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Protected: Finally!! Children in Reality TV need protection . . . .

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Comedy Examiner: Shocker: Conan O’Brien has chosen TBS as his new home, will begin airing episodes in November

Holy crap, was anyone expecting this to happen right now?  Conan O’Brien has just been confirmed to begin a new show in November on basic-cable channel TBS.  There was a lot of speculation that Conan would land on either FOX or HBO, but it turns out that the rumors weren’t accurate: TBS will be Conan’s newest home, featuring a one-hour nightly show.  For more details, see the fanatical commentary below, my gentle Examiner readers…

The news just broke that Conan O’Brien isn’t headed to FOX, after all.  The red-headed funnyman has just revealed that he’ll be airing a new, one-hour show nightly on TBS starting this November.  The news comes on the opening day of Conan’s Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE

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RIP Dixie Carter

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“Breaking Bad” Season 3 Episode 4 “Green Light”

Meth trailer pulls up to gas station. Jesse fills up and realizes he doesn’t have cash (?). He asks if he could “come back later” to pay. Girl says no problem but her dad is a hard ass and he checks all receipts.”

Jesse offers her meth. He actually convinces her to try it. Says it’s not addictive, that’s just a “media thing.” Tells her it’s awesome. Starts describing the high. to convince her to let him have the gas for the meth.

Cop walks in. She takes the meth.

Trailer drives away.

Saul’s office. Looking for victims of the plane crash.

Bald PI is working for Saul and they listen to tapes of Walt and Skyler arguing.  It’s obvious that Walt will be going after Ted.

Walt goes to office and is told it could be awhile, Ted is on a conference call. he takes a seat and sees Ted’s office and starts knocking. Starts yelling, “I can see you, let’s talk.” Ted won’t open the door. Walt is trying to lift a big potted plant to throw threw Ted’s glass door. Skyler tries to stop him. He gets thrown out of the building. “all right, all right, I’m calm. . .”

Bald PI pulls up and grabs Walt into the car and brings him to Sauls. Saul starts yelling at him and is letting him know how stupid he’s acting and he needs to get his shit together.

Walt wonders how Saul knew where he was and what was happening. “Did you bug my house?” Then Saul blamed Walt. “let’s not get lost in the who, what and whens.” “Ironical silver lining . . . .”

Walt attacks Saul and PI watches. He finally gets Walt off and Walt fires Saul. Walt wants bugs out of house today and Saul calls Walt a psycho.

Bald guy finally gets to speak. He’s removing all the bugs. He tells Walter that sometimes it doesn’t hut to have someone watching your back.

Machete drawing in chalk  – – –  message to Walt?

Walt in his classroom. Clicking clock, water dripping, students staring blankly. Silence. Once girl arrives in class late. Then some women come in the room and they take him in a room for “counseling.” Therapist wants Walt to sit down. She mentions his absences and his behavior. They are concerned. He starts to flirt with this woman. She asks if he’s okay and should she call Skyler. He tries to kiss her and she freaks. “Walt, what’s wrong with you!?”

Hank’s wife takes him to airport. She’s upset. He’s explaining that this is part of paying dues for their future. El Paso is like the Superbowl. She mentions last time. He says, what about it?

His phone rings and it’s the Sheriff. They are talking about the blue meth that some guy they just arrested has. Hank wants to talk to him. Doesn’t get on the plane.

Walt leaves the school with all his belongings in a box. He was fired. Jesse is waiting in the parking lot.

“yo, did you just get fired?”

No, sabbatical. Indefinite.

Walt gets in Jesse’s car Good to see them back together. Awkward. Jesse wants to introduce Walt to a distribution guy. He wants to keep cooking. Walt calls him ‘son’ and says he’s good at other things besides cooking meth. Walt doesn’t want to cook again. Jesse wants an introduction to the distribution guy, Gus.

Jesse shows Walt the blue meth and is proud of his accomplishment. Walt is pissed. “What, in the hell is THIS.” “This is MY PRODUCT MY FORMULA, MINE!”

Walt doesn’t want to ‘lend his name’ to an inferior product’ Walt is embarrassed for him. Walt is being mean and condescending to Jesse. Jesse calls him an asswad. “eat me” and Jesse runs over Walt’s box o’ office crap.

Skyler making copies. Woman walks in and she tries to make small talk. Woman gives polite smile. Sklyer senses the coldness.

Skyler moaning having sex with Ted. He tells her to stay and move in with him. He starts asking about the problems with Walt. She says she doesn’t feel comfortable talking about it.

Hank is questioning junky about blue meth. Junkie, Russell, is tweaking and remembers the dude’s name is “Mel.” Now he’s back to forgetting. The drug addicted mind . . .

Hank wants to find Heisenberg. He’s all giddy that the guy is back.  He’s turning down the task force in El Paso to continue this investigation. His partner is worried about him but Hank is being a dick. “take your hand off my shoulder.”

Saul again chasing victims of the plane crash. Looking for pain and suffering.

Jesse comes to Saul and Saul is yelling at Jesse. He plops the blue meth on the desk. “you know the guy who knows the guy, right?”.

Mike (bald PI) guy tells Gus about the threat. “animals.”  They talk about Walt and the Pinkmen kid. Gus tells him to do the deal. Gus is a business man.

Hank driving, cell phone ringing. He ignores it. Going through list of “M” names. Gas station girl, same one Jesse gave the meth too, is being questioned by Hank.

He asks where the blue meth came from. He tells Cara she’s a bad liar. He plays bad cop. She confesses and said she hated it and gave it to Matt. She starts describing the guy that traded the Meth for the gas. Jesse. She starts crying. She’s tr5ying to remember and she said, “he drove an RV.” Begging Hank not to tell her dad. Hank sees the camera. It doesn’t work.

Hank, sitting in the car staring at the ATM machine. Wonders if that had a camera? Wow. Them DEA agents is sure smart.

Walt at breakfast with family. Silence. Soggy cereal.

Walt Jr. mentions that the website hasn’t had any donations.

Walt says he’s off for 2 weeks. Guess he didn’t tell the family he was fired. Says he pushed it, going back to work too soon. Walt Jr asks for a ride to school. He says “dad could babysit now” . . . “sometime, maybe, we’ll see.”

Skyler is such a bitch.

Jesse. Leaning. Smoking. Meets with all business, no words. Seems Jesse was ripped off. Only got half. Driver said that his half.

Hank is reporting his findings on and has pictures of the motor-home from the ATM camera.  Hank wants to knock on doors. Boss says, “they need you in El Paso” but he wants to wrap out this case. Boss is giving him ultimatum. Hank refuses to go to El Paso because he’s “really close to something” here. Boss says, “better get to it.”

Walt driving and listening to news about air traffic controlling shooting himself. Walt changes station quickly. That air traffic controller was Jane’s father and he killed himself because Jane is dead. Walt let Jane die and now he’s feeling the guilt that comes with “breaking bad”

Jesse’s connection throws money at Walt and says, “your half” and drives away..

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Karl & Jane: Once upon a time . . .

there was a man named Karl who was unhappy with his lot in life.

He went to a picnic and saw a woman he thought was attractive. That woman, Jane, had a boyfriend but Karl was determined to win her away from that boyfriend. Jane’s father was a prominent dentist and Jane had wonderful features that would make very cute babies.

Karl and Jane had a quick romance and got married. Karl told Jane that she wasn’t getting pregnant fast enough and they managed, in the first year of their marriage, to get fertility treatments. Karl and Jane had 2 healthy girls. Twins. What a blessing.

Karl wanted more. Jane was happy and busy with the twins but Karl really wanted more babies. Karl loves babies. Jane went to a new fertility doctor and was hospitalized and told to not continue the cycle. Karl saw that as an opportunity and coerced Jane to have sex. Jane was then pregnant with 7 babies. Doctors recommended reducing the embryos but Karl and Jane are Christians and would never reduce.

One baby didn’t make it but 6 healthy babies were born. Karl and Jane were given a reality show. Karl continually abused Jane on this show. He told the kids “ignore mommy, she’s mean.” He slapped her, yelled at her in public, humiliated her and told her to “stop breathing” because she was so annoying.

Karl wrote a book about his unique family and went on a book tour to promote and sell the book. His traveling companion, a very attractive young woman, made Jane uncomfortable. Karl told her “tough” and continued to travel with the young woman, stay in 5star hotels and spend many hours with this person who wasn’t his spouse.

Jane was home with the kids. Karl would come home, pay some bills, and leave again for a few weeks.

When Karl came home he told Jane to move out of the bedroom. He said the marriage was over but wanted to continue the tv show and fleecing the public.

Jane was sad. She went out and met some men. The tabloids found out and took pictures. Jane was sleeping in the garage. Jane was being talked about all over the internet. Jane is scum.

Karl continues his tours of fame and is getting paid 20k a month from Jane, who lives in the garage. Karl gets paid 100k from the network. Karl is touring the country and the kids are being raised by nannies. Jane cannot see the kids until Karl says it’s okay.

Jane gets a good lawyer. Lawyer files on behalf of the mother who wants to spend time with her kids. Jane doesn’t have a job so she is available to be home with her kids but Karl feels nannies would be better caregivers.

Jane doesn’t feel she should pay child support to someone who isn’t home. Jane wants to raise her own children but Karl, the one with the money and the power, says no.

Would this ever happen in America? It is happening to Jon Gosselin now and somehow HE’S the douche bag??

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