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“Breaking Bad” Season 3, Episode 8 “

Jesse removing hospital gown and getting dressed. Wincing in pain with every move. He’s skinny and has a skull tattoo on his back and other tattoos on his arms. He’s being wheeled outside and the orderly is going to just leave him out front. Jesse lights up and the orderly tells him he has to be 20 feet from the front door to smoke.

“Roll me further, bitch.” Jesse, ever the charmer. Orderly walks away.

Ambulance pulls up and it’s Hank. Jesse rolls up and sees. He’s in shock and follows the EMTs and the gurney. Hank is on the way to the OR.

Jesse goes back outside and sits back in the chair and starts rolling/walking down the block. One of his druggies picks him up and asks how Jesse feels, he says, “actually, I’m great” and has a big smile.

Gale is upset with being fired. Doesn’t understand and he’s whining to Walt. He wants Walt to elaborate and  Walt won’t and is trying to get out of having to explain his reasons to Gale. “We have different rhythms. It’s as if I’m classical and you are more Jazz . . .””

Then Jesse comes in. “Oh, shit, this is the bomb! What’s up PARTNER!” Gale realizes it’s his replacement.  “It’s all shiny up in here” Jesse is yelling with glee and Gale says, “this makes no sense. So, I guess this is . . . .” and they shake hands.

Jesse sounds like he’s having an orgasm. “Wow.”

Walt wants to get right to work, show Jesse the new things and start cooking. Jesse realizes that Walt doesn’t know about Hank because Walt has been locked in the lab for many hours.

Back at the hospital, doctors, big words, beeps, blood, Walt comes to hospital and they let him in because he’s family. He and Marie hug. Walt Jr. and Skylar are there too. He’s hugging Marie and saying “I’m so sorry.” and Hank is still in surgery. Marie says, “They shot him 4 times.” Walt Jr. leaves to get fresh air when his dad asked how he’s doing.

Walt starts asking for details and finds out the tattoos showed a drug cartel. No motive, could be a message to the DEA or against Hank for his investigation.

Hank’s partner says, “They had an axe.”

“Where are they,” asked Walt,

“Hank got then.  Considering he didn’t have his gun . . .” His boss explains that he took away Hank’s weapon. Marie starts yelling at the boss. Walt is right between them. Marie is blaming his partner for not backing him up and his boss for not supporting him and taking his gun. Marie kicks them out of the hospital room and tells them the “DEA is not welcome here.”

“It’s not just them, it’s YOU Walt. This Pinkman that Hank was looking for. Hank would have never even heard his name if you hadn’t bought marijuana from him.  . . .” She’s blaming Walt but Skylar is saying “It’s not his fault.” Marie breaks down and Walt comforts her.

Hospital, elapsed time. Walt staying with Marie, Skylar and Walt Jr. and a few guards. Deafening silence. Walt rips annoying card out of magazine to steady wobbling table in the waiting room.

“HELLO,” Jesse yelling,. “Helloo hello heloooooooo”

Jesse is enjoying the lab. “Yo yo yo, Jesse Pinkman in the house.” Starts banging on the big steel drums, laughing, going around in circles on the cool chair. I guess he feels like king of the world. He’s actually “high” without doing drugs.

Walt gets a page at the hospital. Skylar gives the bitchy face to him but he gets up to get the phone.

“Yo, we working sometime this year?”

Walt mad that Jesse called the hospital. Jesse wants to work, it telling Walt about responsibilities. It was cute because for a moment their roles were switched and Jesse was telling Walt what to do. Jesse said he’ll just cook on his own and Walt says “you will do no such thing.” Jesse, said, “Hey, I’m not your bitch to order around.” Skylar came up to Walt and as he was hanging up the phone Jesse yelled, “hey tell your douche bag brother-in-law to head towards the light.”

Walt wants to lie to Skylar about the call, she just walks away. She doesn’t care.

They all go to breakfast, things still silent and tension filled. Marie starts freaking out over a filthy fork. Sky says water spots and Marie is spazzing saying it’s filled with sick-people germs. Marie is losing it over what she thinks is a dirty fork. She calls the hospital a death trap.

Walt gives a nice speech about how he survived and how scared he was before his cancer surgery. More Emmy winning acting for Bryan Cranston. Discussing his fear of surgery is universal to everybody who’s had it or has waited while a loved one is in surgery. He reminds Sky how when driving there every light was green.  All he could think about is ” why today. Why cant a have a few extra minutes in the car with my family. I never wanted to be stuck in traffic so much in my life.”

“I survived this place and I’m not half the man your husband is.”

He reaches for Skylar’s hand and she holds his back.

Juan from the cartel is blaming Gus claiming the cousins wouldn’t act on their own. He’s wondering who ordered the hit against Hank. One cousin survived and is in custody. Gus knows that cousin must die.

Hank is out of surgery on his way to recovery. They can’t see him till he stabilizes

Marie doesn’t want to go home and either does Walt Jr. Walt asks if anybody else is dying to brush their teeth and he offers to “swing by” Marie’s place and get a few things.

Downstairs. DEA agents and cops are everywhere waiting to hear about Hank. Hank’s partner introduces him to the other cops who are all worried about Hank.

Hank’s partner talks about the surviving twin. He’s pissed off that the scum gets great medical care and pain meds. He wants to show Walt what “Hank did to that bastard”

Tons of cops “Comfortable you piece of shit?” he says to the man in the sleeping man in a hospital bed.

Cousin wakes up. Opens eyes. SEES WALT. Nostrils flair and he tries to sit up. Beeping increases and he throws off his covers and shows no legs. He falls out of bed trying to get to Walt and is crawling on the floor with his leg stumps bleeding all over the floor.

Jesse back in the lab playing on the chair.  He’s in the yellow suit and trying to entertain himself, I guess. He’s groaning, bored, poking around the lab looking for something to help him blow up his yellow suit. He finds an inflating device and blows up his yellow suit to look like the Michellin man . . . goof ball.

He hears someone and says “Finally, about damn time” but it’s one of Gus’s guys and he asks “why isn’t there anything cooking,.”

Walt in car gets another call at the hospital. Surrounded by DEA agents he pretends Jesse is a Reverend. He calls back on his cell phone and Jesse wants to start cooking. He tells Walt that some guy came by the lab and Walt was startled when he asked if it was Gus. Jesse said no, it was one of the non important dudes.

Walt asks Jesse if he remembers what Tuco said in the desert. He remembered that Tuco said someone was coming after them. “The Cousins,” Walt remembered and Jesse agreed.

Back in the waiting room Walt brings stuff for everybody. Marie and Sky go to wash their faces. Walt & Walt Jr. are alone and he gives him a book and tries to talk to him about it. “Uncle Hank gave it to me.” The book is about a big drug lord in the 80s. A DEA book. Walt Jr obviously admires Uncle Hank and explains how the criminals are always famous but the good guys never get ink like the bad guys do.”

Walt’s cell phone rings and he steps away from Jr. He’s lying to Gus saying they are hard at work. He tells Gus he can’t keep the schedule and he blames it on Gale screwing things up. He’s hemming and hawing, making excuses. Assures Gus they will cook through the weekend and have 400 lbs by next week. He gave his word. “Thank you for the update,” says Gus.

Walt still at hospital talking to Hank’s partner and trying to get information. He’s asking about who the men are and he’s trying to be subtle and casual. Ah, partner’s name is Steve. How could I not know that? Steve. . . . . STEVE. . . . ok. sorry, I like the name Steve.

Steve says, “I’d love to walk in and shoot that bastard right in the head.”

“Me too,” says Walt.

Food is being donated and brought in from Gus’s Chicken place and he’s feeding the entire DEA! He’s even bringing it by personally. Walt looks scared, elevator dings. Commercial.

I didn’t pay attention but AMC just showed scenes from next week. Why do they do that? I heard others complain about them doing it last week and they did it again. I was busy fixing typos . . . .

Walt’s family is eating chicken and Mr. Fring is talking to Marie and SKylar. Walt is stiff and scared. Fring is good. because he knows how to talk to the DEA and isn’t nervous. Boss explains that Fring was a sponsor to a charity Mr. Fring tells Mr. White that his name came up. Fring explains that he heard about Walt’s health and hopes all is okay. He says he saw that by Hank’s expression that it was clear how deeply Hank cares for him.

They Thank him. Walt sits. He looks petrified but he says he didn’t say thank you and will walk him out. Fring asks all the DEA if they are enjoying the chicken. Walt tries to speak with him. “You knew, you knew my brother in law was with the DEA” Walt says, “he’s not a problem.”

“You being here, is this some sort of message” asks Walt.

“I hide in plain sight, same as you.” Says Mr. Gustav Fring.

He asks about he attack on Hank and Gus says nothing. They fake thanks and Gus Fring walks away.

Some cops start running up the stairs. The surviving cousin is crashing. No pulse. He’s dead. All the DEA see it and are glad. Walt is not sad.

Chicken place. Gus gets call and goes outside. Juan tells him he has Federalies surrounding his house. He suspect Gus is behind this. Gus stays cool. Juan is right and realizes that Gustavo probably set this up so he can have a bigger territory.

Juan threatens Gus, “When I get proof and the other find out what you’ve done, we pay you a visit.”

Glass breaks and gunfire. Spanish yelling and Juan gets gunned down… Gus smiles, breaks his cell phone and walks back into the restaurant.

At the hospital, Skylar is leaning on Walt sleeping. Doctor says he’s stable enough for visitors only family. Marie says “We’re ALL family” they all go into Hank’s room and surround his bed. Marie kisses his head. They all look scared and worried, especially Walt. Marie grabs Hank’s hand. Show over.


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