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Does Oprah believe in Exploiting Children for Profit?

Who knew? Surely I didn’t. I always respected and admired Oprah for her generosity and willingness to fight for children. She builds a school for girls and is outraged when one of them is allegedly abused. She’s a great humanitarian, right? Well, it seem she only really cares about the children that CAN’T make her more money. I know the economy is tight but Oprah could always sell the Bently that Tyler Perry bought her and let the Gosselin children live normal lives.

What did Kate Gosselin, mother and main exploiter of her children, say, “This is normal to them. Kid’s have different normals. This is their normal.” Wow. So, this real life Truman show is just fine.

Oprah, Dr. Phil, and Larry King have all vilified Octomom and glorified Kate Gosselin. As Sarah Colonna said on “Chelsea Lately”, “the only difference between Kate Gosselin and Octomom is a TV show and a make-up artist.” Many get it, Oprah still doesn’t.

Let’s not forget that Oprah owns Discovery, which owns TLC. Therefore, she has the power to stop these parents from profiting off of her magic uterus. However, it seems Oprah and her staff have turned a blind eye to the obvious and just want to continue to make money off the childhood of these zombified children.

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