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SUPERBOWL & Valentines’ Day

Superbowl Sunday and ask me if I care? I care about my football pools. There were three of them and my best friend (other than JenD) gave me over $250 to distribute the money in the different pools for her husband, kids, sister, dad. Different amount for the each different pool.

Do you think I screwed it up? OF COURSE I DID!! She’s annoyed as hell with me so she better win. Hopefully all her family members will win.

I think I’d like to see New Orleans win but it’s the scores and numbers that count.

ETA: I just found out that the Who are performing during halftime. I’m estatic! Roger Daltrey was my teen aged fantasy and I had posters of him all over my walls. I’ve seen the Who about 5 times and I saw Entwistle perform in a small club before his death. Now I have more to look forward to than the numbers at the end of each quarter.

Funny story. The friend I mentioned earlier and I went with our husbands to see the Who. The guys had never met before and didn’t say a word to each other the entire night. She and I went to the bathroom and when we came out they were standing 10 feet apart trying their damnest not to have eye-contact. It was hysterical. We never double-dated again after that.

Valentines Day is around the corner and my apartment will be decorated in the theme of “Cupid Puked.” Dave is arriving next Sunday and I’m going to tell him that “I’m really not into Valentines’ Day” and then when we get back to the apartment – – – BAM. Yeah, I’m goofy for him. Big Time.

One long week of work and then we are all on vacation. Job interviews, family visits and cleaning out closets are on the agenda. One of us is moving soon and things need to be accomplished.

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The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien — Two Weeks Later

Jason English

The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien — Two Weeks Later
by Jason English – February 6, 2010 – 11:44 PM


It’s been two weeks since Conan’s final Tonight Show. On the off chance you’re wondering what’s become of that big empty studio, former Tonight Show blogger Aaron Bleyaert took some depressing photos on Friday and posted them on his site—here and here.

The place is crying out for Ransom Riggs to give it the Strange Geographies treatment.

[Via TVTattle]

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