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Who or What makes you instantly turn the channel? PART 2

Donald Trump: His face, his hair, his voice, his ego. Please go away. Oh, he’s also got ads in the newspaper. I cannot escape this douch.

Glen Beck: I can stomach Bill O’Reilly. I can even watch Hannity for more than a whole minute (sometimes) but when this peckerwood cries on TV because he’s “so afraid for our country,” I could
just puke. I’d like to puke on Mr. Beck.

Simon and Alex for RHWNY: OMG. Where do I start. Simon’s Speedo? Alex’s face? The kids? The quest for social status and the phony pretention??? Whatever, one episode showed Simon getting a massage. BRAVO felt the need to show his nipples over and over and over and over. My clicker works well but I needed to change the batteries that week. Oh, I almost forgot Simon’s pink jeans and loafers.


Just ask him and he will tell you how Gay he isn’t.
Girls Gone Wild Commercials: Do I need to see that? No. Does my kid? No.

Julia MacNamera: She’s on “Nip/Tuck” and I guess I just hate her character because the actress, Joely Richardson (Natasha’s sister) I never knew until this role. Is she in love with Christian or Sean? Is she gay? Is she dead? Is she in love with Christian? Is she gay? Is she in love with Sean? Is she in love with a midget? Is she in love with a man with no penis?? I hate Julia.

South Park: I know it’s funny. I know I’ll like it. I guess I’m waiting until my kid is old enough so I could watch it with her.

Animal Police: Seeing abused animals makes me cry. I’d rather not watch. It’s almost the same feeling I got when I used to watch “Jon and Kate plus 8.” My life will be okay if I don’t see precious living things being treated like garbage. Children (and pets) are a privileged and should not be a form of entertainment for adults.  Which brings me to . . .

All TLC Multiple Family Shows: Every. Fucking. One. Yes, the Hayes family from “Table for 12” seem like very nice people. They obviously love and care for their kids and each other. They show respect and don’t yell at the kids for doing things that kids do . . . like breath. The Duggars also seem like nice people. Their religious practice isn’t my cup-of-tea and I’d like to see the daughters have more individualality, however, I don’t think this family lies to the public and takes $20 bills from gullible grandmothers who think their family is in such great need. Octomom would not be here if Kate Gosselin hadn’t paved the road. Why did Dr. Phil, Oprah, and Larry King had Kate on to give Octomom advice? I still haven’t figured it out.

It’s all about money.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air: I used to like this show but it is so overplayed that I cannot watch it. Also, if I make the mistake and listen to that stupid theme song, I’m singing it for DAYS. In fact, I’m thinking of singing it now just by thinking about it. Parents Just Don’t Understand!

Tea-Bagging Rallies: I didn’t know there were still so many bigots in America! Half the signs had spelling errors and the people didn’t even know why they were really there. All they know is that we have a black man for President so we better have a revolution. The hatred and ignorance worries me.


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