to all the casinos and didn’t want his winning to be reported to the IRS. Claims he’s been going to illegal back yard casinos. That’s where he was when he was missing. Leading a double life. Walt is so proud of how wonderful Sky lies. She says that the night he disappeared he lost his pension, savings, etc.  Marie scolds him.

Sky says the system got to work and lets just say we have the money, no more gambling

“How much?”


“Uh, well, uh, it’s in the 8 figures”

“oh dear god”

“What can I say, I did very well, Marie, you will take our money and use it to take care of Hank. Please.”

“Marie, let us help.”

“Please don’t tell Walt Jr.”

Marie needs to thing about it.

Walt asks Skylar, “How could you come up with that?”

“I learned from the best. Something tells me Hank is here because of you and I’m not forgetting that.”


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Things that are just “frosting my pumpkin!”

My BFF used that phrase once and I never forgot it. A few thing have been bugging the hell out of me and I just want to vent about them:

(no particular order)

  • Subway’s new breakfast commercial. I think there should be a law that says you cannot use the universal alarm-clock beeps on TV. It’s THE MOST annoying sound and those of us that need to hear that sound 5, sometimes 6 days a week, really don’t need to hear that sound while we are supposedly relaxing. I am boycotting Subway. That’s my silent protest. Togo’s is much better anyway.
  • The sexualization of young girls. A dance to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” is performed by 7 year old girls. I’ll preface this by saying the girls are very talented and obviously put a lot of work and practice into this performance. The parents of these girls should be arrested for child pornography. The girls are scantily clad with bikini tops and booty shorts, and they are gyrating and moving like strippers. I’m not linking the video here for obvious reasons. Turn on the TV. They continually show it in order to discuss it. Yeah, that makes sense. I don’t even want to begin on Miley Cyrus and her pimp, I mean daddy, Billy Ray. Joe Simpson, Joe Jackson, Dina Lohan, Michael Lohan, Jon and Kate, Duggars, Jenners (Kendall and Kylie), pageant moms, and any parent who uses their children for financial gain. It seems child labor laws don’t keep up with the lack of ethics of companies and parents.
  • Awkwardness. There is somebody I’ve known my entire life. I love this person and we have many things in common. However, when we talk on the phone (few times per year) it’s awkward, uncomfortable and we have to think of topics to discuss. TV shows, assholes, work, etc. but it’s not the easy banter I have with say, Jen, who’ve I’ve only known about about  10 months. I just don’t get it and I want that tension to be gone.
  • Facebook. Yes, I’m on it but I hate it. It’s wonderful and has increased my social life. I’ve reconnected with dear friends that Ilove, family members that I’m closer to now than ever before and teachers that are no longer “Mr.” but now are known by their first names. However, it’s the “dating” aspect that gets dicey. Oh, I won’t get into it but lets just say I have a very strong love/hate relationship with facebook.
  • Puberty. ’nuff said.
  • This NEWSWEEK writer crap about “gay men can’t play straight men.” Yeah, well Rock Hudson proved otherwise. If gay men can’t play straight, the theater wouldn’t exist. Does one have to be a drug addict to play one? How about a prostitute or murderer? The main point is that gay men have been playing straight men in blockbuster hit movies for decades. If they play straight in real life, doing it in the movies is a piece of cake.
  • Annoying co-worker. Oh boy, do I have a good one. This person checks my work (it’s not his job) and attempts to boss me around. He’s impatient, rude, lazy and filthy. He comes in with stinky food, sings annoyingly to songs not on the radio and cannot put simple papers (with holes punched) into an open binder.
  • Cancer and Aids. I have a few people in my life, whom I love dearly, and these people are living with these awful diseases. We can put men on the moon, grow ears on mice, clone sheep, allow old farts to have 3 hour erections and miracles happen in operating rooms and research labs every single day. Why these two awful killers can’t be eradicated from society is baffling to me.
  • AMC showing “Breaking Bad” coming attractions DURING the initial broadcasting of an episode. They do this about 40 minutes into the program and it reveals spoilers that hadn’t been tied-up yet.Get it together AMC, this is the best show on TV and the viewers are loyal and obsessed.
  • Not having a dog. It annoys me that I don’t have a dog.

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“Breaking Bad” Season 3, Episode 8 “

Jesse removing hospital gown and getting dressed. Wincing in pain with every move. He’s skinny and has a skull tattoo on his back and other tattoos on his arms. He’s being wheeled outside and the orderly is going to just leave him out front. Jesse lights up and the orderly tells him he has to be 20 feet from the front door to smoke.

“Roll me further, bitch.” Jesse, ever the charmer. Orderly walks away.

Ambulance pulls up and it’s Hank. Jesse rolls up and sees. He’s in shock and follows the EMTs and the gurney. Hank is on the way to the OR.

Jesse goes back outside and sits back in the chair and starts rolling/walking down the block. One of his druggies picks him up and asks how Jesse feels, he says, “actually, I’m great” and has a big smile.

Gale is upset with being fired. Doesn’t understand and he’s whining to Walt. He wants Walt to elaborate and  Walt won’t and is trying to get out of having to explain his reasons to Gale. “We have different rhythms. It’s as if I’m classical and you are more Jazz . . .””

Then Jesse comes in. “Oh, shit, this is the bomb! What’s up PARTNER!” Gale realizes it’s his replacement.  “It’s all shiny up in here” Jesse is yelling with glee and Gale says, “this makes no sense. So, I guess this is . . . .” and they shake hands.

Jesse sounds like he’s having an orgasm. “Wow.”

Walt wants to get right to work, show Jesse the new things and start cooking. Jesse realizes that Walt doesn’t know about Hank because Walt has been locked in the lab for many hours.

Back at the hospital, doctors, big words, beeps, blood, Walt comes to hospital and they let him in because he’s family. He and Marie hug. Walt Jr. and Skylar are there too. He’s hugging Marie and saying “I’m so sorry.” and Hank is still in surgery. Marie says, “They shot him 4 times.” Walt Jr. leaves to get fresh air when his dad asked how he’s doing.

Walt starts asking for details and finds out the tattoos showed a drug cartel. No motive, could be a message to the DEA or against Hank for his investigation.

Hank’s partner says, “They had an axe.”

“Where are they,” asked Walt,

“Hank got then.  Considering he didn’t have his gun . . .” His boss explains that he took away Hank’s weapon. Marie starts yelling at the boss. Walt is right between them. Marie is blaming his partner for not backing him up and his boss for not supporting him and taking his gun. Marie kicks them out of the hospital room and tells them the “DEA is not welcome here.”

“It’s not just them, it’s YOU Walt. This Pinkman that Hank was looking for. Hank would have never even heard his name if you hadn’t bought marijuana from him.  . . .” She’s blaming Walt but Skylar is saying “It’s not his fault.” Marie breaks down and Walt comforts her.

Hospital, elapsed time. Walt staying with Marie, Skylar and Walt Jr. and a few guards. Deafening silence. Walt rips annoying card out of magazine to steady wobbling table in the waiting room.

“HELLO,” Jesse yelling,. “Helloo hello heloooooooo”

Jesse is enjoying the lab. “Yo yo yo, Jesse Pinkman in the house.” Starts banging on the big steel drums, laughing, going around in circles on the cool chair. I guess he feels like king of the world. He’s actually “high” without doing drugs.

Walt gets a page at the hospital. Skylar gives the bitchy face to him but he gets up to get the phone.

“Yo, we working sometime this year?”

Walt mad that Jesse called the hospital. Jesse wants to work, it telling Walt about responsibilities. It was cute because for a moment their roles were switched and Jesse was telling Walt what to do. Jesse said he’ll just cook on his own and Walt says “you will do no such thing.” Jesse, said, “Hey, I’m not your bitch to order around.” Skylar came up to Walt and as he was hanging up the phone Jesse yelled, “hey tell your douche bag brother-in-law to head towards the light.”

Walt wants to lie to Skylar about the call, she just walks away. She doesn’t care.

They all go to breakfast, things still silent and tension filled. Marie starts freaking out over a filthy fork. Sky says water spots and Marie is spazzing saying it’s filled with sick-people germs. Marie is losing it over what she thinks is a dirty fork. She calls the hospital a death trap.

Walt gives a nice speech about how he survived and how scared he was before his cancer surgery. More Emmy winning acting for Bryan Cranston. Discussing his fear of surgery is universal to everybody who’s had it or has waited while a loved one is in surgery. He reminds Sky how when driving there every light was green.  All he could think about is ” why today. Why cant a have a few extra minutes in the car with my family. I never wanted to be stuck in traffic so much in my life.”

“I survived this place and I’m not half the man your husband is.”

He reaches for Skylar’s hand and she holds his back.

Juan from the cartel is blaming Gus claiming the cousins wouldn’t act on their own. He’s wondering who ordered the hit against Hank. One cousin survived and is in custody. Gus knows that cousin must die.

Hank is out of surgery on his way to recovery. They can’t see him till he stabilizes

Marie doesn’t want to go home and either does Walt Jr. Walt asks if anybody else is dying to brush their teeth and he offers to “swing by” Marie’s place and get a few things.

Downstairs. DEA agents and cops are everywhere waiting to hear about Hank. Hank’s partner introduces him to the other cops who are all worried about Hank.

Hank’s partner talks about the surviving twin. He’s pissed off that the scum gets great medical care and pain meds. He wants to show Walt what “Hank did to that bastard”

Tons of cops “Comfortable you piece of shit?” he says to the man in the sleeping man in a hospital bed.

Cousin wakes up. Opens eyes. SEES WALT. Nostrils flair and he tries to sit up. Beeping increases and he throws off his covers and shows no legs. He falls out of bed trying to get to Walt and is crawling on the floor with his leg stumps bleeding all over the floor.

Jesse back in the lab playing on the chair.  He’s in the yellow suit and trying to entertain himself, I guess. He’s groaning, bored, poking around the lab looking for something to help him blow up his yellow suit. He finds an inflating device and blows up his yellow suit to look like the Michellin man . . . goof ball.

He hears someone and says “Finally, about damn time” but it’s one of Gus’s guys and he asks “why isn’t there anything cooking,.”

Walt in car gets another call at the hospital. Surrounded by DEA agents he pretends Jesse is a Reverend. He calls back on his cell phone and Jesse wants to start cooking. He tells Walt that some guy came by the lab and Walt was startled when he asked if it was Gus. Jesse said no, it was one of the non important dudes.

Walt asks Jesse if he remembers what Tuco said in the desert. He remembered that Tuco said someone was coming after them. “The Cousins,” Walt remembered and Jesse agreed.

Back in the waiting room Walt brings stuff for everybody. Marie and Sky go to wash their faces. Walt & Walt Jr. are alone and he gives him a book and tries to talk to him about it. “Uncle Hank gave it to me.” The book is about a big drug lord in the 80s. A DEA book. Walt Jr obviously admires Uncle Hank and explains how the criminals are always famous but the good guys never get ink like the bad guys do.”

Walt’s cell phone rings and he steps away from Jr. He’s lying to Gus saying they are hard at work. He tells Gus he can’t keep the schedule and he blames it on Gale screwing things up. He’s hemming and hawing, making excuses. Assures Gus they will cook through the weekend and have 400 lbs by next week. He gave his word. “Thank you for the update,” says Gus.

Walt still at hospital talking to Hank’s partner and trying to get information. He’s asking about who the men are and he’s trying to be subtle and casual. Ah, partner’s name is Steve. How could I not know that? Steve. . . . . STEVE. . . . ok. sorry, I like the name Steve.

Steve says, “I’d love to walk in and shoot that bastard right in the head.”

“Me too,” says Walt.

Food is being donated and brought in from Gus’s Chicken place and he’s feeding the entire DEA! He’s even bringing it by personally. Walt looks scared, elevator dings. Commercial.

I didn’t pay attention but AMC just showed scenes from next week. Why do they do that? I heard others complain about them doing it last week and they did it again. I was busy fixing typos . . . .

Walt’s family is eating chicken and Mr. Fring is talking to Marie and SKylar. Walt is stiff and scared. Fring is good. because he knows how to talk to the DEA and isn’t nervous. Boss explains that Fring was a sponsor to a charity Mr. Fring tells Mr. White that his name came up. Fring explains that he heard about Walt’s health and hopes all is okay. He says he saw that by Hank’s expression that it was clear how deeply Hank cares for him.

They Thank him. Walt sits. He looks petrified but he says he didn’t say thank you and will walk him out. Fring asks all the DEA if they are enjoying the chicken. Walt tries to speak with him. “You knew, you knew my brother in law was with the DEA” Walt says, “he’s not a problem.”

“You being here, is this some sort of message” asks Walt.

“I hide in plain sight, same as you.” Says Mr. Gustav Fring.

He asks about he attack on Hank and Gus says nothing. They fake thanks and Gus Fring walks away.

Some cops start running up the stairs. The surviving cousin is crashing. No pulse. He’s dead. All the DEA see it and are glad. Walt is not sad.

Chicken place. Gus gets call and goes outside. Juan tells him he has Federalies surrounding his house. He suspect Gus is behind this. Gus stays cool. Juan is right and realizes that Gustavo probably set this up so he can have a bigger territory.

Juan threatens Gus, “When I get proof and the other find out what you’ve done, we pay you a visit.”

Glass breaks and gunfire. Spanish yelling and Juan gets gunned down… Gus smiles, breaks his cell phone and walks back into the restaurant.

At the hospital, Skylar is leaning on Walt sleeping. Doctor says he’s stable enough for visitors only family. Marie says “We’re ALL family” they all go into Hank’s room and surround his bed. Marie kisses his head. They all look scared and worried, especially Walt. Marie grabs Hank’s hand. Show over.


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“Breaking Bad” Season 3, Episode 7 “One Minute”

Mexican children playing . . . old cell phone ringing (huge). This is the past. Tio is a younger man talking about his “product”, and a deal. |Never trust a South American. They are dirty people.”

Boy says wishes brother was dead. Tio whistles the boy to come over to him and get him a beer. The boy reaches into the tub of ice water and grabs a beer. Tio says, “no, a cold one.” the boy grabs another beer and Tio grabs his head and holds it under the ice cold water.

Tio is drowning boy and saying “you want your brother dead, you’re going to have to tgriv harder. He’s drowing the bay and his brother is fighinting the old man and trying to save his twin brother. He finally slaps his uncle across the face and he finally lets go.

Boy is coughing, scared, they both look at at Tio “Family is All” Both boys are Scared shitless. Yeah, me too.

Twins were reminiscing and lighting candles at the alter of Hank Schrader.


Jesse opens door to his house as Hank pulls up, “You got nothing on me yo . . call my laugher . . .” Hank proceeds to beat the shit out of Jesse. “Who you working with?” Jesse passes out, Hank stops and, I guess, calls the ambulance. He almost looks like he feels guilty but I think he’s just ashamed that he lost his cool. He didn’t get answers.

Police want Hank’s statement.

Saul taking pictures of Jesse at the hospital,. “Get out of Jail Free card.” Saul is gloating about the “pr poop storm” if this story gets out. This beating, “best thing for you . . .” Right? Right.

Walt shows up at hospital. “You are now officially the cute one. Paul, meet Ringo, Ringo . . . Paul.” (Saul, of course).

Walt says he never saw this coming and “what happens now.”

“What happens now? I’ll tell you what happens now. Your scumbag brother-in-law is finished. Done. You understand? I will own him when this is over. Every cent he earns, every cent his wife earns, is mine. Anyplace he goes, anywhere he turns, I’m gonna be there, grabbing my share. He’ll be scrubbing toilets in Tijuana for pennies, and I’ll be standing over him to get my cut. He’ll see me when he wakes up in the morning, and when he crawls to sleep in whatever rat hole’s left for him after I shred his house down. I will haunt his crusty ass forever. Until the day he sticks a gun in his mouth and pulls the trigger, just to get me out of his head… That’s what happens next.”

Speechless Walt. Saul doesn’t like that strategy. Trying to convince Jesse to not go after Hank. “Jesse, Move ON with your life” . . . Jesse says he wants a new RV to start cooking again. He says if he gets caught, he will give up the great Heisenberg ! “you’re my free pass, . . . bitch.”

Saul & Walt talking. “There’s no honor among thieves, except us, of course.” ha ha. Wanting Jesse to come around or they’ll have to talk “options.”

Hank is giving his report, explaining the camper, warrant and the fake call about Marie being injured. Went back to salvage yard and RV was gone. His lawyer stops the questioning.

Mr. Pinkman is pressing charges. Jesse is clean and even refusing doctor ordered pain meds. They take pictures of Hank’s hands, for the record.

Hank is packing up for the evening. People are looking at him with pity. Elevator opens with Maria inside and Hank starts bawling like a baby. Elevator opens and they are standing, stoic and serious. Marie is talking him up, “you’ve been too good to them . . .”

Skyler going to Walt’s place as he’s, once again, making his lunch to take to work. She wants to talk to him, he lets her in. Place looks nice, clean, organized and she says, “I guess crime does pay.”

“I don’t suppose you just came by to insult me?” Says Walt.

She asks if he knows about Hank and starts telling Walt about Jesse and the RV. She’s afraid it might lead back to Walt. Why does she whisper,? I have to turn the volume up. She’s complaining that Hank might lose everything and she wants Walt to help him by contacting Pinkman and convince him to drop the charges. He claims they are “not friends”.

“Hank is your family.’ ‘Not currently. I’m late, I have to go.”

Walt goes to lab and Gale “was starting to get worried.” Walt is being curt, sarcastic and Gale is being kissy ass and eager. Walt doesn’t want to like him because he knows he has to fire him soon. Gale says, “you know, this might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” Walt nods reluctantly.

Twins. Shiny suits at a big truck. The trucker is babbling about a chick and sex and whatever and you know they will kill him in a sec. He’s selling guns, machine guns “well, take a gander . . .”
They won’t be paying. It’s obvious this guy is getting his last words out. “What is it you want, what is it you need, what can I do you for?”

more fast talk. “Vests.” Says a twin. “They work?”
“Yeah, don’t leave home without it.”They shoot him, to see if it works. “you broke my fucking rib you son of a bitch” Twin takes the cash, counts out whatever, and the twins walk away with 2 vests.

“you’re welcome” yells the lucky-to-be-alive gun dealer.

OW. LOUD COMMERCIAL. Had to turn it up for Skylar’s whispering.

Walt and Gale in full meth cooking gear. Walt finds a mistake in something Gale does. He was obviously looking for a reason to have to get mad at Gale so he starts going off on how “this is chemistry, degrees matter.” Walt is bitching and yelling at him like he’s a child.

Pretty Marquetry Sun Rise. Hank in a suit. “you look nice” Damn, Marie whispers too. They are both whispering about what his testimony will be. She’s saying he should say he was attacked with a pipe. “Why should you be the one that pays for doing the right thing?”
Hank says he didn’t do the right thing. He’s supposed to be better than that. “I’ve been . . . unraveling, you know.”

“I don’t sleep at night. I freeze up. My chest gets so tight I can’t breathe, just panic. Ever since that Salamaca thing, Tuco Salmaca . . . . It changed me. Now I can’t seem to control it. I tried to fight it. But then El Paso. And it just got worse. What I did to Pinkman . . . that’s now who I’m supposed to be. That

snot me. All this, everything that’s happening . . . .The universe is trying to tell me something I’m finally ready to listen. I’m not the man I thought I was. I think I’m done as a cop.”

Walt on the phone with Gus and he’s saying that Gale isn’t working out. He says our “first, best option is Jesse Pinkman. Hello??” He explains the “shorthand” and “experience” they have together that he will never have with Gale.

He says, “Mr Fring. When i was hired, I was told the lab was mine and I know how to run it. Yes, I can , I will, Goodbye.”

He goes to hospital to inform Jesse. Jesse suggest a monkey. “I don’t want a monkey, I want you.” Jesse isn’t interested. He explains it’s more than an assistant, partners. 1.5 million dollars – – each.


“I don’t think you heard . . .
“I heard you fine. I said NO.”

“Let me understand this, you’re turning down 1.5 million.

“I’m not turning down the money. I’m turning down YOU. I want nothing to do with you. Ever since I mess you, everything I’ve ever cared about is gone , ruined, turned to shit, gone, ever since I hooked up with the great he,. I’ve never been more alone. I have NOTHING, NO ONE, alright, it’s all gone, GET IT, No? No why. What do you even care? As long as YOU get what you want. cuz you don’t give a shit about me. you said I was no good, I’m nothing. Why would you want me,m huh, You said my math is inferior, right, my cook was garbage, screw you man, screw you” Jesse weeps.

“you’re meth is good, Jesse, as good as mine.” Walt leaves.

Damn, Give Arron Paul an Emmy this season. This young man is a fantastic actor. I think working with Cranston has taught him greatness and he’s leading man material. I see big things in the future of Arron Paul. If I wasn’t typing, I’d probably be crying from that last scene.

Walt pulls up to his home. Phone ringing. “Yeah.” Jesse. “50-50″ Yea, 50-50,”

“okay, Partners.”

“Good. “

Jesse closes phone.

These two men love each other.

Jesse looks at his pain chart and sad face.


Hank in court/hearing and he gives a statement. The truth. They suspend him without pay and ask for his badge and gun. “Yes Sir.” and he complies.

Elevator. His boss says that the word is “Pinkman isn’t pressing charges. Maybe yu have a guardian angel”

He gets in elevator. Why doesn’t he take the stairs when he freaks . Nothing. happen. He’s on the phone telling Marie that all is fine. He has for her. He thinks this is okay. Almost relieved.

Phone rings. “Two men are coming to kill you. They are approaching your car. They’re coming” Hank thinks it’s a joke.

Doesn’t get out of the car. He’s getting sketchy and jumpy again. at everybody. Hands shaking. Watching clock. Why doesn’t he get out of the car? He’s a sitting duck.

He’s looking all around and suddenly twin is shooting Hank from the back window. Hank is prepared and floors the car in reverse, crushing twin against the other car. Twin is dying.

His brother approaches him “Finish him,” says the dying creepy twin.

Other twin follows a trail of blood that leads to Hank and twin is going back to car. Twin starts killing bystanders and has to reload, drops shell/clip, hank shoots and shoots at twin but the vest saves him.

Twin shoots Hank a few times and is about to finish him off when he says. “No. Too Easy.” He goes to trunk for his axe, Hank is grabbing bullet and gun as Twin comes with axe, scraping on floor, Hank is trying to load gun, keeps dropping bullet. Twin is standing over Hank with axe in the air. Hank shoots twin point-blank in the head, axe falls to Hank’s side.

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“Breaking Bad” Season 3 Episode 6 “Sunset”

Hi “Breaking Bad” fans. I’m sorry I missed recapping last week. I’d just flown in from San Diego and my arms were tired.


Last week Gus tried to persuade Walt to cook again. He took him to an underground lab, actually a super lab. Walt still refused but Gus talked to him, as if Gus were the Devil, and told Walt that “a man will provide . . .” It was a great scene and Gustav sent chills up my spine with his calm evil. I once thought Tuco was a bad-ass but Gustav is so subtle  . . . and so convincing.


Cop driving. Call to check on lady who’s daughter hadn’t heard from her. He pulls up to the “hut” (looks like Patrick Swayze) and knocks on the door. No answer so he’s looking in the windows.He sees mens clothes hanging, doubles (twins!) Knocks again. Hears buzzing and walks out to back-hutt, and he finds the old lady’s bodied covered in bugs.

Pulls out his gun and plays policeman, calls for backup. Yells to the building and one of the twins comes out in an undershirt with a grenade in his hand (I see that, don’t think the cop does( other twin is sneaking up behind cop, he bites grenade, guess it’s an apple. Other twin chops cop with an ax.

Walt looking at artwork and his phone rings. Skylar about the divorce papers she found in the crib. She’s short and bitchy and wants to talk about Walt Jr. She’s such a bitch. Walt is being calm and says Walt Jr saw it coming. She asks about his divorce demands. He wants to pay for things with his drug money, she says no, it will make them accessories. He asks “how do you think I’ve been paying for thing for the past few months.”

Walt buys or rents an apartment.

Back at Taco place. Gus being boss and the twins slide into the restaurant. Gus looks pissed. He’s the Devil, after all.

Jesse with his druggie pals . He’s showing the meth and they are praising him for doing it with H. His friends snort some, he says he could watch, he could cook.  The guy is screaming from the pain of the great meth (whatever that means).

“someone took my brain out and boiled it. Amtrax.” okayyyy.

Jesse wants to do business. He thinks he’s the next big cooker. He’s promising his friends they will sell it “safe and smart” and they won’t get “greedy, like before.” Of course, the druggies will do this.Badger and Skinny. Jesse starts giving orders. Meth heads are seen by Hank. Hank is watching Jesse’s house.

Walt waking to music and making a sandwich, still wearing his wedding ring. Happy music and Walt is getting dressed after making his lunch and putting it in a bag. “Sun, shine on me today” is the song . . . .

Walt and Walt Jr in the car discussing the divorce. Dad is trying to convince his son that he will see him and admits to feeling guilty. Walt Jr. somehow thinks he should have had a say in his parents marriage and that’s why he’s pissed. Ok.

Gus with the twins. in the food place. Man is pissed off. Worker asks if they should call the police but Gus says they aren’t doing anything wrong. Being creepy isn’t a crime.

Walt somewhere industrial. Can’t describe. He’s going down to the superlab. Someone greets him. “Mr. White, I presume?” Lab assistant ready to show his resume and credentials. He also has this big contraption that makes “something” and he starts telling Walt about his recipe. This guy is a genius chemist like Walt and they start talking about the weights and measures of certain components. Walt is impressed. It is the Best Coffee he’s ever tasted! Ha. We were all fooled.

Happy jazz Piano music (Charlie Brown-ish) and two men in yellow working side by side making stacks and stacks and pounds and pounds of the devil’s drug. More chemistry talk. Walt just had a wonderful time and he and the assistant start opening up to each other.

They agree on the “magic” of the chemistry and the assistant recites a long poem and declares himself a nerd.

Hank watching Jesse’s place and it looks like he hasn’t been out of his car in days. Marie calls, “are you EVER coming home?”  He’s waiting for the Pinkman dude to lead him to a lab. Marie suggests that Hank ask Walt!

“hey buddy hey, how ya doin. Hate to bother ya, at a dead end.  . . . gotta know, I’d never put you on the spot or make you feel uncomfortable . . . . Jesse Pinkman dealt you weed . . . I so do not care about that. as .  . . .Did Pinkman ever have an RV??:

Walt leans forward. “Why?”

Hank explains that he thinks it was used as a rolling-lab. Walt is silent. Commercial.

Jesse answers Walt’s call. Walt hangs up. Walt calls Saul and starts explaining the DEA problem. Walt is worried because it has his fingerprints all over it. Saul wants Walt to “get to it before the feds do.” It’s RV SIZE. I’m not David Copperfield.

“Did you not plan for this contingency. Starship Enterprise had a self destruct button, just saying.”

Badger talking crap while someone is working on an RV. Walt drives up and is pissed off. Walt is trying to explain that the DEA is looking for the RV and that they need to destroy it. Walt is asking Badger’s cousin, the lot owner, for help. He’ knows a guy . . .

“What about Jesse?”

“What about him.”

Badger calls Jesse. Jesse runs out of the house and Hank is following. Who’s dumber, Badger, Jesse or Walt for not telling Jesse he’s being watched.

Lady at Taco Place asks the twins if they are leaving. They just stare into space. Another woman tries and Gus says is, “it’s okay.” They speak in Spanish. The twins were on the same side of the booth and they didn’t buy food. Nothing suspicious at all.

Walt pays a guy to destroy the RV. EVERYBODY knows this character actor but, of course, I don’t know his name, just recognize his voice. Walt is checking out the RV for, whatever, and finds a pack of Funyuns and gets emotional.  He’s looking around the place as if it’s home.

Jesse busts in the RV and starts yelling that it’s his RV too and he should have a say in what they do with it. He brought Hank. Walt is freaking  out like a rat in a box. “You led him right to us.” Commercial.

Hank gets out of his vehicle and slowly looks at the RV. He rattles a window. Jesse and Walt are like caged animals. My heart is pounding. Hank tries the door, windows. Yells that Jesse should come out, not resist arrest. Hank starts breaking into the RV with a tire iron. Lot owner says “gotta warrant.” and tells Hank he needs a warrant. Lot guy is talking about “probable cause” and saying that it is his private residence. Claims Hank is “fishing” and Hank shows the bullet holes.

Walt whispers to Jesse,Jesse yells what he says. Cyrano de breaking bad.

:”This is my own private domicile, I will not be harassed . . . . BITCH”

Hank laughs and says he’ll get the warrant. Tough guy calls in for a warrant.

Walt  and Jesse still in the RV Jesse wants to “escape” and is starting to panic. “they will shoot me in the head.” He’s begging Walt (daddy) to tell him what to do. Walt calls someone and says, “We need your help”

Hank still by the RV waiting for backup. A woman calls and claims that Marie has been in an accident and Hank drives away. It was Saul’s secretary. “You have to start paying me more.”

Hank drives off. Jesse and Walt get out of the RV. Hank is running into the hospital yelling at the nurses, going door to door, and his phone rings, it’s Marie, “I’m just checking in, should I cook dinner.” . . . .

Hank realizes he’s been punk’d.

Nice Spanish music while the RV is being crushed, destroyed, demolished, and made unrecognizable. Walt and Jesse watch.

Gus in the middle of no where.

This guy scares the hell out of me.

He meets with the twins and they still want to kill Walt. He tells them that Walt didn’t kill Tuco, the DEA agent did. Twin says that they are not allowed to kill DEA agent. Gustav gives them permission. “May his death satisfy you.”

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“Breaking Bad” Season 3 Episode 4 “Green Light”

Meth trailer pulls up to gas station. Jesse fills up and realizes he doesn’t have cash (?). He asks if he could “come back later” to pay. Girl says no problem but her dad is a hard ass and he checks all receipts.”

Jesse offers her meth. He actually convinces her to try it. Says it’s not addictive, that’s just a “media thing.” Tells her it’s awesome. Starts describing the high. to convince her to let him have the gas for the meth.

Cop walks in. She takes the meth.

Trailer drives away.

Saul’s office. Looking for victims of the plane crash.

Bald PI is working for Saul and they listen to tapes of Walt and Skyler arguing.  It’s obvious that Walt will be going after Ted.

Walt goes to office and is told it could be awhile, Ted is on a conference call. he takes a seat and sees Ted’s office and starts knocking. Starts yelling, “I can see you, let’s talk.” Ted won’t open the door. Walt is trying to lift a big potted plant to throw threw Ted’s glass door. Skyler tries to stop him. He gets thrown out of the building. “all right, all right, I’m calm. . .”

Bald PI pulls up and grabs Walt into the car and brings him to Sauls. Saul starts yelling at him and is letting him know how stupid he’s acting and he needs to get his shit together.

Walt wonders how Saul knew where he was and what was happening. “Did you bug my house?” Then Saul blamed Walt. “let’s not get lost in the who, what and whens.” “Ironical silver lining . . . .”

Walt attacks Saul and PI watches. He finally gets Walt off and Walt fires Saul. Walt wants bugs out of house today and Saul calls Walt a psycho.

Bald guy finally gets to speak. He’s removing all the bugs. He tells Walter that sometimes it doesn’t hut to have someone watching your back.

Machete drawing in chalk  – – –  message to Walt?

Walt in his classroom. Clicking clock, water dripping, students staring blankly. Silence. Once girl arrives in class late. Then some women come in the room and they take him in a room for “counseling.” Therapist wants Walt to sit down. She mentions his absences and his behavior. They are concerned. He starts to flirt with this woman. She asks if he’s okay and should she call Skyler. He tries to kiss her and she freaks. “Walt, what’s wrong with you!?”

Hank’s wife takes him to airport. She’s upset. He’s explaining that this is part of paying dues for their future. El Paso is like the Superbowl. She mentions last time. He says, what about it?

His phone rings and it’s the Sheriff. They are talking about the blue meth that some guy they just arrested has. Hank wants to talk to him. Doesn’t get on the plane.

Walt leaves the school with all his belongings in a box. He was fired. Jesse is waiting in the parking lot.

“yo, did you just get fired?”

No, sabbatical. Indefinite.

Walt gets in Jesse’s car Good to see them back together. Awkward. Jesse wants to introduce Walt to a distribution guy. He wants to keep cooking. Walt calls him ‘son’ and says he’s good at other things besides cooking meth. Walt doesn’t want to cook again. Jesse wants an introduction to the distribution guy, Gus.

Jesse shows Walt the blue meth and is proud of his accomplishment. Walt is pissed. “What, in the hell is THIS.” “This is MY PRODUCT MY FORMULA, MINE!”

Walt doesn’t want to ‘lend his name’ to an inferior product’ Walt is embarrassed for him. Walt is being mean and condescending to Jesse. Jesse calls him an asswad. “eat me” and Jesse runs over Walt’s box o’ office crap.

Skyler making copies. Woman walks in and she tries to make small talk. Woman gives polite smile. Sklyer senses the coldness.

Skyler moaning having sex with Ted. He tells her to stay and move in with him. He starts asking about the problems with Walt. She says she doesn’t feel comfortable talking about it.

Hank is questioning junky about blue meth. Junkie, Russell, is tweaking and remembers the dude’s name is “Mel.” Now he’s back to forgetting. The drug addicted mind . . .

Hank wants to find Heisenberg. He’s all giddy that the guy is back.  He’s turning down the task force in El Paso to continue this investigation. His partner is worried about him but Hank is being a dick. “take your hand off my shoulder.”

Saul again chasing victims of the plane crash. Looking for pain and suffering.

Jesse comes to Saul and Saul is yelling at Jesse. He plops the blue meth on the desk. “you know the guy who knows the guy, right?”.

Mike (bald PI) guy tells Gus about the threat. “animals.”  They talk about Walt and the Pinkmen kid. Gus tells him to do the deal. Gus is a business man.

Hank driving, cell phone ringing. He ignores it. Going through list of “M” names. Gas station girl, same one Jesse gave the meth too, is being questioned by Hank.

He asks where the blue meth came from. He tells Cara she’s a bad liar. He plays bad cop. She confesses and said she hated it and gave it to Matt. She starts describing the guy that traded the Meth for the gas. Jesse. She starts crying. She’s tr5ying to remember and she said, “he drove an RV.” Begging Hank not to tell her dad. Hank sees the camera. It doesn’t work.

Hank, sitting in the car staring at the ATM machine. Wonders if that had a camera? Wow. Them DEA agents is sure smart.

Walt at breakfast with family. Silence. Soggy cereal.

Walt Jr. mentions that the website hasn’t had any donations.

Walt says he’s off for 2 weeks. Guess he didn’t tell the family he was fired. Says he pushed it, going back to work too soon. Walt Jr asks for a ride to school. He says “dad could babysit now” . . . “sometime, maybe, we’ll see.”

Skyler is such a bitch.

Jesse. Leaning. Smoking. Meets with all business, no words. Seems Jesse was ripped off. Only got half. Driver said that his half.

Hank is reporting his findings on and has pictures of the motor-home from the ATM camera.  Hank wants to knock on doors. Boss says, “they need you in El Paso” but he wants to wrap out this case. Boss is giving him ultimatum. Hank refuses to go to El Paso because he’s “really close to something” here. Boss says, “better get to it.”

Walt driving and listening to news about air traffic controlling shooting himself. Walt changes station quickly. That air traffic controller was Jane’s father and he killed himself because Jane is dead. Walt let Jane die and now he’s feeling the guilt that comes with “breaking bad”

Jesse’s connection throws money at Walt and says, “your half” and drives away..

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DrCoolSex “Breaking Bad” recap. Season 3, Episode 3

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