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The Who Still Rock and Roll . . . with tons of cool lights and no enthusiasm

The reviews of the Who’s performance are all over the map. The Who was “My Band” in the 1970s and I enjoyed theirĀ  predictable set at the superbowl. All over twitter and the blogs are varying opinions of the performance.

Rolling Stone called the band’s Super Bowl half-time show a “giant display of rock & roll might and pyrotechnics”, while Billboard said it was a “solid if expected medley [of] classic rock hits”. That’s how I feel about it too but many felt differently.

JenD first reaction, without knowing that I love The Who (or without caring) was “I am glad the Who was able to get out of the nursing home for one last performance…..” and one of her friends said, “THEY SUUUUUCCCKKKKEEEEDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Twitter has a campaign called “How old is Roger Daltrey” and many people feel a younger, more relevant band should have been chosen for the halftime show. Whatever the reason for choosing these “old geezers,” it made me watch. I usually catch the scores online and the commercials the next day. Daughter watched as I sang loud while tapping and enjoying every minute. Roger’s bald spot surprised me but he IS 65 years old. His voice was very hoarse and I “think” there might have been some recording on too (aka: lip sinking). At one point he squeaked, sort of like Taylor Swift at the Grammys, but he immediately recognized it and made and expression acknowledging his off key note.

Zac Starkey, son of Ringo Starr (real name: Richard Starkey) was on the drums. Nobody is Keith Moon and Kenny Jones was non-memorable but Zac Starkey is good. He’s been with the band for many years and seems to be having “fun,” which is really what makes watching musicians entertaining.

I have other thoughts that did invade my enjoyment. Pete Townsend had child porn on his computer and, I think, was convicted. I don’t know the details and I never really wanted to. The fact that he wrote the song “Fiddle About” about Wicked Uncle Ernie makes me wonder about the man beyond him writing some of the favorite songs of my life.

Townsend was still able to do his signature arm swings and high-jumps and I kept waiting for his arm to fly off and hit Roger in the face.

I’ve seen the Who in 1979, 1780, 1982 and 1996. In ’96 it was a Quadrophenia tour and I said to my friend, “Roger is phoning it in.” To me, it is obvious that Pete Townsend and Roger Daltrey don’t like each other. They cannot make the millions alone so the continually reunite for “one more time.” I enjoyed this performance because it was The Who but I think it might be time to really have that Farewell performance and finally mean it.

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