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Issues of the day: Same Sex Marriage, Waterboarding.

I don’t understand the argument about same-sex marriage. Two people love each other and others don’t feel they should get married? If Adam and Steve’s marriage would “destroy the sanctity” of your “opposite” marriage, then your marriage is pretty weak to begin with.

Miss California is being hailed as a hero by Fox News. Why? She was far from eloquent and I hope no hairstylist or make up person will touch her.

I’m proud of Perez Hilton (except for his initial rant after the show) and I feel he represents the opinions of many young people. Yes, some hate him and wonder why he was even a judge. I don’t and I understand why he was there. He isn’t expected to be classy or quiet and I’m glad he isn’t. He says what he wants and the world explodes. Oh well.


Sean Hannity told Charles Grodin that he would happily be water-boarded for charity.

So far, Thom Hartman, Stephanie Miller and Keith Olberman would like to take him up on this offer. I would too! I’d actually contribute my hard-earned dollars to watch Mr. Hannity almost die. The man deserves to be taken up on this offer and I hope he does. THAT would make some good TV.

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