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The Rock dresses as Miley. Wayans asks “Are you wearing a thong?”

Yes. I said it!! My daughter is so hyped about it because “i-Carly” is nominated, as well as “Spongebob.” Hype it the word. Hype everywhere. Every website she goes to, every commercial, every magazine, movie with Dwayne last week. Hype, hype hype.

What do I care about?? I hope neither Chris Brown or Rihannah win anything or are even there. They make me ill.

Pussycat Dolls?? Oh, so damn appropriate for kids.

Dwayne Johnson

. . . is the perfect man. I enjoy him just being there.

Miley-– Daughter dislikes her, phew. I hope she doesn’t win anything. Her ego is big enough. Let’s give Miranda Cosgrove or Selena Gomez a chance.

iCarly” won for best show. Yippee! Miranda Cosgrove is my daughter’s favorite actress. I think she looks like a young Fran Drescher and has great comic timing.

Dwayne asked Miley if she’s wearing a thong. Oh yes he did!!  He had the home audience pick 3 things he should do, sing opera, knit leg-warmers, or dress like Miley. Of course, my daughter included, everybody wants him to dress like Miley. So he did.

This guy has no problems with his masculinity. None. Anyhow, he did as a 16 year old girl if she was wearing a thong. Oh Dwayne, what were you thinking?? Well, I guess he was thinking “I wonder if she’s wearing a thong?” and the thought went from brain (the one in his pants) to mouth without pause.   ooooops.


Miley lives with her 20 year old underwear model boyfriend. She poses in sexy clothing all the time and acts like a young slut for the camera. To top it off, this show has the Pussycat Dolls perform for CHILDREN!! Sexy ladies, in sexy clothing, singing songs about being sexy for your man. Yeah. Appropriate.

So, Dwayne, good for you!! I’m glad you said it and if Disney stops throwing the big bucks at you feel free to come crash at my apartment. I’ll get us Taco Bell and let you be in charge of the remote control. If that means I have to stop watching “Real Housewives of Anywhere,” hey Dwayne, you are worth it.


On a second look I see that it is Marlon Wayans who says “are you wearing a thong.” I stand corrected. Thank you to Fran for pointing it out!

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If you live in an apartment

PLEASE . . . listen to see if your neighbor is showering!! We all share pipes and for some reason this asshole needs to get in the shower EVERYT TIME I’m in there. It doesn’t matter what time of day or night, if I’m enjoying my shower the water will go boiling hot or freezing cold. The man doesn’t speak English or else I’d try to talk to him.

I’ve almost scorched some very important body parts.

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Breaking Bad Season 2, Episode 3

This is the only show I think about all week long. Usually Sunday nights means going to work the next day but now Sunday nights means a new episode of “Breaking Bad.” If you haven’t seen this show it’s not too late. I think you can watch Season 1 online and season 2 is only on the 3rd episode.

The acting is better than anything I’ve ever seen. Each episode is like a small film.

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Octomom and the Paps

The woman is trying to bring babies home and they are attacking, surrounding, flashing, obstructing and doing everything possible for the “money shot.”.

She’s not camera shy and we will be able to see plenty of pictures so why are these animals camped out waiting to get a gliimpse of a tiny baby sleeping? 

This makes me so angry. I actually would donate to the L.A. Police if they will block off the neighborhood so this woman could get her babies in her house. I’m not crazy about her but this is just beyond civilized.

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Russell Brand: Why do I like this guy?

Russell Brand

Russell Brand

He’s crude, obnoxious, he “looks” dirty, he’s and admitted sex addict and he has the weirdest hair I’ve seen this side of Kate Gosselin. However, he makes me laugh. There is something oddly attractive about him. Chelsea Handler seemed very uncomfortable (in a cute way) interviewing him and she finally said, “I feel like I need to cover my vagina.”

I just ordered his book and I will attempt to write a review.

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Breaking Bad, Season 2 Episode 2


The season opening was not a disappointment.

Tuco is one crazy motherfucker

Tuco is one crazy motherfucker

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Various Links to Gosselin Stories

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Jon Stewart rips Jim Cramer a new one!!

Jon Stewart wasn’t a stand-up comic. He wasn’t reporting the “fake news” and he wasn’t interviewing a celebrity. No. Jon Stewart showed every TV journalist a sample of the kind of reporting that the people need to see. He spoke for many of us, in terms we understood,  and asked questions that had never been asked before.

Jim Cramer is a “TV personality” that tells us what stocks to buy. I don’t watch him but have seen him yelling as I pass by flipping channels. I prefer to take my financial advice from Suze Ormond, but that’s just me.

Anyhow, Jon Stewart was emphasizing the mistakes of CNBC and their “financial advice.” He showed clips of Mr. Cramer but also of other news and “expert opinions” on that channel. Jim Cramer began to criticize Jon on his show, and it began a war of the cable personalities for a week or two.

Finally, Jim Cramer, and I give him credit for having guts, made an appearance on “The Daily Show.” It wasn’t so much an appearance as it was a massacre. Jon Stewart had clips of Mr. Cramer from 2005 discussing how to cheat the SEC and other deceitful things. I’ll be honest, I don’t understand it all. I do know that people, cough, Republicans, cough, did trust Jim Cramer and did loose a lot of money listening to his tips and advice.

Jon Stewart finally said, in a calm and informative way (as he was this entire interview”, “It’s not a fucking game.” Ok, Comedy Central bleeped it out (too bad). Jon is asking this man why he gave people advice that he knew was wrong. The man just kept apologizing and I believe his testicles were deep inside his body.

Will Jim Cramer still have a show? I think not.

Will Jon Stewart still have a show?? Yes. Comedy Central better be paying him well because after this interview Jon will have offers from major news sources. Oh, wait, maybe not. I forgot that “major news sources’ only care about Anna Nichole Smith and tend to ignore the issues that really matter to the American people.

Bravo, Jon Stewart!

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Does Oprah believe in Exploiting Children for Profit?

Who knew? Surely I didn’t. I always respected and admired Oprah for her generosity and willingness to fight for children. She builds a school for girls and is outraged when one of them is allegedly abused. She’s a great humanitarian, right? Well, it seem she only really cares about the children that CAN’T make her more money. I know the economy is tight but Oprah could always sell the Bently that Tyler Perry bought her and let the Gosselin children live normal lives.

What did Kate Gosselin, mother and main exploiter of her children, say, “This is normal to them. Kid’s have different normals. This is their normal.” Wow. So, this real life Truman show is just fine.

Oprah, Dr. Phil, and Larry King have all vilified Octomom and glorified Kate Gosselin. As Sarah Colonna said on “Chelsea Lately”, “the only difference between Kate Gosselin and Octomom is a TV show and a make-up artist.” Many get it, Oprah still doesn’t.

Let’s not forget that Oprah owns Discovery, which owns TLC. Therefore, she has the power to stop these parents from profiting off of her magic uterus. However, it seems Oprah and her staff have turned a blind eye to the obvious and just want to continue to make money off the childhood of these zombified children.

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2008 Books Read

2008 Books Read

How Not to Be Popular [Hardcover] by Ziegler, Jennifer

Wife for Hire [Mass Market Paperback] by Evanovich, Janet

Sweethearts [Hardcover] by Zarr, Sara

Dead Over Heels [Paperback] by Davidson, MaryJanice

A Fiend In Need [Paperback] by Child, Maureen

Who Stole the Funny?: A Novel of Hollywood [Paperback] by Benson, Robby

Thugs and Kisses: An Odelia Grey Mystery (Odelia Grey Mysteries) [Paperback…

Celebutantes [Hardcover] by Goldberg, Amanda; Hopper, Ruthanna Khalighi

This Is How It Happened (not a love story) [Paperback] by Barrett, Jo

First Kisses 1: Trust Me (First Kisses) [Paperback] by Hawthorne, Rachel

Daisy Dooley Does Divorce [Paperback] by Pasternak, Anna

The Opposite of Invisible [Hardcover] by Gallagher, Liz

Big Boned (Heather Wells Mysteries) [Paperback] by Cabot, Meg

A Most Uncommon Degree of Popularity [Paperback] by Seidel, Kathleen Gilles

Celebrity Detox: (The Fame Game) [Hardcover] by O’Donnell, Rosie

Secrets of My Hollywood Life: Family Affairs (Secrets of My Hollywood Life…

Apart (Hardcover) by R. P. MacIntyre  & Wendy MacIntyre

Tweak: Growing Up on Methamphetamines (Hardcover) by Nic Sheff (Author)

Beautiful Boy:A Father’s Journey Through His Son’s Addiction (Hardcover) by David Sheff (Author)

Certain Girls: A Novel by Jennifer Weiner (Hardcover – April 8, 2008)

Obedience: A Novel by Will Lavender

Shameless Hoodwives, by Meesha Mink and De’nesha Diamond

Desperate Hoodwivesby Meesha Mink and De’nesha Diamond

How to be Cool, By Johanna Edwards

Forced Out, by Stephen Frey


My Horizontal Life, by Chelsea Handler

Are You There Vodka, It’s Me Chelsea, by Chelsea Handler

Why We Suck, by Denis Leary

Shaving Without a Razor, by Terry Gavin —I read this book in one sitting while I was on vacation. After seeing the movie, Coraline, I needed a book to distract me from the creepy and disturbing visions that movie put in my brain. This book put in all the other creepy, disturbing visions I might not have gotten from Coraline! Here’s a product description from AMAZON Shaving Without a Razor is the thrilling debut novel by actor Terry Gavin. Set in the midst of opulent wealth and excess, Chris McDermott returns to his childhood home for his thirty-second birthday, his brother’s wedding, and to die, for this Wunderkind of corporate finance can no longer outrun the frightening events that ensued seven years prior. Chris’ three day journey becomes nothing less than a dizzying dash to the bottom as he encounters a brother’s betrayal, child pornography, male prostitution, and his best friend’s impending death. This novel takes the reader on a wild ride through supreme wealth, gut-wrenching memories, and horrors that no family should ever encounter. Gavin’s stunning debut novel announces the arrival of a new voice in American literature.

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