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The Best Show EVER on TV

If you haven’t watched “Breaking Bad” it’s not too late. You can still rent Season 1 and catch up on Season 2 on demand.

This show is incredible. I watch the episodes 2 or 3 times and I see something different each time. The acting is the best I’ve ever seen and I hope Aaron Paul gets an Emmy nomination this year.

Watch this show . . . you’ll be hooked.

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Issues of the day: Same Sex Marriage, Waterboarding.

I don’t understand the argument about same-sex marriage. Two people love each other and others don’t feel they should get married? If Adam and Steve’s marriage would “destroy the sanctity” of your “opposite” marriage, then your marriage is pretty weak to begin with.

Miss California is being hailed as a hero by Fox News. Why? She was far from eloquent and I hope no hairstylist or make up person will touch her.

I’m proud of Perez Hilton (except for his initial rant after the show) and I feel he represents the opinions of many young people. Yes, some hate him and wonder why he was even a judge. I don’t and I understand why he was there. He isn’t expected to be classy or quiet and I’m glad he isn’t. He says what he wants and the world explodes. Oh well.


Sean Hannity told Charles Grodin that he would happily be water-boarded for charity.

So far, Thom Hartman, Stephanie Miller and Keith Olberman would like to take him up on this offer. I would too! I’d actually contribute my hard-earned dollars to watch Mr. Hannity almost die. The man deserves to be taken up on this offer and I hope he does. THAT would make some good TV.

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Who or What makes you instantly turn the channel? PART 2

Donald Trump: His face, his hair, his voice, his ego. Please go away. Oh, he’s also got ads in the newspaper. I cannot escape this douch.

Glen Beck: I can stomach Bill O’Reilly. I can even watch Hannity for more than a whole minute (sometimes) but when this peckerwood cries on TV because he’s “so afraid for our country,” I could
just puke. I’d like to puke on Mr. Beck.

Simon and Alex for RHWNY: OMG. Where do I start. Simon’s Speedo? Alex’s face? The kids? The quest for social status and the phony pretention??? Whatever, one episode showed Simon getting a massage. BRAVO felt the need to show his nipples over and over and over and over. My clicker works well but I needed to change the batteries that week. Oh, I almost forgot Simon’s pink jeans and loafers.


Just ask him and he will tell you how Gay he isn’t.
Girls Gone Wild Commercials: Do I need to see that? No. Does my kid? No.

Julia MacNamera: She’s on “Nip/Tuck” and I guess I just hate her character because the actress, Joely Richardson (Natasha’s sister) I never knew until this role. Is she in love with Christian or Sean? Is she gay? Is she dead? Is she in love with Christian? Is she gay? Is she in love with Sean? Is she in love with a midget? Is she in love with a man with no penis?? I hate Julia.

South Park: I know it’s funny. I know I’ll like it. I guess I’m waiting until my kid is old enough so I could watch it with her.

Animal Police: Seeing abused animals makes me cry. I’d rather not watch. It’s almost the same feeling I got when I used to watch “Jon and Kate plus 8.” My life will be okay if I don’t see precious living things being treated like garbage. Children (and pets) are a privileged and should not be a form of entertainment for adults.  Which brings me to . . .

All TLC Multiple Family Shows: Every. Fucking. One. Yes, the Hayes family from “Table for 12” seem like very nice people. They obviously love and care for their kids and each other. They show respect and don’t yell at the kids for doing things that kids do . . . like breath. The Duggars also seem like nice people. Their religious practice isn’t my cup-of-tea and I’d like to see the daughters have more individualality, however, I don’t think this family lies to the public and takes $20 bills from gullible grandmothers who think their family is in such great need. Octomom would not be here if Kate Gosselin hadn’t paved the road. Why did Dr. Phil, Oprah, and Larry King had Kate on to give Octomom advice? I still haven’t figured it out.

It’s all about money.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air: I used to like this show but it is so overplayed that I cannot watch it. Also, if I make the mistake and listen to that stupid theme song, I’m singing it for DAYS. In fact, I’m thinking of singing it now just by thinking about it. Parents Just Don’t Understand!

Tea-Bagging Rallies: I didn’t know there were still so many bigots in America! Half the signs had spelling errors and the people didn’t even know why they were really there. All they know is that we have a black man for President so we better have a revolution. The hatred and ignorance worries me.

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Who or What makes you instantly turn the channel? PART 1

Certain people make me turn the channel quickly. Here are some, in no particular order.

Kate Gosselin: I love “What Not To Wear” and always check TLC to see if it’s on.  If I see the exploited children, I might start watching to see what really going on. Then she insults a child, disrespects her husband or says something so stupid that my clicker changes the channel quickly.

Renee Zelwigger: She looks like she’s smelling a bad fart. I don’t like her with an English accent and I don’t like her pretending to be inlove with Tom Cruise. Which leads me to . . .

Tom Cruise: I never liked him, even before we knew he was a Scientology nut. After his couch-jumping and yelling at Matt Lauer, I realized I never have to see his movies again. I don’t care about him. I don’t think he’s cute and I do think he’s gay. Suri is adorable but I wonder who her father is.

Mel Gibson: As a Jew, and someone with tits, I cannot stomach him. I did watch “What Woman Want” the other day but I was desperate and I couldn’t find the remote. When drunks spew hatred, it’s not the booze talking, it’s the heart of the drunk. Mel hates Jews. I hate Mel. Kudos to Jimmy Kimmel for saying “Shalom” to the Nazi a few months ago.

Woody Allen: Many people are “over it” and they say that Woody and Soon Yi have a wonderful marriage. I, however, still see a man who married his daughter. I will never see it any other way. Mia was his girlfriend and she adopted Soon Yi as a child. Woody helped raise her. Then Woody took nude photos of her and fucked her. “The heart wants what the heart wants.” Yeah, and pedophiles belong in jail. This man could make the best movies in the world and I still would not pay one penny to see anything he’s done. He makes me ill.

Steve O or any Jackass: What is the point of watching big boys hurt themselves? I hate it. They encourage kids to try these stunts and kids get hurt.

Lisa Rinna: Just look at her! I can’t.

Steve Wilcos Show: I like him but I cannot watch this show for more than 30 seconds. He makes Springer look classy and he yells in losers faces. He scares me . . . but in a good way.

Stargate: I hate that guy with the thing on his forehead.

Celine Dion and Mariah Carey: Never cared for either one. Why are they famous??

parker-uglySex and the City: Weird. I watched it when it first came to regular TV from HBO. I loved it. Watched episodes over and over. Then I watched the movie. I couldn’t get over how ugly SJP is. Let me say that I’ve defended her for YEARS, even arguing with my brother saying he’d “do” her if he had the chance. However, in this movie there were just too many close-ups. She’s not Scarlett Johanson. Hell, she’s not even David Johansson.

Hulk Hogan: Okay, I don’t always turn the channel. Wish I would because his entire brood makes me sick.

O.J.: Don’t care. Won’t watch. Lock the killer up and throw away the key, please.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck: I cannot watch “The View” anymore. All she does is whine. She tells Whoopie that she can’t use the “N” word and then cries when she doesn’t get her way. She love Sean Hannity and goes on the show to give the fat white guys hard-ons. And speaking of fat, Republican hard-ons . . .

Anne Coulter: This woman is dangerous. First off, why does she ALWAYS where a black cocktail dress? Seeing her on a morning show she looks as if she’s hung-over from heavy partying the night before. “Work it Anne”

and, I hate to even mention these attention whores:

Heidi and Spenser: Have no use for them. Never had. Never will. Please go away.

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Obama Family finally got their puppy!!!

Obama critics are pissed. How dare he not be working 24/7 while a crisis is happening in the Indian Ocean. They have a point but it’s not as if he was reading to school children and laughing. He promised his girls a dog and now they finally have it. Too bad they didn’t adopt a stray from a shelter. I cannot be a hypocrite. I criticized the Gosselin family for getting 2 German Shephard puppies from, what looked like, an unethical backyard breeder. Dog experts claim that the Portoguese Waterdog is NOT hyper-allergenic. They say that there is no such thing. If this is true, I which our President would have gotton a mixed-breed from a Washington D.C. shelter.

It doesn’t matter what he does.

Those who hate him will continue to hate him.

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GWOP: California Gets it!


Although children on reality shows are somewhat differently situated than child actors reciting lines on a movie set, California says protections afforded to both should be equal or close to equal. If anything, reality show children may need even more protections than child actors. The Gosselins cannot get away from their movie set. The set is their home. Moreover, the character they “play” is themselves, and nothing about their lives is private. Child actors at least have the luxury of retreating to their private lives when the director calls it a wrap.

The prevailing opinion in many states, California excluded, seems to be that it is not the same at all. We’ve heard the argument over and over that the reason it is not the same is because the Gosselins are “just living their lives.” But my concern for the Gosselin children is that they are not “just living their lives” at all. There are little to no protections afforded to them to regulate how much time they spend under hot lights, cameras in their faces, and production people telling them what to do and where to go. There are no clear protections about what to do when a child is sick, or is refusing to “perform”, or has another commitment that interferes with production like a friend’s birthday party or school function. Nor does there seem to be any real protection for any monies they may be earning. Perhaps most disturbing of all, it appears that in Pennsylvania, reality show minors can conceivably spend upwards of 12 to 14 hours a day on the set with no provisions for breaks, play time, or education, and can even be pulled out of school without consequence, as clearly the Gosselin twins have been on more than one occasion.

Fortunately at least in California, reality show children are recognized and appreciated as very similar to child actors and deserving of the state’s protection. In 2003 the California Department of Labor responded to a request from a production company for some clarity on California law regarding minor reality show subjects. Thank you to Paul Petersen for reprinting their letter, which can be found in full here (

The Department wisely points out that there is really no such thing as a true reality show, where the children’s routines will not be effected whatsoever. They state:
“As with any “reality” show, the participants – to a certain extent – will be subject to the direction and control of the director, producers and other crew members. The constant presence of cameras, lighting equipment, and crew etc., do not allow a child to conduct his/her “normal routine.”

The Department goes on to point out that no matter how much the production company intends to show the children’s “normal” routines, “we are unable to discern how the constant presence of a camera crew could possibly achieve this goal. In short, the control of the directors and producers may not rise to the level of a typical situation-comedy, but would nevertheless exercise enough control to create an employer/employee relationship.”

The Department correctly states that while a reality show may not necessarily be as intense as filming a sitcom, in their estimation it is impossible to create normalcy when you have a camera in a child’s face. Therefore the child must be considered an employee and entitled to all the same protections as child actor employees.

Whether the Gosselin children are running around an amusement park, skiing down a hill, taking a bath, or riding in the car, as long as the camera is rolling the clock is running and they are entitled to payment, under California law.

In fact the only time a reality child is considered not working while being filmed and not entitled to payment, the Department concedes, is when he is sleeping. So when the cameras film the sextuplet’s marathon four-hour naps, they won’t get paid to sleep on our televisions. Of course lately the children don’t seem to ever sleep at all during this extended naptime, so I would think if they are awake in their beds with a camera rolling, they would be entitled to compensation.

The Gosselin children still attend a regular school, which for the twins is at least a full day Monday through Friday, and soon to be the same for the Tups. The Labor Department points out that in California, minors attending regular school must subtract a whopping SIX hours of work time from the amount of time they would be permitted to work if they were home schooled. Effectively, a minor in regular school as young as the Gosselin children could probably not be filmed for more than an hour or so on a weekday. (That is why so many California child actors are home schooled on and off set, to increase the hours they are able to work.) Very young children, of course, like the sextuplets, can only work a few hours a day. The hours slowly increase as a child gets older, but it should be noted that in California, a child must be at least nine years old before he is allowed to spend a full day on a set (the twins are only eight), and even then he is only permitted to be actually working five of those nine hours. Clearly, the Gosselins would violate California law nearly every time the cameras turn on if they lived there.

The Gosselins seem to be hanging onto a loophole that since the children are being filmed in their environment, they’re not really on set and not really working. Well, under California law, the Labor Department makes no such distinction. “Wherever the participants are being filmed, is considered the “set.”” Nice try, Kon.

We appreciate California for taking such great strides to protect ALL children in front of the cameras. We hope other states do the same, especially Pennsylvania, which not only plays host to the Gosselin’s show but surprisingly several other productions featuring minors, including several PBS shows. Until then, we’re guessing Jon and Kate Gosselin have no intentions of buying a beach house in Malibu any time soon.

Submitted by Dew. Dew is an attorney and a member of the California State Bar, working in children’s law.

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Hey, at least they didn’t ask him about Angelina?

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They are everywhere!

People who think they are right and everybody else is wrong. People who take one thing you say and harp on it until you scream.

Trucks that take up two parking spaces. They think they own the fucking road.

Entitlement. The world owes them. The little brat who lives next-door is so spoiled its incredible. Mom is spoiled too and has men begging at her feet. Yes, I’m envious . . . sometimes.

I’m an asshole too. Oh well. I try to be nice to strangers and the people in my life. I don’t hurt people’s feelings.

I love dogs.

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