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This show is out of control. What happened this season? I feel kind of dirty for watching. Normal social boundaries do not apply here. We grew up being taught that gossip was bad, saying mean things is wrong, and you should not talk about people behind their backs. Right? Violating those simple rules is all this show is about anymore.

Much of this episode focused on Alex’s decision to carry a message to Jill and deliver it in front of several people. Everyone has an opinion and feels that they are entitled to share it. Alex isn’t allowed to share her thoughts though; when she tries she is either cut off or talked over. She listens intently with her scarecrow face furrowed into strange expressions. She is very polite and even kind while she is being crucified. Watching it happen was painful and yet I somehow came away with a lot of respect for Alex. I would have lost my cool quickly and suggested several things they should do; most of them starting with F.

One of the more ironic moments was when the Countess asked Alex if she thought she was God while she was chastising her for getting involved. Alex resisted the easy shot and did not point out that the Countess was doing the exact same thing.

Finally, after being yelled at by enough people, including BOBBY, Alex tried to talk to Jill. Guess what? Jill won’t let her. Jill would rather nurse her wounds and continue her season as a professional victim.

Which brings me to Jill. What is wrong with her? She was crying about Bethenny and at one point says that when Bethenny was ready to talk to her she couldn’t talk because she DIDN’T HAVE HER NOTES!?! WHAT?? Is that an insane thing to say? She couldn’t make up with her friend because she needed notes? And she needed the right camera angle too- right?

It’s ok though. Now Jill has two nemesis to deal with so she can be properly victimized for the rest of the season. Expect more crying and comforting next week. Poor poor Jill. I wish her mother would come to town and tell her to put her big girl panties on and grow up.

Ramona surprised me this week. When Bethenny reached out to her during one of the hardest days of b’s life, Ramona was amazing. She has the right words, the proper empathy, and her tears were real. As crazy and strange as she has been this season, that moment redeemed her in my mind. I wish we could see more of Ramona in this mode.

Bethenny , I have nothing but kindness to wish to her this week. I have a message for her: Pregnant, losing a father after years of estrangement, no solid support network in your life….Girl, you are doing great. You have made something of your life. You are STRONG. I don’t think YOU believe that and I think you are your own worst critic. You keep those walls up and your use biting humor to protect yourself. I get that. I hope and pray that the new baby and husband in your life will help you learn to lower your guard a little. Appropriately, of course.

Kelly is coming across much better this season. I could not stand the nut job last year. This time she is not in your face and seems more comfortable with taking a quieter role. It suits her much better.

Last thing: The new lady. I don’t get it. I can’t even remember her name. In my opinion she is not very attractive and not very interesting. She is attempting to create a character out of herself and it’s a little pathetic. Most of what she says and does seems as though she is trying to show something off or prove that she is some amazing socialite. She’s trying too hard. Yawn.


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