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The Rock dresses as Miley. Wayans asks “Are you wearing a thong?”

Yes. I said it!! My daughter is so hyped about it because “i-Carly” is nominated, as well as “Spongebob.” Hype it the word. Hype everywhere. Every website she goes to, every commercial, every magazine, movie with Dwayne last week. Hype, hype hype.

What do I care about?? I hope neither Chris Brown or Rihannah win anything or are even there. They make me ill.

Pussycat Dolls?? Oh, so damn appropriate for kids.

Dwayne Johnson

. . . is the perfect man. I enjoy him just being there.

Miley-– Daughter dislikes her, phew. I hope she doesn’t win anything. Her ego is big enough. Let’s give Miranda Cosgrove or Selena Gomez a chance.

iCarly” won for best show. Yippee! Miranda Cosgrove is my daughter’s favorite actress. I think she looks like a young Fran Drescher and has great comic timing.

Dwayne asked Miley if she’s wearing a thong. Oh yes he did!!  He had the home audience pick 3 things he should do, sing opera, knit leg-warmers, or dress like Miley. Of course, my daughter included, everybody wants him to dress like Miley. So he did.

This guy has no problems with his masculinity. None. Anyhow, he did as a 16 year old girl if she was wearing a thong. Oh Dwayne, what were you thinking?? Well, I guess he was thinking “I wonder if she’s wearing a thong?” and the thought went from brain (the one in his pants) to mouth without pause.   ooooops.


Miley lives with her 20 year old underwear model boyfriend. She poses in sexy clothing all the time and acts like a young slut for the camera. To top it off, this show has the Pussycat Dolls perform for CHILDREN!! Sexy ladies, in sexy clothing, singing songs about being sexy for your man. Yeah. Appropriate.

So, Dwayne, good for you!! I’m glad you said it and if Disney stops throwing the big bucks at you feel free to come crash at my apartment. I’ll get us Taco Bell and let you be in charge of the remote control. If that means I have to stop watching “Real Housewives of Anywhere,” hey Dwayne, you are worth it.


On a second look I see that it is Marlon Wayans who says “are you wearing a thong.” I stand corrected. Thank you to Fran for pointing it out!

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