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“Breaking Bad” Season 3, Episode 7 “One Minute”

Mexican children playing . . . old cell phone ringing (huge). This is the past. Tio is a younger man talking about his “product”, and a deal. |Never trust a South American. They are dirty people.”

Boy says wishes brother was dead. Tio whistles the boy to come over to him and get him a beer. The boy reaches into the tub of ice water and grabs a beer. Tio says, “no, a cold one.” the boy grabs another beer and Tio grabs his head and holds it under the ice cold water.

Tio is drowning boy and saying “you want your brother dead, you’re going to have to tgriv harder. He’s drowing the bay and his brother is fighinting the old man and trying to save his twin brother. He finally slaps his uncle across the face and he finally lets go.

Boy is coughing, scared, they both look at at Tio “Family is All” Both boys are Scared shitless. Yeah, me too.

Twins were reminiscing and lighting candles at the alter of Hank Schrader.


Jesse opens door to his house as Hank pulls up, “You got nothing on me yo . . call my laugher . . .” Hank proceeds to beat the shit out of Jesse. “Who you working with?” Jesse passes out, Hank stops and, I guess, calls the ambulance. He almost looks like he feels guilty but I think he’s just ashamed that he lost his cool. He didn’t get answers.

Police want Hank’s statement.

Saul taking pictures of Jesse at the hospital,. “Get out of Jail Free card.” Saul is gloating about the “pr poop storm” if this story gets out. This beating, “best thing for you . . .” Right? Right.

Walt shows up at hospital. “You are now officially the cute one. Paul, meet Ringo, Ringo . . . Paul.” (Saul, of course).

Walt says he never saw this coming and “what happens now.”

“What happens now? I’ll tell you what happens now. Your scumbag brother-in-law is finished. Done. You understand? I will own him when this is over. Every cent he earns, every cent his wife earns, is mine. Anyplace he goes, anywhere he turns, I’m gonna be there, grabbing my share. He’ll be scrubbing toilets in Tijuana for pennies, and I’ll be standing over him to get my cut. He’ll see me when he wakes up in the morning, and when he crawls to sleep in whatever rat hole’s left for him after I shred his house down. I will haunt his crusty ass forever. Until the day he sticks a gun in his mouth and pulls the trigger, just to get me out of his head… That’s what happens next.”

Speechless Walt. Saul doesn’t like that strategy. Trying to convince Jesse to not go after Hank. “Jesse, Move ON with your life” . . . Jesse says he wants a new RV to start cooking again. He says if he gets caught, he will give up the great Heisenberg ! “you’re my free pass, . . . bitch.”

Saul & Walt talking. “There’s no honor among thieves, except us, of course.” ha ha. Wanting Jesse to come around or they’ll have to talk “options.”

Hank is giving his report, explaining the camper, warrant and the fake call about Marie being injured. Went back to salvage yard and RV was gone. His lawyer stops the questioning.

Mr. Pinkman is pressing charges. Jesse is clean and even refusing doctor ordered pain meds. They take pictures of Hank’s hands, for the record.

Hank is packing up for the evening. People are looking at him with pity. Elevator opens with Maria inside and Hank starts bawling like a baby. Elevator opens and they are standing, stoic and serious. Marie is talking him up, “you’ve been too good to them . . .”

Skyler going to Walt’s place as he’s, once again, making his lunch to take to work. She wants to talk to him, he lets her in. Place looks nice, clean, organized and she says, “I guess crime does pay.”

“I don’t suppose you just came by to insult me?” Says Walt.

She asks if he knows about Hank and starts telling Walt about Jesse and the RV. She’s afraid it might lead back to Walt. Why does she whisper,? I have to turn the volume up. She’s complaining that Hank might lose everything and she wants Walt to help him by contacting Pinkman and convince him to drop the charges. He claims they are “not friends”.

“Hank is your family.’ ‘Not currently. I’m late, I have to go.”

Walt goes to lab and Gale “was starting to get worried.” Walt is being curt, sarcastic and Gale is being kissy ass and eager. Walt doesn’t want to like him because he knows he has to fire him soon. Gale says, “you know, this might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” Walt nods reluctantly.

Twins. Shiny suits at a big truck. The trucker is babbling about a chick and sex and whatever and you know they will kill him in a sec. He’s selling guns, machine guns “well, take a gander . . .”
They won’t be paying. It’s obvious this guy is getting his last words out. “What is it you want, what is it you need, what can I do you for?”

more fast talk. “Vests.” Says a twin. “They work?”
“Yeah, don’t leave home without it.”They shoot him, to see if it works. “you broke my fucking rib you son of a bitch” Twin takes the cash, counts out whatever, and the twins walk away with 2 vests.

“you’re welcome” yells the lucky-to-be-alive gun dealer.

OW. LOUD COMMERCIAL. Had to turn it up for Skylar’s whispering.

Walt and Gale in full meth cooking gear. Walt finds a mistake in something Gale does. He was obviously looking for a reason to have to get mad at Gale so he starts going off on how “this is chemistry, degrees matter.” Walt is bitching and yelling at him like he’s a child.

Pretty Marquetry Sun Rise. Hank in a suit. “you look nice” Damn, Marie whispers too. They are both whispering about what his testimony will be. She’s saying he should say he was attacked with a pipe. “Why should you be the one that pays for doing the right thing?”
Hank says he didn’t do the right thing. He’s supposed to be better than that. “I’ve been . . . unraveling, you know.”

“I don’t sleep at night. I freeze up. My chest gets so tight I can’t breathe, just panic. Ever since that Salamaca thing, Tuco Salmaca . . . . It changed me. Now I can’t seem to control it. I tried to fight it. But then El Paso. And it just got worse. What I did to Pinkman . . . that’s now who I’m supposed to be. That

snot me. All this, everything that’s happening . . . .The universe is trying to tell me something I’m finally ready to listen. I’m not the man I thought I was. I think I’m done as a cop.”

Walt on the phone with Gus and he’s saying that Gale isn’t working out. He says our “first, best option is Jesse Pinkman. Hello??” He explains the “shorthand” and “experience” they have together that he will never have with Gale.

He says, “Mr Fring. When i was hired, I was told the lab was mine and I know how to run it. Yes, I can , I will, Goodbye.”

He goes to hospital to inform Jesse. Jesse suggest a monkey. “I don’t want a monkey, I want you.” Jesse isn’t interested. He explains it’s more than an assistant, partners. 1.5 million dollars – – each.


“I don’t think you heard . . .
“I heard you fine. I said NO.”

“Let me understand this, you’re turning down 1.5 million.

“I’m not turning down the money. I’m turning down YOU. I want nothing to do with you. Ever since I mess you, everything I’ve ever cared about is gone , ruined, turned to shit, gone, ever since I hooked up with the great he,. I’ve never been more alone. I have NOTHING, NO ONE, alright, it’s all gone, GET IT, No? No why. What do you even care? As long as YOU get what you want. cuz you don’t give a shit about me. you said I was no good, I’m nothing. Why would you want me,m huh, You said my math is inferior, right, my cook was garbage, screw you man, screw you” Jesse weeps.

“you’re meth is good, Jesse, as good as mine.” Walt leaves.

Damn, Give Arron Paul an Emmy this season. This young man is a fantastic actor. I think working with Cranston has taught him greatness and he’s leading man material. I see big things in the future of Arron Paul. If I wasn’t typing, I’d probably be crying from that last scene.

Walt pulls up to his home. Phone ringing. “Yeah.” Jesse. “50-50″ Yea, 50-50,”

“okay, Partners.”

“Good. “

Jesse closes phone.

These two men love each other.

Jesse looks at his pain chart and sad face.


Hank in court/hearing and he gives a statement. The truth. They suspend him without pay and ask for his badge and gun. “Yes Sir.” and he complies.

Elevator. His boss says that the word is “Pinkman isn’t pressing charges. Maybe yu have a guardian angel”

He gets in elevator. Why doesn’t he take the stairs when he freaks . Nothing. happen. He’s on the phone telling Marie that all is fine. He has for her. He thinks this is okay. Almost relieved.

Phone rings. “Two men are coming to kill you. They are approaching your car. They’re coming” Hank thinks it’s a joke.

Doesn’t get out of the car. He’s getting sketchy and jumpy again. at everybody. Hands shaking. Watching clock. Why doesn’t he get out of the car? He’s a sitting duck.

He’s looking all around and suddenly twin is shooting Hank from the back window. Hank is prepared and floors the car in reverse, crushing twin against the other car. Twin is dying.

His brother approaches him “Finish him,” says the dying creepy twin.

Other twin follows a trail of blood that leads to Hank and twin is going back to car. Twin starts killing bystanders and has to reload, drops shell/clip, hank shoots and shoots at twin but the vest saves him.

Twin shoots Hank a few times and is about to finish him off when he says. “No. Too Easy.” He goes to trunk for his axe, Hank is grabbing bullet and gun as Twin comes with axe, scraping on floor, Hank is trying to load gun, keeps dropping bullet. Twin is standing over Hank with axe in the air. Hank shoots twin point-blank in the head, axe falls to Hank’s side.

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