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Obama Slams Leno — Leno bombs

More than the Oscars, Emmys or Grammys, if I got to go to one big ticket event it would be the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Comics, movistars, politicians, the mainstream media, the D list actors, the tension, the bad jokes . . . some year, I want to be there!!

Some of Leno’s jokes:

“Michelle Obama has made child obesity one of her causes…She has started a more intense program. It’s called ‘Leave No Child With A Bigger Behind.'”

Even Palin jokes, always a crowd pleaser, were met with a less than enthusiastic response. But that could’ve been because you could see the punchline coming from a mile away: “There’s talk now that this oil slick could end up being bigger than that huge disaster they had up in Alaska.” Here it comes…”Really? Bigger than Sarah Palin?”

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Steve Carrell saying farewell to Dunder Mifflin?

Say it aint so- Steve Carrell is leaving The Office!?!

Steve Carell said his contract with The Office runs through next season, and said that he’s not sure if he’ll renew for any additional seasons.

“I think that will probably be my last year,” he said.

It’s hard to imagine Dunder Mifflin without Michael there doing…well…what he does.  He is like a boss, except that most bosses actually complete tasks, and he is like a co-worker, minus the work. Much of the humor relies on Michael being the joke.

Steve we beg you, DON’T GO.  Dunder Mifflin needs you, Pam and the gang need you, and most importantly, WE NEED YOU!!

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RHNY: Great Recap from

Since we haven’t been recapping RHNY, I thought I’d pass along this brilliant recap by a writer that could probably make the weather channel seem entertaining.


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