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Paula Dean and Kathy Griffin

“My Life on the D List” was hysterical tonight. It started with Kathy not winning the Grammy. She knew she wouldn’t win. She looked great in her blue dress but it was very non-eventful.

Kathy and team Griffin go to Savanna, Georgia to spend the day (and night) with Paula Dean. It was so fun to watch. Paula Dean, whom I don’t watch much, seems so friendly and down-to-earth.

Kathy wanted to rape her son. That was awkward. Kathy can try to make drama/funny in any situation and I think she just teased the single son because she can. Paula’s gay assistant, Brandon? F-U-N-N-Y!! He was smashed drunk and just a riot. He would jump at Paula’s bellow, not unlike Kathy yells at her team, and he was saying that Tom is creepy.

They looked like such a great group of people to hang with. I was having fun watching.┬áPaula had Kathy and her team work in her very busy restaurant. The best line of the show was when sweet southern woman, Paula Dean, said, “Watching yo’all tryin’ to work out there is like watching a circle jerk!” Circle Jerk from a sweet lady. Funny as hell.

Not all reality TV is trashy. Some is just good fun!

My only question is why did Kathy and Michael McDonald share a room? Are Tiffany and Tom a couple now? I would think that Tiffany and Kathy would share but I guess since she’s an “employee,” Kathy would rather stay with her friend.

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