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Obama Family finally got their puppy!!!

Obama critics are pissed. How dare he not be working 24/7 while a crisis is happening in the Indian Ocean. They have a point but it’s not as if he was reading to school children and laughing. He promised his girls a dog and now they finally have it. Too bad they didn’t adopt a stray from a shelter. I cannot be a hypocrite. I criticized the Gosselin family for getting 2 German Shephard puppies from, what looked like, an unethical backyard breeder. Dog experts claim that the Portoguese Waterdog is NOT hyper-allergenic. They say that there is no such thing. If this is true, I which our President would have gotton a mixed-breed from a Washington D.C. shelter.

It doesn’t matter what he does.

Those who hate him will continue to hate him.

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