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RIP Dixie Carter

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“Breaking Bad” Season 3 Episode 4 “Green Light”

Meth trailer pulls up to gas station. Jesse fills up and realizes he doesn’t have cash (?). He asks if he could “come back later” to pay. Girl says no problem but her dad is a hard ass and he checks all receipts.”

Jesse offers her meth. He actually convinces her to try it. Says it’s not addictive, that’s just a “media thing.” Tells her it’s awesome. Starts describing the high. to convince her to let him have the gas for the meth.

Cop walks in. She takes the meth.

Trailer drives away.

Saul’s office. Looking for victims of the plane crash.

Bald PI is working for Saul and they listen to tapes of Walt and Skyler arguing.  It’s obvious that Walt will be going after Ted.

Walt goes to office and is told it could be awhile, Ted is on a conference call. he takes a seat and sees Ted’s office and starts knocking. Starts yelling, “I can see you, let’s talk.” Ted won’t open the door. Walt is trying to lift a big potted plant to throw threw Ted’s glass door. Skyler tries to stop him. He gets thrown out of the building. “all right, all right, I’m calm. . .”

Bald PI pulls up and grabs Walt into the car and brings him to Sauls. Saul starts yelling at him and is letting him know how stupid he’s acting and he needs to get his shit together.

Walt wonders how Saul knew where he was and what was happening. “Did you bug my house?” Then Saul blamed Walt. “let’s not get lost in the who, what and whens.” “Ironical silver lining . . . .”

Walt attacks Saul and PI watches. He finally gets Walt off and Walt fires Saul. Walt wants bugs out of house today and Saul calls Walt a psycho.

Bald guy finally gets to speak. He’s removing all the bugs. He tells Walter that sometimes it doesn’t hut to have someone watching your back.

Machete drawing in chalk  – – –  message to Walt?

Walt in his classroom. Clicking clock, water dripping, students staring blankly. Silence. Once girl arrives in class late. Then some women come in the room and they take him in a room for “counseling.” Therapist wants Walt to sit down. She mentions his absences and his behavior. They are concerned. He starts to flirt with this woman. She asks if he’s okay and should she call Skyler. He tries to kiss her and she freaks. “Walt, what’s wrong with you!?”

Hank’s wife takes him to airport. She’s upset. He’s explaining that this is part of paying dues for their future. El Paso is like the Superbowl. She mentions last time. He says, what about it?

His phone rings and it’s the Sheriff. They are talking about the blue meth that some guy they just arrested has. Hank wants to talk to him. Doesn’t get on the plane.

Walt leaves the school with all his belongings in a box. He was fired. Jesse is waiting in the parking lot.

“yo, did you just get fired?”

No, sabbatical. Indefinite.

Walt gets in Jesse’s car Good to see them back together. Awkward. Jesse wants to introduce Walt to a distribution guy. He wants to keep cooking. Walt calls him ‘son’ and says he’s good at other things besides cooking meth. Walt doesn’t want to cook again. Jesse wants an introduction to the distribution guy, Gus.

Jesse shows Walt the blue meth and is proud of his accomplishment. Walt is pissed. “What, in the hell is THIS.” “This is MY PRODUCT MY FORMULA, MINE!”

Walt doesn’t want to ‘lend his name’ to an inferior product’ Walt is embarrassed for him. Walt is being mean and condescending to Jesse. Jesse calls him an asswad. “eat me” and Jesse runs over Walt’s box o’ office crap.

Skyler making copies. Woman walks in and she tries to make small talk. Woman gives polite smile. Sklyer senses the coldness.

Skyler moaning having sex with Ted. He tells her to stay and move in with him. He starts asking about the problems with Walt. She says she doesn’t feel comfortable talking about it.

Hank is questioning junky about blue meth. Junkie, Russell, is tweaking and remembers the dude’s name is “Mel.” Now he’s back to forgetting. The drug addicted mind . . .

Hank wants to find Heisenberg. He’s all giddy that the guy is back.  He’s turning down the task force in El Paso to continue this investigation. His partner is worried about him but Hank is being a dick. “take your hand off my shoulder.”

Saul again chasing victims of the plane crash. Looking for pain and suffering.

Jesse comes to Saul and Saul is yelling at Jesse. He plops the blue meth on the desk. “you know the guy who knows the guy, right?”.

Mike (bald PI) guy tells Gus about the threat. “animals.”  They talk about Walt and the Pinkmen kid. Gus tells him to do the deal. Gus is a business man.

Hank driving, cell phone ringing. He ignores it. Going through list of “M” names. Gas station girl, same one Jesse gave the meth too, is being questioned by Hank.

He asks where the blue meth came from. He tells Cara she’s a bad liar. He plays bad cop. She confesses and said she hated it and gave it to Matt. She starts describing the guy that traded the Meth for the gas. Jesse. She starts crying. She’s tr5ying to remember and she said, “he drove an RV.” Begging Hank not to tell her dad. Hank sees the camera. It doesn’t work.

Hank, sitting in the car staring at the ATM machine. Wonders if that had a camera? Wow. Them DEA agents is sure smart.

Walt at breakfast with family. Silence. Soggy cereal.

Walt Jr. mentions that the website hasn’t had any donations.

Walt says he’s off for 2 weeks. Guess he didn’t tell the family he was fired. Says he pushed it, going back to work too soon. Walt Jr asks for a ride to school. He says “dad could babysit now” . . . “sometime, maybe, we’ll see.”

Skyler is such a bitch.

Jesse. Leaning. Smoking. Meets with all business, no words. Seems Jesse was ripped off. Only got half. Driver said that his half.

Hank is reporting his findings on and has pictures of the motor-home from the ATM camera.  Hank wants to knock on doors. Boss says, “they need you in El Paso” but he wants to wrap out this case. Boss is giving him ultimatum. Hank refuses to go to El Paso because he’s “really close to something” here. Boss says, “better get to it.”

Walt driving and listening to news about air traffic controlling shooting himself. Walt changes station quickly. That air traffic controller was Jane’s father and he killed himself because Jane is dead. Walt let Jane die and now he’s feeling the guilt that comes with “breaking bad”

Jesse’s connection throws money at Walt and says, “your half” and drives away..

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Very sad news — RIP Andrew Koenig

Andrew Koenig’s Body Found in Vancouver

Thu Feb 25, 5:56 PM PST

The body of Growing Pains star Andrew Koenig, who had been missing for nearly two weeks, was discovered in a Vancouver park Thursday. He committed suicide, his father said.

Koenig’s body was found in Stanley Park about noon, Vancouver police said. Friends of Koenig initiated their own search of the park and invited his father, Star Trek alumnus Walter Koenig, along. His body was found in a densely wooded area where it initially was unseen from the path.

Search and rescue teams had scoured the park Wednesday and found no evidence that Koenig had been there recently. The park was known to be one of the actor’s favorite spots when he lived in the city in the early ’90s.

“My son took his own life,” Walter Koenig said, trying to keep his composure at a news conference Thursday night. “The only other thing I want to say — I’ve already said what a great guy he was, and good human being — he was obviously in a lot of pain.”

The Vancouver police would not give details on cause of death but “have no reason to believe that foul play was involved at all,” Constable Jana McGuinness said. The case has been turned over to the British Colombia coroner’s office.

Koenig’s father went on to mention “hundreds of e-mails” he had received from depressed people and their loved ones and express hope this tragedy would help them.

“If you’re one of those people who … can’t handle it anymore,” he said, breaking down in tears, “if you can learn anything from this is that there are people out there that really care. You may not think so, and … ultimately, it may not be enough. But there are people who really, really care. And before you make that final decision, check it out again. Talk to somebody. And to families who have members who they fear are susceptible to this kind of behavior, don’t ignore it, don’t rationalize it. Extend a hand.”

Koenig’s mother, Judy Levin-Koenig , echoed those sentiments: “There is love out there.”

The 41-year-old Venice, Calif., resident was last seen by friends Feb. 14 during a visit to Vancouver. Friends and family reported him missing Feb. 16, when he did not return to Los Angeles as scheduled.

The Koenigs previously held a news conference at the Vancouver Police Department on Wednesday afternoon. They were later scheduled to appear on Larry King Live to discuss their missing son, but walked off the set moments before their segment because of “personal reasons,” according to Walter Koenig’s website.

Koenig is best known for his role as Boner, the best friend of Kirk Cameron‘s Mike Seaver, on Growing Pains and appeared frequently from 1985 to 1989. During the search for Koenig, Cameron told People he was “praying for his family during this time of distress and for his safe return.”

Koenig also appeared in various TV shows, including Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, My Two Dads and 21 Jump Street. He dabbled in directing and writing as well, with a 2004 short called Woman in a Green Dress.

From EOnline!

Andrew Koenig‘s family is keeping hope alive, but they remain “very, very worried” about him.

“We’re all kind of a mess as you might guess,” Koenig’s sister, Danielle, told E! News Tuesday when our cameras caught up with her outside CNN headquarters in Los Angeles, where she was interviewed for Larry King Live.

While Koenig, who was last seen by friends on Feb. 14, is said to have suffered from depression, Danielle said that the last time she saw her brother, he was “acting normal.”

“I spoke to him briefly via email, maybe around the 5th or 6th of February,”
she said. “And I saw him January 31st, for several hours.

“He was acting normal,” she added. “But he’s suffered from depression for many years. He didn’t seem particularly depressed. We were there for a birthday and he seemed all right.”

Danielle said that she doesn’t know whether or not her brother gave his landlord 30 days’ notice on his Venice, Calif., apartment—but that if he did indeed clear out, she hopes he was merely relocating.

“I hope that’s what he was doing. I hope that was it,” she said.

Authorities say that Koenig’s trail went cold on Feb. 16, the last day he used his credit cards or cell phone. He had been booked on a flight from Vancouver to Los Angeles, but he never boarded the plane.

Vancouver police are still expressing hope that Koenig is alive, but none of the tips they’ve recieved have panned out.

“A good lead would lead to them finding him,” Danielle said. “So I guess none of the leads have been fruitful yet. I certainly encourage anyone who thinks they’ve seen him to call the Vancouver Police Department and talk to Constable Ralla and Detective Payette and tell them what they know.”

Her continued hope that Andrew is out there somewhere is why Danielle has been talking to the press in the first place.

“This is not comfortable being on camera like this,” she told E!. “It’s not something any of us want to do. But we really appreciate people caring. I read the Facebook stuff and everyone’s been incredibly supportive. And that does help.”


Actor, producer, director, writer, editor, photographer…. Andrew Koenig –
Walter’s 41 year old son – has been missing since February 14th.Andrew Koenig was last seen on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2010,
in Vancouver, British Columbia. Andrew Koenig never boarded his
flight back to the US, on 2/16 and he hasn’t heard from since.

Andrew was last seen at a bakery in
the Stanley Park area of Vancouver.
If you’ve seen Andrew since February 14th, PLEASE contact
Detective Raymond Payette of the Vancouver PD at

Andrew’s Work on YouTube

webdesign by Andriech, original graphics by Vengaurd.
copyright 2006-2010 by Star Traveler Publications

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The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien — Two Weeks Later

Jason English

The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien — Two Weeks Later
by Jason English – February 6, 2010 – 11:44 PM


It’s been two weeks since Conan’s final Tonight Show. On the off chance you’re wondering what’s become of that big empty studio, former Tonight Show blogger Aaron Bleyaert took some depressing photos on Friday and posted them on his site—here and here.

The place is crying out for Ransom Riggs to give it the Strange Geographies treatment.

[Via TVTattle]

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29 years ago, greatness was taken

Some people have velvet Elvis or Pop Art Marylyn Monroe in their living rooms. I have a John Lennon drawing that I bought in Central Park, along with a picture of Strawberry Fields, the memorial to John Lennon.

Mark David Chapman took greatness. He shouldn’t be walking this earth. John would forgive him but I do not. I cannot forgive the man for putting a bullet in John Lennon and taking him from his loving wife and adoring public.

“All we are saying, is give peace a chance.”

John Lennon’s words are never outdated.

He is peace. I miss him. The world misses him. RIP, Great Man of Peace.

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R.I.P. Patrick Swayze

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I don’t like this new trend. What do you think?


Sean Lennon and a naked Kemp Muhl (a model and his girlfriend) have recreated the iconic Rolling Stone cover of Lennon’s parents, Yoko Ono and John Lennon, taken by Annie Leibovitz.

The pic, snapped by Terry Richardson, was taken for the fall issue of Purple magazine.

Sean stays clothed, in the Yoko role, while Muhl is nude and curled up against his side. Unlike John Lennon, she even shows some nipple.


This is Lourdes.

If this pose seems familiar then you probably remember Madonna’s video for Like A Virgin.

Now, 25 years on, the Queen of Pop’s daughter, Lourdes, has re-created the iconic look. Footage apparently taken from a shoot for Madonna’s latest video, Celebration, shows the 12-year-old, right, dressed in a very similar guise to her mother’s outfit for the 1984 video.

But perhaps Madonna, 51, realised (sic) the look could offend some fans and it was removed from the final edit.

and here’s Lindsey Lohan’s version:

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Fugitive Reality Star found DEAD!

1908883.binAccused killer Ryan Jenkins found dead in B.C. motel, police confirm

METRO VANCOUVER — Fugitive Ryan Jenkins, wanted in the murder of his swimsuit model ex-wife, has been found dead in an apparent suicide inside a motel in Hope.

The accused killer was found hanging inside his room at the Thunderbird Motel, according to the Orange County district attorney’s office.

“Unfortunately this case has an end that nobody would wish for,” said district attorney spokeswoman Farrah Emami.

The district attorney’s office has no intention of charging anybody else with the murder of Jenkins’s ex-wife Jasmine Fiore, Emami said. “Based on the evidence, we believe he was solely responsible.”

Buena Park police will continue to investigate to see if anybody assisted Jenkins after the murder, she added.

RCMP Sgt. Duncan Pound, spokesman for the RCMP’s federal border integrity program, said hotel staff entered the room to check on Jenkins, finding the body.

“At this present time the investigation into the circumstances of his death is continuing, but preliminary evidence suggests he took his own life,” he told a press conference held in Surrey less than an hour ago.

Jenkins’s body was found early Sunday afternoon by Mounties from the Upper Fraser Valley detachment and police were able to confirm its identity just before 5 p.m.

Pound would not say how long Jenkins stayed at the hotel room or how he got there.

“Any further details will not be released at this time as this investigation remains in its infancy,” Pound said.

American authorities and Jenkins’ family have been notified about his death.

Jenkins was charged Aug. 20 in California with murder in the death Jasmine Fiore, whose mutilated body was found stuffed in a suitcase inside a trash bin Aug. 15 in Buena Park, Calif., about 30 kilometres southeast of Los Angeles.

Her fingers and teeth had been removed in an effort to hinder identification. The Orange County coroner used the serial number of her breast implants to make a positive identification.

Fiore, a former model, was last seen alive Thursday night with Jenkins in San Diego. They spent the night at a hotel in the coastal city, but Jenkins left the hotel alone the following morning.

Since his boat was discovered in a marina in Point Roberts, Wash., Wednesday night, there has been speculation by authorities on both sides of the border that Jenkins may have crossed into British Columbia’s Lower Mainland on foot, though so far there is no evidence that he did so. His black BMW SUV and an empty boat trailer were located in Blaine, Wash.

On Saturday, the U. S. Coast Guard issued a statement refuting reports that its vessels had engaged in an aquatic chase with Jenkins as he sped from Blaine to Point Roberts.

Petty officer third class Tara Molle said border protection officials asked the U. S. Coast Guard to help with the search, but a small coast guard response boat did not spot Jenkins’ boat nor engage in a chase. “We did not locate it. It was located (in a marina) by Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office,” Molle said.

With files from Liam Ford and Canwest News Service

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Arrest warrant issued for ex-husband in model’s slaying

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) — An arrest warrant for murder has been issued for the ex-husband of a former swimsuit model whose nude body was found over the weekend, Orange County police said Thursday.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Ryan Alexander Jenkins, wanted in the death of ex-wife Jasmine Fiore.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Ryan Alexander Jenkins, wanted in the death of ex-wife Jasmine Fiore.

The body of Jasmine Fiore, 28, was found Saturday stuffed into a suitcase inside a Dumpster behind an apartment complex in Buena Park, just outside Anaheim in Orange County. Her teeth had been extracted and her fingers removed.

Fiore lived in Los Angeles and was last seen alive Friday in San Diego at a poker game with her ex-husband, Ryan Alexander Jenkins, a reality TV contestant.

“We believe he has crossed into Canada,” U.S. Marshals Chief Inspector Thomas Hession told reporters. “He needs to understand that he is now officially wanted. We won’t stop looking for him.”

Prosecutors requested bail be set at $10 million.

Wednesday night, officers from the Blaine Police Department in northern Washington recovered a black 2003 BMW X5 SUV outfitted with a boat trailer and a boat belonging to Jenkins in Point Robert, just south of the Canadian border, said Buena Park, California, Chief of Police Tom Monson.

“It’s now our belief that he has now crossed the border on foot,” he said, adding that authorities were working with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to find him.

Monson appealed to the public for help in locating a white 2007 Mercedes Benz CLS550 with paper license tags also linked to the suspect.

Hession cautioned anyone who might be considering helping the suspect flee that doing so would leave them open to charges of aiding and abetting a fugitive.

“Ryan Jenkins is an animal,” said Robert Hasman, a family friend who said Fiore had been his girlfriend for 2 1/2 years. Video Watch Hasman speak out »

“What he has done to Jasmine is unspeakable. It’s just not right.” He described her as “a beautiful person who was a very caring individual and a lot of the information that you are seeing in the news is not true.”

He would not specify to what he was referring.

Buena Park Police Lt. Steve Holliday said Fiore’s fingers and teeth had been removed. Asked whether that was done to keep her body from being identified, he said, “It can be inferred that way.”

“It appears to be a gruesome attempt to conceal her identity,” concurred Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas in an interview with CNN’s “Larry King Live.” Jenkins is the sole suspect in the killing, authorities said. “There is no indication that anybody else might be involved,” he said.

Jenkins is believed to be armed, Rackauckas said. “There’s a handgun missing from his apartment, which is the last place he was before he fled,” he said.

Jenkins matched the description of a man seen driving a boat Wednesday in Blaine Marina off northwest Washington, the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office said.

Blaine, Washington, borders Canada.

Authorities searched the area and found Jenkins’ black SUV with an empty boat trailer at the Blaine Marina, police said.

Jenkins reported Fiore missing Saturday night to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, authorities said.

The body was identified as Fiore on Monday. While the cause of death has not been confirmed, a preliminary coroner’s report indicates she was strangled.

Jenkins, who appeared on VH1 shows “Megan Wants a Millionaire” and “I Love Money 3,” is from Calgary, Alberta.


Jenkins and Fiore reportedly had been married a few weeks before getting the union annulled.

In a statement, VH1 said it has postponed any airings of “Megan Wants a Millionaire” because of the “tragic situation.”

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“Megan wants a Millionaire” — Not a Murder Suspect

Who could have seen this coming? The skankiest and most selfish of the VH1 skanks gets her own show to find a millionaire. I cannot see any actual “millionaire” wanting to be on this show. I also have a problem with Antonio Sabato, Jr. needing a show to find love but that’s another post.

I could only stomach a little of this show. The guys are so creepy is scary. Turns out that the guy who “won” (is getting Megan really winning) is the creepiest of all.

From VH1 website:

VH1’s Official Statement On
Wants A Millionaire

Ryan Jenkins was a contestant on Megan Wants A Millionaire, an outside production, produced and owned by 51 Minds, that is licensed to VH1. The show completed production at the end of March. Given the unfortunate circumstances, VH1 has postponed any future airings. This is a tragic situation and our thoughts go out to the victim’s family.

Articles on Examiner:

VH1 pulled the remaining episodes of “Megan Wants A Millionaire” from their schedule on Wednesday in response to the winner of the show being named a prime suspect in the murder case of Jasmine Fiore.

As previously reported, suitor Ryan Jenkins of Megan Wants a Millionaire is a person of interest in the murder of former swimsuit model, Jasmine Fiore. Though the police have still been unable to locate Fiore, new information has come to light about Jenkins’ violent history with women and his relationship with Ms. Fiore.

Jenkins met Fiore in Las Vegas in March after Megan Wants a Millionaire finished filming. The couple married on March 18, 2009 after knowing each other for only a few short days. As many whirlwind Vegas relationships are prone to do, the relationship quickly soured and Fiore had the marriage annulled in May. After the annullment, Fiore headed to Mexico to film VH1’s I Love Money 3, but upon his return he worked hard to romance himself back into Fiore’s good graces.


VH1 Can’t Run Fast Enough From Reality Show Contestant

VH1 has gone all Ladies of River City on us, yanking “Megan Wants a Millionaire” off its schedule and all mentions of the reality series off its Web site — this in the wake of news that police want to question one of the show’s contestants about the murder of a former swimsuit model.

Police said Wednesday they are seeking Ryan Jenkins, 32, to ask what he may know about the death of Jasmine Fiore, 28. She had what the Associated Press is calling a “stormy relationship” with Jenkins, who may be hightailing it to his native Canada, the cops say.

On Saturday night, Jenkins reported Fiore missing to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the Associated Press reported Wednesday.

Jenkins was one of the “millionaires” on the VH1 reality series that the Viacom cable network wants to make perfectly clear was not — repeat not — a show it actually created, which means VH1 grants itself Skankitude Immunity.

Here, we’ll let them say it in their own words:

Ryan Jenkins was a contestant on “Megan Wants a Millionaire” — an outside production, produced and owned by 51 Minds, that is licensed to VH1.

But wait — it gets better:

This show completed production at the end of March. Given the unfortunate circumstances, VH1 has postponed any future airings. This is a tragic situation and our thoughts go out to the victim’s family.

Fiore married Jenkins in Las Vegas in March, but had the marriage annulled weeks later, the AP reported.

Fiore’s nude body was found stuffed in a suitcase in a trash bin in Orange County on Saturday. Officials say she may have been strangled; she was last seen alive with Jenkins at a poker game in San Diego.

Lt. Gary Worral told the AP that Jenkins was still missing: “At this point, he’s merely a person of interest, simply because of the auspiciousness of his disappearance. We can’t find him.

Jenkins, who, depending on your source of information, is either an architect, real estate developer or investment banker from Calgary, appeared in three episodes of “Megan.” The show claimed Jenkins had a couple of million dollars in the bank.

Before it got all prissy, VH1 described “Megan Wants a Millionaire” thusly:

Blonde bombshell and “celebreality” vixen, Megan Hauserman is looking for love — but not with any average Joe. Megan has her eye, mind and heart set on one type of man . . . a millionaire! Unfortunately, Megan’s had her heart broken by Bret Michaels in “Rock of Love 2” and lost out on the million dollar check in “I Love Money.” But now she’s back with vengeance to find both love and money with the goal of becoming the ultimate trophy wife. . . . One by one, Megan will eliminate the guys who can’t shell out the dough, until the ultimate millionaire is left.

On its Web site, fans of “Megan Wants a Millionaire” have left comments under VH1’s statement conveying all blame for the show to production house 51 Minds. Including our fave from one outraged viewer:

At least they could tell us who she picked!! Was this guy eliminated before they pulled the plug? Maybe he was the one she picked. She seemed to like him a whole lot.

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