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Ryan Murphy: Glee and Nip/Tuck both have terrific casting

GLEE makes me happy. I spent the past few days watching Season One and I find myself singing more, humming more and wanting to break out into song and dance. I was a big fan of Ryan Murphy’s Nip/Tuck and I see much of the same humor and phenomonal character development in Glee. I always felt N/T lost it’s mojo after a few seasons. Was that because Murphy was busy casting and writing Glee? I don’t care. N/T had a few great seasons and introduced me to some wonderful actors. Julian McMahon was the first actor I actually ever googled because I wanted to learn more about this gorgeous actor.

Finishing Season 1 of Glee brought tears to my eyes. Well, a cold wind could bring a tear to my eye but the Glee club singing To Sir With Love (with Sue watching) was emotional on many different levels.

I think Ryan Murphy’s greatest strength is his terrific casting. In N/T Season 1, the villian was played by Robert LaSardo and all these years later I still remember him and now recognize him in older roles and new roles. I also see great casting in Glee. Lovable Kristen Chenoweth and Stephen Tobolowski have recurring roles that always make me laugh and highlight their great talents.

The young people are all unknowns and their talent surpasses many famous recording artists/entertainers. They are not polished and marketed all pretty but seem like real people, real kids, real representatives of people we all know.

Ryan Murphy is a genius and I want to thank him for the hours of entertainment he’s brought into my life!

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Kristin Chenoweth Stands Up for Gay Actors, Calls Out Homophobic Newsweek Article

For some reason, I follow Kristin on Twitter. I’ve never seen her in “Wicked” (except on youtube) and I’ve never really seen anything she’s been on except talk shows but for some reason I LOVE HER. Her personality and deep-sincerity are apparent in every thing she does.

I’d heard about this NEWSWEEK article and found it interesting but, since it was coming from a fledgling publication, I really didn’t think it would get much notice.

However, Kristin couldn’t let it go because these are her friends and she has opinions and wants them heard. Kudos to a wonderful woman. I couldn’t say it any better.

Remember that Newsweek article from last week, when Ramin Setoodeh declared ‘gay actors can’t play straight’? Well, Kristin Chenoweth, currently starring on Broadway in “Promises, Promises” with Sean Hayes, has a lot of feelings about it too — and she’s speaking out against the homophobic article and defending gay actors.

So as you may remember, Ramin Setoodeh at Newsweek wrote this really awful article last week about how gay actors just ‘aren’t believable playing straight‘ (it’s not like it’s their job to pretend to be other people or anything!) We had a pretty Special Comment for Ramin, as did many Newsweek commenters on the website itself, who shared opinions like, “this is the most ridiculous, nonsensical, baseless, bigoted thing I’ve ever read! Anywhere!”

So! … speaking of special comments and special commenters… we were f*cking thrilled when a tipster alerted us that Kristin Chenoweth her very self, who stars with Sean Hayes on Broadway’s Promises, Promises and just did another guest spot on Glee, and is a longtime supporter of the gays, has added her (lovely) voice to the conversation at Newsweek.

Sometimes we can feel like we’re screaming into a void in our gay media bubble, so we’ve really got our fingers crossed Kristin Chenoweth’s starpower (and um, just overall total adorableness, gay-ally loveliness, talent, and ability to defy gravity) will inspire Newsweek to reconsider their publishing standards or at least issue an apology (Setoodeh is an out gay man and this is not the first time he’s written a shockingly homophobic article for Newsweek.)

Okay we’re stepping off our soapboxes now…
here’s Kristin! WE LOVE THIS WOMAN:


As a longtime fan of Newsweek and as the actress currently starring opposite the incredibly talented (and sexy!) Sean Hayes in the Broadway revival of “Promises, Promises,” I was shocked on many levels to see Newsweek publishing Ramin Setoodeh’s horrendously homophobic “Straight Jacket,” which argues that gay actors are simply unfit to play straight. From where I stand, on stage, with Hayes, every night — I’ve observed nothing “wooden” or “weird” in his performance, nor have I noticed the seemingly unwieldy presence of a “pink elephant” in the Broadway Theater. (The Drama League, Outer Critics Circle and Tony members must have also missed that large animal when nominating Hayes’ performance for its highest honors this year.)

I’d normally keep silent on such matters and write such small-minded viewpoints off as perhaps a blip in common sense. But the offense I take to this article, and your decision to publish it, is not really even related to my profession or my work with Hayes or Jonathan Groff (also singled out in the article as too “queeny” to play “straight.”)

This article offends me because I am a human being, a woman and a Christian. For example, there was a time when Jewish actors had to change their names because anti-Semites thought no Jew could convincingly play Gentile. Setoodeh even goes so far as to justify his knee-jerk homophobic reaction to gay actors by accepting and endorsing that “as viewers, we are molded by a society obsessed with dissecting sexuality, starting with the locker room torture in junior high school.” Really? We want to maintain and proliferate the same kind of bullying that makes children cry and in some recent cases have even taken their own lives? That’s so sad, Newsweek! The examples he provides (what scientists call “selection bias”) to prove his “gays can’t play straight” hypothesis are sloppy in my opinion. Come on now!

Openly gay Groff is too “queeny” to play Lea Michelle’s boyfriend in GLEE, but is a “heartthrob” when he does it in Spring Awakening? Cynthia Nixon only “got away with it” ’cause she peaked before coming out? I don’t know if you’ve missed the giant Sex and the City movie posters, but it seems most of America is “buying it.” I could go on, but I assume these will be taken care of in your “Corrections” this week.

Similarly, thousands of people have traveled from all over the world to enjoy Hayes’ performance and don’t seem to have one single issue with his sexuality! They have no problem buying him as a love-torn heterosexual man. Audiences aren’t giving a darn about who a person is sleeping with or his personal life. Give me a break! We’re actors first, whether we’re playing prostitutes, baseball players, or the Lion King. Audiences come to theater to go on a journey. It’s a character and it’s called acting, and I’d put Hayes and his brilliance up there with some of the greatest actors period.

Lastly, as someone who’s been proudly advocating for equal rights and supporting GLBT causes for as long as I can remember, I know how much it means to young people struggling with their sexuality to see out & proud actors like Sean Hayes, Jonathan Groff, Neil Patrick Harris and Cynthia Nixon succeeding in their work without having to keep their sexuality a secret. No one needs to see a bigoted, factually inaccurate article that tells people who deviate from heterosexual norms that they can’t be open about who they are and still achieve their dreams. I am told on good authority that Mr. Setoodeh is a gay man himself and I would hope, as the author of this article, he would at least understand that. I encourage Newsweek to embrace stories which promote acceptance, love, unity and singing and dancing for all!

–Kristin Chenoweth

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