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Drunkest Guy Ever goes for Snack . . . Beer . . . DrCoolSex!

I’d rather watch Dustin, Alex and Greg than a nerd with a bunch of ugly puppets any day. They need a TV show on Comedy Central.

OMFG Watch THIS one. I’m laughing so hard I have tears rolling down my face!

Here’s the original Drunk Guy Going for a Beer

I “accidentally” clicked on my drcoolsex bookmark and decided to poke around and watch more than their Jon and Kate parodies. I didn’t get “Meet the Putties” but “Mario Cart Movie” was cute and played on ESPN. Most of us that follow these guys know that their last Jon and Kate video was over-the-top, offensive and not posted by most of us. Big Whooop! One video we didn’t like. I still think these guys are hysterically funny and need to be recognized by a larger audience.

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