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RHWNY Episode 2 Recap & Words from JupiterJen

Bethenny, your “talk” was embarrassing to watch.  Cursing and talking crudely doesn’t make you cool.  Do you know that there is a difference between people laughing at your jokes and laughing because they are uncomfortable?  You manage to drop lower on the class scale in each episode.  I fear how low you will go.

Kelly, your interactions with your children are just plain strange.  They appear to have no idea who you are.  Perhaps you might want to spend some time with them and teach them some manners?  Just a thought.  If all else fails, frame your Playboy photo and sign it “Love Mom” and maybe one day they will put all the pieces together.

I like how you compared yourself to Bethenny’s PETA shoot and made sure that everyone knows you think you are better than Bethanny.   We get it.  You also wanted us to know that you were not asked to be photographed for PETA….but only because you wear animal skin and eat lots of meat.  Got it.  Thanks.    And for the record, Yes Kelly, posing for Playboy is still POSING NUDE.    Did you really have to go on and on singing your own praises?  Yawn.   For the life of me, I don’t know how they will make your alien boobs look slightly normal.  Photoshop is good, but is it THAT good?

Alex, I admire you for keeping it classy in the midst of this group of crazy.  I watched Luann and Jill trying to pump you for dirt on Ramona and you were great.   They dissed your kids, AGAIN, and you kept your grace.

Kelly, shut up about Playboy.  You interrupted another conversation to bring it up.  AGAIN.  40th Anniversary Edition….on the cover….10 page spread…  We heard you all 37 times.  SHUT UP.   Quit bragging…justifying…bragging…just shut UP.

Back to you Alex, I agree with you that the girls are being hypocrites about your nude photos while supporting nut job Kelly in her little debut.  Then again, did you catch the private interviews where Jill lets it out that she is actually opposed to it?  These women still don’t seem to understand that other people see those interviews.

Jill….I don’t get you this year.  You are so interested in what Ramona had to say at her party. …the one you were INVITED TO and decided not to attend.  You were not even part of the argument and you decided to join in the drama.  A psychic?  Jill…sweetie….your life is filmed and people talk about you in the city.  Do you think the psychic could do a little research and….well, you get it.  As for Bethenny, you are far too smart to not understand what happened.  She needed you when she was single.  Now she doesn’t need you anymore.  You are taking this personally…and I get that….but I don’t get why you are still lingering on it.  If she mattered to you then you would have worked a little harder to resolve this with her and accepted this new chapter in her life.  I think you are enjoying being the victim and it’s getting a little old.

Back to you Bethenny….you say that you wanted Jason’s party to be about him.  Why did you start performing and drawing the attention onto yourself?  Jason looks irritated with you quite often.  Have you noticed that?  You might want to pay attention.

Whoa- Jill, did you really think Mario was going to respond to you scolding him?

Loved the scene where Jill went to Kelly’s padded room…I mean apartment.  Finally someone asked about that stupid life-size horse in the room.  No answers…. but at least someone pointed the dang thing out.   Then Jill made a big deal out of the fact that Kelly is NOT in the 40th anniversary edition of Playboy- which was great.  When she started to explain the math Kelly’s eyes glazed over and she was mystified at the display of intellect right there in her kitchen….something that clearly doesn’t happen very often in that room.   Kelly responded with several words that did not create any kind of coherent sentence or convey any real information.   She needs to adjust her meds or install a C02 monitor.

Bethenny, maybe you should stop going after Kelly every chance you get.   It is wasted venom since Kelly is her own worst enemy.    Shooting fish in a barrel, it’s just too easy.    Just stop.

Jill…there are better places to deal with your issues than at an event with a lot of strangers present.  Just saying.

Simon and Alex, I loved the scene in your apartment.  You two look better all the time.

Luann, I did not have much to say to you because right now you are kind of lost.  You are hanging on to the drama of everyone else.   Your own life is a disaster and personally I think you should have taken the season off to regroup with your kids.  They did not need cameras present while their parents divorce was being finalized.  I guess I lied, I did have something to say.

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