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Tina Fey: Bossypants. A Review from TheGirlFromTheGhetto

Bossypants by Tina Fey

Tina Fey is fabulous. This has to be said, because I’ve been a fan of hers for a long, long time. How could anyone not like her? She’s funny, talented, an enthusiastic performer, nerdy as hell and looks like a real woman should look. When I found out she was writing a book I was over the moon with happiness, so when I was sent a review copy of Bossypants, I was praying that her book would deliver as I suspected it to, despite picking that awful front cover.

While I enjoyed this book and laughed my butt off repeatedly while reading it, I wish Fey would have opened up more to her readers during certain stories. For instance, she brought up her face slashing as a young child, but wouldn’t tell the story and only said, “I only bring it up to explain why I’m not going to talk about it.” She brushed it off saying she didn’t want to be asked about it in the news media repeatedly on her book tour, but I feel that was a big cop-out. While I understand why she doesn’t talk about it on a regular basis, I thought to myself if a celebrity is writing a book about themself, shouldn’t they include all of their stories, and not just the filtered stories? CLICK HERE FOR MORE REVIEW

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Are you there Vodka, it’s me, Chelsea — Becomes an NBC Sitcom!

Chelsea Handler lands an NBC comedy:
Are you ready to see her Horizontal Life on the small screen?

Chelsea Handler is joining her fellow E! late-night host Joel McHale on the peacock network. Wait, Chelsea as Greendale’s new alcoholic professor?! Alas, we can only hope. But still, there’s good news! NBC has picked up the pilot Are You There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea, based on Handler’s popular memoirs .

The comedy will pull stories from each of the three books, My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands, Are You There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea, and Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang, and focus on the life of a 20-something woman who will closely resemble Handler herself, without having the profession of a comedian/author. Since Handler has already lived the hilarious situations that landed her on the best-sellers list, she’ll be working behind-the-scenes as executive producer, instead of in front of the camera, along with her Borderline Amazing partner Tom Brunelle, and Werner Entertainment’s Werner and Mike Clements. “The show will be mined from my books and allow me the creative control to put a younger actress in the situations I found myself in at 26, while I sit back, laugh, and not get arrested,” said Handler in a statement to EW.

So is Chelsea Handler the Candace Bushnell of the 21st century? (Call it the Carrie Curse, but it seems like any comedy about a professional single woman will always draw comparisons to Sex and the City). Those of you who’ve read Handler’s books know how rich in Not Suitable For Network TV material they are, so are you bummed at the thought of a possibly watered-down version of her antics? Or, are you the type that doesn’t flinch are the sounded of a dubbed “idiot” instead of you-know-what?

Handler, who has hosted Chelsea Lately since 2006, is currently working on After Lately, a Larry Sanders Show-style comedy based on her job as host of E!’s late night talk show, and was recently cast alongside Reese Witherspoon, Tom Hardy, and Chris Pine in McG’s upcoming film This Means War.

Are we destined for a full-fledged Handler takeover, PopWatchers?

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Chelsea Handler: 3 books on the NYTimes Best Seller list & a Sex tape?

Chelsea Handler has 3 books on the NYTimes best seller list and Radaronline tried to blackmail her for 1 million dollars. Are these things related? Probably not, but it sure does get me thinking about Chelsea, this situation, blackmail, RadarOnline and the scum that is the tabloid media.

The tape, which was made nearly a decade ago after Chelsea moved to Los Angeles starts out with Chelsea turning on the camera in what appears to be her apartment. During the first part of the tape, Chelsea is fully clothed in her work uniform. She begins by introducing herself by name before going into a stand-up routine before suddenly cutting to Chelsea and her male partner engaging in an explicit sex act.

He indicated that Chelsea would address it on her E! show Wednesday night, and she did. Chelsea, looking very agitated, said she made the tape when she was 23, and added, “I would like to say to, thanks for ruining my surprise Christmas gift to my staff, and number two, it was made as a joke. I put it on an audition tape for a comedy club, because I’m a comedienne, and I’ve been showing it at birthday parties for (expletive) years!”

Hmmm? Agitated? well, RadarOnline, how would you feel if somebody tried to blackmail YOU? She handled this ala David Letterman and faced it head-on. She’s not acting embarrassed or humiliated. She’s owning it, after all, it’s HER tape, not RadarOnline’s tape. They are maggots. confirmed that the tape was sent out to Hollywood agents as a demo tape when Chelsea was looking to secure work. If it was an attempt to get noticed, it worked!

“Chelsea gave this demo tape to a bunch of talent agents and managers hoping to book some gigs,” the source continues. “It was taken so long ago and distributed on old VHS tapes, that I’m sure most people just threw them out because her stand-up was so bad and they didn’t realize she would make it big one day. It’s highly possible that many of the recipients of the tape didn’t even watch past the first couple of minutes and missed the sex tape part altogether.”

What’s the matter, RadarOnline (aka National Enquirer)? Not enough cheating men, drug overdoses, suicides, divorces, bikini shots, deadbeat dads, egotistical mothers or exploited children to write about? Oh, because she has a successful TV show, 3 best-sellers and probably wouldn’t date you in High School?

Chelsea Handler wrote 3 books. Chelsea, Chelsea Bang Bang (click here for review) was recently released and has been #3 on the NYTimes best seller list. The other two books,, My Horizontal Life and Are you There Vodka, it’s Me, Chelsea are now re-released in paperback and both of those books are on the paperback best selling list. I know many people don’t like Chelsea and don’t think she’s funny. Personally, I think the “comedians of Chelsea Lately” are funnier than she is but I like her and I “get” her humor and attitude.

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Kate, Start Parenting! — From

Linda Mintle, Ph.D. is a licensed marriage and family therapist, author of 16 books, a national expert on family issues and the psychology of food and weight. She’s an assistant professor in the department of pediatrics at Eastern Virginia Medical School, a national speaker, writer, and news contributor.

Kate, Start Parenting!

For weeks, American reality TV star Kate Gosselin left her 1.2 million dollar home in Wernersville, Penn., to fly to Los Angeles to rehearse and perform on Dancing with the Stars. She even built a rehearsal space in her basement to practice in between shows. reports that she enjoyed getting advice from former Playboy bunny Pamela Anderson on how to be a single mom. And according to Kate, her children were all for mommy leaving them each week.

Who are we kidding? Show me a single mom with eight children whose priority is to get her body back into shape (Kate’s stated goal) by leaving her children for weeks at time. How do plastic surgeries and makeovers help her children?

“My heart is always in my kitchen, baking and cooking for my kids, and I’ll always be there.”

Really? Can we stop the charade? Dancing with the Stars is much more exciting than being home with eight children baking cookies. I get that, but do not use your children as an excuse to live the high life and hob-nob with the stars. And Kate, it is possible to dictate a contract stating you will do the show if you can have your children with you!

Kate has been bitten by the celebrity bug. She has tasted fame and wealth, and loves the camera. She knows that celebrity is her ticket to making money. Just admit it and we can all move on. Stop pretending to be an everyday mom sacrificing for the children. We are not so naïve as to think that her appearances on Dancing with the Stars have nothing to do with her upcoming book release and new TV show.

Look, I understand the pull of stardom, but let’s consider the impact all of this on the kids. Their lives are on constant display. It’s hard enough for children to go through a divorce without adding absence and celebrity drama to their lives. And what mother thinks that six-year-olds can make decisions about whether or not she should go to Hollywood?

My advice to Kate (and I know she isn’t asking) is be a mom. Stop the madness and get some perspective. Make an appointment with a marital therapist and try to end the contention with Jon that continues to get played out in the press. Create a routine for those kids. Help them adjust to all the changes. Stop asking the multiples what you should do and find another source for parenting advice (not Pamela Anderson). The children need a mom and a dad who are physically, emotionally, and spiritually present, and who can guide them through everything that has happened to them so far. It is not too late to pull back and give them a more normal life, but it will require some tough choices.  And hey, now you can bake cookies with kids!

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Check out Dr. Linda Mintle’s book, I Married You, Not Your Family (Siloam Press, 2008). For more articles on marriage and family,

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Gosselin Children cleared to work on “Kate plus 8″

I congratulate you fans for having such love for these kids that they will, once again, work and sacrifice their childhoods for YOUR entertainment.

Kate Gosselin’s 8 Kids — Cleared for Spin-off

Originally posted Apr 25th 2010 1:00 AM PDT by TMZ Staff

Kate Gosselin‘s new TLC show “Kate Plus 8” is all systems go — because the local Department of Labor says the kiddies have been cleared to continue their careers as reality TV stars.

A rep for the Pennsylvania Dept. of Labor and Industry tells TMZ the correct paperwork for the show was submitted and approved … and said, “The proper steps have been taken and the kids are permitted for ‘Kate Plus 8.'”

But according to the rep, nothing has been submitted for Kate’s other TLC spin-off “Twist of Kate” — which could mean the kiddies may not be joining Kate on that one.

That’s probably a good thing … because 5-year-olds shouldn’t have to work two jobs.

Read more:

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‘Twist of Kate’: Gosselin’s new TLC series

By Gary Levin, USA TODAY
Kate Gosselin is struggling as a hoofer on Dancing With the Stars, but she already has found her new calling: using her role as an “example mom” to help and learn from others.

TLC announces plans today for the Jon & Kate Plus 8 star to get her own series, Twist of Kate, and to revisit her family life, without ex-husband Jon, in a series of Kate Plus 8 specials. It’s part of a plan to build on the channel’s growth that also includes Sarah Palin‘s Alaska, a travelogue series about the state and its high-profile former governor.

In Twist of Kate, Gosselin will use fan letters from women inspired by her story as the basis for profiles of women facing their own challenges. Twelve episodes will start airing in late summer.

MORE: Families, food, feuds on TLC

“I look at it as a loose concept,” says Gosselin, who says that despite rumors, she never contemplated dating or talk shows. “I want to be out there learning from others, helping to provide insight whenever I can, though I don’t consider myself an expert on anything.”

Gosselin will visit the homes and workplaces of everyday people. “She will be in that person’s shoes. And more often than not, it’s not going to be terribly comfortable for her,” says TLC chief Eileen O’Neill. “She’s game for things, but she also has limits and boundaries.”

Kate Plus 8 was scuttled last year when her ex-husband raised concerns about filming the kids, but the first in a series of specials will air in June, focused on Gosselin’s new role as single mom. (Jon has sued Kate for primary custody of their children.)

Gosselin is a true reality-TV superstar and a source of fascination for tabloid magazines that chronicle her mothering skills, her marital woes and her every dance step. Good or bad, her appearance on ABC’s Dancing has helped the show earn its biggest season start yet, beating American Idol for the first time two weeks in a row.

“The fact that people really support me and want the kids and I to do well … is flattering,” she says. “I never understood the importance of fans until we struggled and went through tough times.”

And those fans are keeping her dancing on ABC despite withering comments from the show’s judges. The contest “is very much more mental than physical, willing my mind to be able to withstand the pressure and pull off what I do in rehearsal,” she says.

Does she think the judges’ criticisms are fair? “No, but it’s their option to say what they’re going to say.”

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Chelsea Handler comments on Kate Gosselin and Jesse James’ Whore

In what has to be the most hilarious episode of Larry King Live ever, comedian Chelsea Handler’s sharp tongue targets Kate Gosselin and other newsmakers. has the video with the best highlights from Thursday night.

The host of E!’s Chelsea Lately said “I don’t like people that are famous because of something like that–because she had a lot of children. She doesn’t seem like the nicest person in the world. And I don’t know what kind of mother that has that many children–I don’t know how many children she’s up to right now–would have time to be on Dancing With The Stars. Because from what I hear, the rehearsals are pretty laborious. It’s like 4-6 hours a day. You have 8 children that’s pretty important.”

Chelsea, who is promoting a new book Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang went on to say “I think it’s important to make sure people have their 15 minutes then let them go.’ But Chelsea pointed out,  “She’s gotten a lot of minutes.. so hopefully they’re up.”

When asked why she turned down Dancing With The Stars, Chelsea quipped, “I have a job, I didn’t really need to do that!”

Larry King also asked her about her feud with the woman who exposed the Jesse James Cheating Scandal: Michelle “Bombshell” McGee.  It started when Chelsea joked on her show: “I guess she doesn’t read magazines, because she basically has one on her face.” McGee was so upset, she took her anger to Facebook,  “Use some of that botox from your forehead and put it in your flabby underarm skin I’ve seen better wings in a bucket of KFC chicken.”

Chelsea stood up for herself saying ” the show (Chelsea Lately) is silly. I like to poke fun at myself and poke fun at others. So when someone like that makes a comment about me I like to stand up for myself. I’m outspoken and I’m a comedian. So you shouldn’t really say anything to me unless you’re ready to hear it back.”

When asked if she would have McGee on her show. She said “No.”

“it’s like Heidi and Spencer Montag or Pratt whatever their names are.. who i call herpes 1 and herpes 2. i really wouldn’t want them on the show either. I just don’t think it speaks volumes about the kind of  person i am. it’s a silly show, but it’s not a gross show.”

And, she couldn’t help weighing in on the Sandra Bullock marriage crisis. She said “It’s like something’s going around,” because of the Tiger Woods and Jesse James scandals. “It’s like people are hornier than ever.”

Chelsea said keeping up with reality shows and celebrity scandals is putting her IQ in question, “You feel like your brain is melting.”

She has her sights on Larry’s CNN job: “So hopefully you’ll retire soon so I can take over a job like this.  If I have to talk about Kate Gosselin for one more year, I’ll probably shoot myself in the head.’

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Book Review: Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang

TheGirlFromTheGhetto (NerdGirlBlogger) wrote this great review:

Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang by Chelsea Handler was absolutely fabulous. Hysterical. Pee in your pants funny. Entertaining as hell. My god, I haven’t laughed that hard in all of 2010! The #1 New York Times bestselling author of Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea will soon be on the top of that list again with her latest book that comes out today. I’ve been a fan of Ms. Handler’s long before she got her television show, Chelsea Lately. I first heard of Chelsea Handler back in CONTINUED

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Drunkest Guy Ever goes for Snack . . . Beer . . . DrCoolSex!

I’d rather watch Dustin, Alex and Greg than a nerd with a bunch of ugly puppets any day. They need a TV show on Comedy Central.

OMFG Watch THIS one. I’m laughing so hard I have tears rolling down my face!

Here’s the original Drunk Guy Going for a Beer

I “accidentally” clicked on my drcoolsex bookmark and decided to poke around and watch more than their Jon and Kate parodies. I didn’t get “Meet the Putties” but “Mario Cart Movie” was cute and played on ESPN. Most of us that follow these guys know that their last Jon and Kate video was over-the-top, offensive and not posted by most of us. Big Whooop! One video we didn’t like. I still think these guys are hysterically funny and need to be recognized by a larger audience.

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2008 Books Read

2008 Books Read

How Not to Be Popular [Hardcover] by Ziegler, Jennifer

Wife for Hire [Mass Market Paperback] by Evanovich, Janet

Sweethearts [Hardcover] by Zarr, Sara

Dead Over Heels [Paperback] by Davidson, MaryJanice

A Fiend In Need [Paperback] by Child, Maureen

Who Stole the Funny?: A Novel of Hollywood [Paperback] by Benson, Robby

Thugs and Kisses: An Odelia Grey Mystery (Odelia Grey Mysteries) [Paperback…

Celebutantes [Hardcover] by Goldberg, Amanda; Hopper, Ruthanna Khalighi

This Is How It Happened (not a love story) [Paperback] by Barrett, Jo

First Kisses 1: Trust Me (First Kisses) [Paperback] by Hawthorne, Rachel

Daisy Dooley Does Divorce [Paperback] by Pasternak, Anna

The Opposite of Invisible [Hardcover] by Gallagher, Liz

Big Boned (Heather Wells Mysteries) [Paperback] by Cabot, Meg

A Most Uncommon Degree of Popularity [Paperback] by Seidel, Kathleen Gilles

Celebrity Detox: (The Fame Game) [Hardcover] by O’Donnell, Rosie

Secrets of My Hollywood Life: Family Affairs (Secrets of My Hollywood Life…

Apart (Hardcover) by R. P. MacIntyre  & Wendy MacIntyre

Tweak: Growing Up on Methamphetamines (Hardcover) by Nic Sheff (Author)

Beautiful Boy:A Father’s Journey Through His Son’s Addiction (Hardcover) by David Sheff (Author)

Certain Girls: A Novel by Jennifer Weiner (Hardcover – April 8, 2008)

Obedience: A Novel by Will Lavender

Shameless Hoodwives, by Meesha Mink and De’nesha Diamond

Desperate Hoodwivesby Meesha Mink and De’nesha Diamond

How to be Cool, By Johanna Edwards

Forced Out, by Stephen Frey


My Horizontal Life, by Chelsea Handler

Are You There Vodka, It’s Me Chelsea, by Chelsea Handler

Why We Suck, by Denis Leary

Shaving Without a Razor, by Terry Gavin —I read this book in one sitting while I was on vacation. After seeing the movie, Coraline, I needed a book to distract me from the creepy and disturbing visions that movie put in my brain. This book put in all the other creepy, disturbing visions I might not have gotten from Coraline! Here’s a product description from AMAZON Shaving Without a Razor is the thrilling debut novel by actor Terry Gavin. Set in the midst of opulent wealth and excess, Chris McDermott returns to his childhood home for his thirty-second birthday, his brother’s wedding, and to die, for this Wunderkind of corporate finance can no longer outrun the frightening events that ensued seven years prior. Chris’ three day journey becomes nothing less than a dizzying dash to the bottom as he encounters a brother’s betrayal, child pornography, male prostitution, and his best friend’s impending death. This novel takes the reader on a wild ride through supreme wealth, gut-wrenching memories, and horrors that no family should ever encounter. Gavin’s stunning debut novel announces the arrival of a new voice in American literature.

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