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Sir Paul was on David Letterman: Now with “Helter Skelter” Video

After all these years, a live concert and a bad marriage (both of us), I still get all tingly and excited by seeing Paul McCartney. With his dry sense-of-humor, he told Dave that he didn’t come on the show because, “I really don’t like it very much.” Straight poker face. Not a joke and kind of awkward.

Paul never dissapoints. He talked about the Beatles at the Ed Sullivan Theater in 1962, the “Paul is Dead” rumor and Michael jackson buying the Lennon-McCartney song catalog. I was hoping he would say that MJ willed him the songs back but he didn’t. He seemed genuinally hurt that MJ bought those songs. “It’s just business, Paul.” is what Michael told Paul. Karma.

Paul and his band played “Get Back” on top of the marquee of the Ed Sullivan Theater. Pretty cool. People were filling the streets and were thrilled to be seeing a Beatle (without paying). I swear, there was a woman watching who looked like me! Maybe it’s my twin and she was there in spirit. Who know.

I love Sir Paul McCartney and when he passes, I’ll be as sad as those MJ fans. Probably sadder. I’m still not over the fact that John Lennon was murdered.

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