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“Breaking Bad” Season 3 Episode 6 “Sunset”

Hi “Breaking Bad” fans. I’m sorry I missed recapping last week. I’d just flown in from San Diego and my arms were tired.


Last week Gus tried to persuade Walt to cook again. He took him to an underground lab, actually a super lab. Walt still refused but Gus talked to him, as if Gus were the Devil, and told Walt that “a man will provide . . .” It was a great scene and Gustav sent chills up my spine with his calm evil. I once thought Tuco was a bad-ass but Gustav is so subtle  . . . and so convincing.


Cop driving. Call to check on lady who’s daughter hadn’t heard from her. He pulls up to the “hut” (looks like Patrick Swayze) and knocks on the door. No answer so he’s looking in the windows.He sees mens clothes hanging, doubles (twins!) Knocks again. Hears buzzing and walks out to back-hutt, and he finds the old lady’s bodied covered in bugs.

Pulls out his gun and plays policeman, calls for backup. Yells to the building and one of the twins comes out in an undershirt with a grenade in his hand (I see that, don’t think the cop does( other twin is sneaking up behind cop, he bites grenade, guess it’s an apple. Other twin chops cop with an ax.

Walt looking at artwork and his phone rings. Skylar about the divorce papers she found in the crib. She’s short and bitchy and wants to talk about Walt Jr. She’s such a bitch. Walt is being calm and says Walt Jr saw it coming. She asks about his divorce demands. He wants to pay for things with his drug money, she says no, it will make them accessories. He asks “how do you think I’ve been paying for thing for the past few months.”

Walt buys or rents an apartment.

Back at Taco place. Gus being boss and the twins slide into the restaurant. Gus looks pissed. He’s the Devil, after all.

Jesse with his druggie pals . He’s showing the meth and they are praising him for doing it with H. His friends snort some, he says he could watch, he could cook.  The guy is screaming from the pain of the great meth (whatever that means).

“someone took my brain out and boiled it. Amtrax.” okayyyy.

Jesse wants to do business. He thinks he’s the next big cooker. He’s promising his friends they will sell it “safe and smart” and they won’t get “greedy, like before.” Of course, the druggies will do this.Badger and Skinny. Jesse starts giving orders. Meth heads are seen by Hank. Hank is watching Jesse’s house.

Walt waking to music and making a sandwich, still wearing his wedding ring. Happy music and Walt is getting dressed after making his lunch and putting it in a bag. “Sun, shine on me today” is the song . . . .

Walt and Walt Jr in the car discussing the divorce. Dad is trying to convince his son that he will see him and admits to feeling guilty. Walt Jr. somehow thinks he should have had a say in his parents marriage and that’s why he’s pissed. Ok.

Gus with the twins. in the food place. Man is pissed off. Worker asks if they should call the police but Gus says they aren’t doing anything wrong. Being creepy isn’t a crime.

Walt somewhere industrial. Can’t describe. He’s going down to the superlab. Someone greets him. “Mr. White, I presume?” Lab assistant ready to show his resume and credentials. He also has this big contraption that makes “something” and he starts telling Walt about his recipe. This guy is a genius chemist like Walt and they start talking about the weights and measures of certain components. Walt is impressed. It is the Best Coffee he’s ever tasted! Ha. We were all fooled.

Happy jazz Piano music (Charlie Brown-ish) and two men in yellow working side by side making stacks and stacks and pounds and pounds of the devil’s drug. More chemistry talk. Walt just had a wonderful time and he and the assistant start opening up to each other.

They agree on the “magic” of the chemistry and the assistant recites a long poem and declares himself a nerd.

Hank watching Jesse’s place and it looks like he hasn’t been out of his car in days. Marie calls, “are you EVER coming home?”  He’s waiting for the Pinkman dude to lead him to a lab. Marie suggests that Hank ask Walt!

“hey buddy hey, how ya doin. Hate to bother ya, at a dead end.  . . . gotta know, I’d never put you on the spot or make you feel uncomfortable . . . . Jesse Pinkman dealt you weed . . . I so do not care about that. as .  . . .Did Pinkman ever have an RV??:

Walt leans forward. “Why?”

Hank explains that he thinks it was used as a rolling-lab. Walt is silent. Commercial.

Jesse answers Walt’s call. Walt hangs up. Walt calls Saul and starts explaining the DEA problem. Walt is worried because it has his fingerprints all over it. Saul wants Walt to “get to it before the feds do.” It’s RV SIZE. I’m not David Copperfield.

“Did you not plan for this contingency. Starship Enterprise had a self destruct button, just saying.”

Badger talking crap while someone is working on an RV. Walt drives up and is pissed off. Walt is trying to explain that the DEA is looking for the RV and that they need to destroy it. Walt is asking Badger’s cousin, the lot owner, for help. He’ knows a guy . . .

“What about Jesse?”

“What about him.”

Badger calls Jesse. Jesse runs out of the house and Hank is following. Who’s dumber, Badger, Jesse or Walt for not telling Jesse he’s being watched.

Lady at Taco Place asks the twins if they are leaving. They just stare into space. Another woman tries and Gus says is, “it’s okay.” They speak in Spanish. The twins were on the same side of the booth and they didn’t buy food. Nothing suspicious at all.

Walt pays a guy to destroy the RV. EVERYBODY knows this character actor but, of course, I don’t know his name, just recognize his voice. Walt is checking out the RV for, whatever, and finds a pack of Funyuns and gets emotional.  He’s looking around the place as if it’s home.

Jesse busts in the RV and starts yelling that it’s his RV too and he should have a say in what they do with it. He brought Hank. Walt is freaking  out like a rat in a box. “You led him right to us.” Commercial.

Hank gets out of his vehicle and slowly looks at the RV. He rattles a window. Jesse and Walt are like caged animals. My heart is pounding. Hank tries the door, windows. Yells that Jesse should come out, not resist arrest. Hank starts breaking into the RV with a tire iron. Lot owner says “gotta warrant.” and tells Hank he needs a warrant. Lot guy is talking about “probable cause” and saying that it is his private residence. Claims Hank is “fishing” and Hank shows the bullet holes.

Walt whispers to Jesse,Jesse yells what he says. Cyrano de breaking bad.

:”This is my own private domicile, I will not be harassed . . . . BITCH”

Hank laughs and says he’ll get the warrant. Tough guy calls in for a warrant.

Walt  and Jesse still in the RV Jesse wants to “escape” and is starting to panic. “they will shoot me in the head.” He’s begging Walt (daddy) to tell him what to do. Walt calls someone and says, “We need your help”

Hank still by the RV waiting for backup. A woman calls and claims that Marie has been in an accident and Hank drives away. It was Saul’s secretary. “You have to start paying me more.”

Hank drives off. Jesse and Walt get out of the RV. Hank is running into the hospital yelling at the nurses, going door to door, and his phone rings, it’s Marie, “I’m just checking in, should I cook dinner.” . . . .

Hank realizes he’s been punk’d.

Nice Spanish music while the RV is being crushed, destroyed, demolished, and made unrecognizable. Walt and Jesse watch.

Gus in the middle of no where.

This guy scares the hell out of me.

He meets with the twins and they still want to kill Walt. He tells them that Walt didn’t kill Tuco, the DEA agent did. Twin says that they are not allowed to kill DEA agent. Gustav gives them permission. “May his death satisfy you.”

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