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RHWNY Episode 3 recap by JenD

On this round of Real Housewives of NY, we have fighting, yelling, arguing, feigned innocence, and more.

Bethenny and Jason2.0 waited until the cameras were present to discuss their impending cohabitation and Jason’s pledge to make a commitment.   The scene reminded me of scenes with the original Jason where he refused to discuss the relationship or their future.  Jason 2.0 was willing to follow the fantasy script that Bethenny laid out for him.  I feel a little insulted by the obvious staging.

Why did Bethenny kiss Luann and Kelly at the fashion show?  She made sure everyone knew that she had met Lisa Rina (sp?) before.   Then she pulled Luann aside to fight during the show?  What is her problem?  Kelly asked her to stop because she was embarrassing her.  That might be the first time I ever agreed with Kelly.

I agree with Luann, Bethenny is venomous and full of anger.  Her anger is not justified…unless I have missed something? It does appear that she attacked Luann out of nowhere.  Right?

Ramona took her daughter to her first fashion show.  I give her credit for making the effort.

Kelly, it’s not polite to ask why you were not invited to someone’s party.  I am glad Ramona turned the tables and busted on her for not inviting her to meet Perez Hilton.   Then when she decided to dump her daughter and go, she lost some mommy points with me.

Jill….why can’t you move past this Bethenny thing?  I am so sick of hearing you talk about it.  Can’t you see that Bethenny is not someone who can bond with others?  She did not bond with her parents, do you think she can bond with you?  Bethenny is all about Bethenny.  She needed you last year but now she has Jason.   It’s over.  Stop listening to the message…or is THAT your new hobby?

Bethenny went to Alex to gain some kind of support.  I was a little surprised that Alex piled on because that is normally not her style.  She is upset that someone comments on her boy’s behavior.  I will give her a pass.

It was kind of nice to see Jill and Kelly trying to find a way to be civil.   It was also funny to see them both trying to be nice in the private interviews…..but each landed in some kind of dig anyway.  They get two points for effort.

Jill, why are you lying on a couch to get your picture taken with your mother and sister?  Do you think you are some kind of diva?  Mom did not look happy and sister looked confused.  Weird photo shoot…

I am not certain why we needed the scene with Bethenny and Ramona at a bar rehashing everything.  Again.  Yawn.  I did like when Ramona said Jill would “be on me like white rice.”

Ramona, why did you tell Alex that Luann did not want to invite her over?  Why do that?  Ramona are you losing your mind?  I don’t even know who was telling the truth…but it did not matter.  It was not appropriate to do that.

Alex, I am so surprised that you confronted Jill at her dinner…and shocked that you cried.  Why do you care what these mean ladies say about your kids?  Your kids were a little on the wild side in the past.    It can’t shock you that people make comments.

Ramona, why do you care when Kelly leaves Jill’s party?  Do you really think you should ask someone if they go their breasts redone????  But, at the same time…I wanted to know the answer too.  So thank you for being insane and posing the question.  Based on Kelly’s response, I am taking it that she DID get them fixed.

Kelly, if you are going to bare your breasts for Playboy, it seems odd that you are pretending to be private about them.  Another thing, wearing that stupid fur was a weird idea.  You looked like some kind of storm trooper or something.

Ramona, you are bit unstable this season.  You might want to get that checked out.

That is more than enough crazy for this week. Signing off.

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