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Jay Gets Back “The Tonight Show” and Johnny Carson rolls in his Grave

NBC is foolish. They made a promise to Conan and they are not contract honorers. I hope Conan takes the money and gets another program. I will never watch Jay again. He’s selfish and egocentric. He could have stepped aside but instead he’s whining like a Gosselin kid for their mother’s attention.

Except for “Chuck,” I don’t watch anything on NBC. I won’t watch their news since they allow their ‘journalists” to do puff pieces for TLC. Buh-bye NBC.

I usually watch “The Daily Show” and “Chelsea Lately.” I’m a flipper so I try to catch the monologues and I have different opinions on each of the players in this late night game.

Dave is fun when something interesting is happening. This week he’s on fire! He’s Dave and I hope he stays on the air as long as he wants to. I would like to see Craig Ferguson eventually move to the earlier slot but if Dave isn’t ready to retire, that’s HIS business. However, I know he wouldn’t retire and then “take it back.” Dave may screw his employees but he won’t screw another comic.


January 15, 2010 - Posted by | Advertising, Gossip, Greed, TV Drama |

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