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Dick Armey did a good job not calling her “sweetheart”

I watched “Meet the Press” last Sunday and was so happy to see Rachel Maddow on the round table. I usually don’t watch. I miss Tim Russert and I’m sick of the same old bla bla bla. When I saw Rachel was on I wanted to watch. She is the most intelligent and knowledgeable of all the radio hosts I listen to (or used to listen to. Talking a break from excessive talk radio). She’s rational and calm. Always the most rational person in a room full of white men who usually disagree with her.

She was sitting nest to Dick Armey. Let’s pretend I had the sound off. Maybe I did because I was on the phone. Anyhow, body language showed that Mr. Armey was very humored that a little lady thinks she can debate and have a discussion with the big boys. She’d be a pretty little gal if she wore some purdy make-up and put on a frilly dress. Every time she spoke—he snickered. Men can be so intimidated by smart woman. Especially a woman who has absolutely no use for his penis.


Rachel Maddow appeared on “Meet the Press” for the first time on Sunday, August 16th. On a panel with former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D-S.D.), former House Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-Texas), and Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.), the MSNBC host more than held her own.

When Armey said he took no responsibility “whatsoever” for the virulent protests against President Obama and compared it to running an ad comparing President Bush to Hitler, Maddow pointed out that that never actually happened. Later she elaborated, pointing out that major conservative groups had speakers going around the country comparing Obama to Hitler, Pol Pot and Stalin and asking supporters to put the fear of God in their congresspeople. When Armey said that he denounced violence, Maddow pointed out that his organization, FreedomWorks, was in a coalition whose website was promoting the violent fight at a Tampa town hall as a good thing.

Maddow also questioned President Obama for not getting more personally involved in the legislation while Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.) is letting Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee have an equal say even though a huge Democratic majority was voted in in November.

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Glen Beck loses sponsors for racist Obama comment

Glen Beck is on my who makes you turn the channel list.

Fox News’ Glenn Beck is feeling the consequences of his controversial comments on the July 28 episode of “Fox and Friends,” when he said that Barack Obama was a “racist” who had a “deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture.”

According to TVNewser, Beck advertisers Procter and Gamble, and Progressive Insurance have all pulled their ads from Beck’s 5PM ET show. This comes in the wake of groups like’s efforts to get companies to distance themselves from Beck.

Fox News told TVNewser that the advertisements were simply moved to other time slots on Fox News, and thus had no effect on the network’s revenue (which, incidentally, was a bright spot in News Corp’s otherwise dismal earnings).

Watch Beck’s original comment’s here.

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We have a real hero in our country, his name is William Jefferson Clinton

North Korea Journalists HeldNorth Korea Journalists Heldra3174205656

By JEAN H. LEE, Associated Press Writer Jean H. Lee, Associated Press Writer 11 mins ago

SEOUL, South Korea – Former President Bill Clinton brought two freed U.S. journalists out of North Korea early Wednesday following rare talks with reclusive leader Kim Jong Il, who pardoned the women sentenced to hard labor for entering the country illegally.

Euna Lee and Laura Ling were heading back to the U.S. with Clinton, his spokesman Matt McKenna said, less than 24 hours after the former U.S. leader landed in the North Korean capital on a private, humanitarian trip to secure their release.

The women, dressed in short-sleeved shirts and jeans, appeared healthy as they climbed the steps to the plane and shook hands with Clinton before getting into the jet, APTN footage in Pyongyang showed. Clinton waved, put his hand over his heart and then saluted.

North Korean officials waved as the plane took off. McKenna said the flight was bound for Los Angeles, where the journalists will be reunited with their families. The White House had no comment.

Their departure was a jubilant conclusion to a more than four-month ordeal for the women arrested near the North Korean-Chinese border in March while on a reporting trip for Current TV, the media venture founded by former Vice President Al Gore. They were sentenced in June to 12 years of hard labor for illegal entry and engaging in “hostile acts.”

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton had urged North Korea last month to grant them amnesty, saying they were remorseful and their families anguished.

North Korean media characterized the women’s release as proof of “humanitarian and peace-loving policy.”

Their families said they were “overjoyed” by the pardon. Lee, 36, a South Korean-born U.S. citizen, is the mother of a 4-year-old. Ling, a 32-year-old California native, is the younger sister of Lisa Ling, a correspondent for CNN as well as “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and “National Geographic Explorer.”

Clinton’s landmark trip to Pyongyang also resulted in rare talks with reclusive Kim Jong Il that state-run media described as “wide-ranging” and “exhaustive.” The meeting was Kim’s first with a prominent Western figure since reportedly suffering a stroke nearly a year ago.

While the White House emphasized the private nature of Clinton’s trip, his landmark visit to Pyongyang to free the Americans was a coup that came at a time of heightened tensions over North Korea’s nuclear program.

State media said Clinton apologized on behalf of the women and relayed President Barack Obama‘s gratitude. The report said the visit would “contribute to deepening the understanding” between North Korea and the United States.

The meeting also appeared aimed at dispelling persistent questions about the health of the authoritarian North Korean leader, who was said to be suffering from chronic diabetes and heart disease before the reported stroke.

Kim smiled broadly for a photo standing next to a towering Clinton. He was markedly thinner than a year ago, with his graying hair cropped short. The once-pudgy 67-year-old, who for decades had a noticeable pot belly, wore a khaki jumpsuit and appeared frail and diminutive in a group shot seated next to a robust Clinton.

The journalists’ release followed weeks of quiet negotiations between the State Department and the North Korean mission to the United Nations, said Daniel Sneider, associate director of research at Stanford University’s Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center.

Clinton “didn’t go to negotiate this, he went to reap the fruits of the negotiation,” Sneider said.

Pardoning Ling and Lee and having Clinton serving as their emissary served both North Korea’s need to continue maintaining that the two women had committed a crime and the Obama administration’s desire not to expend diplomatic capital winning their freedom, Sneider said.

“Nobody wanted this to be a distraction from the more substantially difficult issues we have with North Korea,” he said. “There was a desire by the administration to resolve this quietly and from the very beginning they didn’t allow it to become a huge public issue.”

Speaking out for the first time since their capture, Gore said in a joint statement with Current co-founder Joel Hyatt that everyone at the media outlet was overjoyed by the prospect of their safe return. “Our hearts go out to them and to their families for persevering through this horrible experience,” it said.

The Lee and Ling families thanked Obama, the secretary of state and the State Department.

“We especially want to thank President Bill Clinton for taking on such an arduous mission and Vice President Al Gore for his tireless efforts to bring Laura and Euna home,” it said. “We are counting the seconds to hold Laura and Euna in our arms.”

The Committee to Protect Journalists also welcomed their release.

In North Korea, Clinton was accorded honors typically reserved for heads of state. Senior officials, led by Vice Foreign Minister Kim Kye Gwan, who also serves as the regime’s chief nuclear negotiator, met his private unmarked plane as it arrived Tuesday morning.

Video from the APTN television news agency showed Clinton exchanging warm handshakes with officials and accepting a bouquet of flowers from a schoolgirl.

Kim later hosted a banquet for Clinton at the state guesthouse, Radio Pyongyang and the Korean Central Broadcasting Station reported. The VIPs and Kim posed for a group shot in front of the same garish mural depicting a stormy seaside landscape that Clinton’s secretary of state, Madeleine Albright, posed for during her historic visit to Pyongyang in 2000.

North Korean state media said Clinton and Kim held wide-ranging talks, adding that Clinton “courteously” conveyed a verbal message from Obama.

In Washington, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs denied Clinton went with a message from Obama. “That’s not true,” he told reporters.


Associated Press writers Anne Gearan in Washington, Samantha Young in Sacramento, Calif., Lisa Leff in San Francisco and AP researcher Jasmine Zhao in Beijing contributed to this report.

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Al Franken is a United States Senator

I hope Al brings a little bit of Stewart Smally with him to Washington.


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Some people need to just SHUT UP

David Letterman made some inappropriate jokes and Sarah Palin complained. David apologized PROFUSELY and Sarah called him a pedophile. She wants attention and DAMN IT, she’s going to get it! Bill O’Reilly actually thinks that David Letterman will lose half of his viewers. Bill O’Reilly is nuts. Nobody cares about Sarah Palin or the reputation of her daughters. She seems to think she speaks for half of America. I don’t think so. The Americans I know believe in free speech and also believe when somebody apoligizes you can accept it or reject it but you don’t call a man a pedophile for one or two tasteless jokes. Nobody mentions that Dave didn’t even write these jokes, he read them off a card like he does every night. Maybe the writer ought to be investigated?? (I’m kidding).

This woman needs to shut the fuck up! She parades her pregnant teenager and her “lover” around and then cries foul when a comic makes a joke. When Bristol went on her “just say no to sex” tour it was like Keith Richards telling kids not to do drugs.

Another media whore is Carrie Prejean. No, Carrie, your bigoted closed-minded remarks did not get you fired from being Miss California. Your lack of compassion and your refusal to DO YOUR JOB got you fired. Stop playing martr. It’s okay that you think marriage is “between a man and a woman” even though both your parents have been accused of having same-sex love affairs.

Also, she thinks she represents the people of California. Ummm, I don’t think so.

I will admit that both these woman are attractive and that is why they are being listened to. There are plenty of pretty woman with brains and intelligence but FOX news chooses these two woman as “role models.”

Time for me to puke.

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Randi Rhodes is coming to San Francisco!!!

For those who don’t know, Randi Rhodes is a progressive talk-show host. She was fired from Air America because, while doing stand-up in San Francisco, she called Hilary Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro “whores.” She didn’t mean it in a sexual sense but the “powers that be’ fired her ass.

Then she was on NOVA M radio for a few months. I’m not sure what happen with them but she’s finally back on my Green960 and I could listen to her all day.

Yesterday I caught her conversation with crazy-person Randall Terry of Operation Rescue. She hung up on him and I was glad. I never heard her get so angry at anybody before but that guy actually said that “hate is good” to motivate people. Yeah, like the guy who killed Dr. Tiller. Randall Terry is a modern day Charles Manson. He incites hate and killing. He should be in jail with all his “supporters” and fans.

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Jesse Ventura with Larry King: “Give me 1 hour with Cheney . . . “

Jesse was on Larry King Live and, I don’t have the excact quote but paraphrasing he said, “Give me one hour with Cheney, a waterboard, and water and I’ll have confessing to the Sharon Tate murders.”

Jesse has been waterboarded. He’s was a Navy Seal and, although he may be unpopular, I always seem to like what he says. He had Larry’s old head spinning. I was having a hard-time keeping up with his military talk so I can imagine what Mr. King was thinking. “Pudding. Chocolate pudding with cool-whip . . . “

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Invisible Children: Help if you can

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Issues of the day: Same Sex Marriage, Waterboarding.

I don’t understand the argument about same-sex marriage. Two people love each other and others don’t feel they should get married? If Adam and Steve’s marriage would “destroy the sanctity” of your “opposite” marriage, then your marriage is pretty weak to begin with.

Miss California is being hailed as a hero by Fox News. Why? She was far from eloquent and I hope no hairstylist or make up person will touch her.

I’m proud of Perez Hilton (except for his initial rant after the show) and I feel he represents the opinions of many young people. Yes, some hate him and wonder why he was even a judge. I don’t and I understand why he was there. He isn’t expected to be classy or quiet and I’m glad he isn’t. He says what he wants and the world explodes. Oh well.


Sean Hannity told Charles Grodin that he would happily be water-boarded for charity.

So far, Thom Hartman, Stephanie Miller and Keith Olberman would like to take him up on this offer. I would too! I’d actually contribute my hard-earned dollars to watch Mr. Hannity almost die. The man deserves to be taken up on this offer and I hope he does. THAT would make some good TV.

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Who or What makes you instantly turn the channel? PART 1

Certain people make me turn the channel quickly. Here are some, in no particular order.

Kate Gosselin: I love “What Not To Wear” and always check TLC to see if it’s on.  If I see the exploited children, I might start watching to see what really going on. Then she insults a child, disrespects her husband or says something so stupid that my clicker changes the channel quickly.

Renee Zelwigger: She looks like she’s smelling a bad fart. I don’t like her with an English accent and I don’t like her pretending to be inlove with Tom Cruise. Which leads me to . . .

Tom Cruise: I never liked him, even before we knew he was a Scientology nut. After his couch-jumping and yelling at Matt Lauer, I realized I never have to see his movies again. I don’t care about him. I don’t think he’s cute and I do think he’s gay. Suri is adorable but I wonder who her father is.

Mel Gibson: As a Jew, and someone with tits, I cannot stomach him. I did watch “What Woman Want” the other day but I was desperate and I couldn’t find the remote. When drunks spew hatred, it’s not the booze talking, it’s the heart of the drunk. Mel hates Jews. I hate Mel. Kudos to Jimmy Kimmel for saying “Shalom” to the Nazi a few months ago.

Woody Allen: Many people are “over it” and they say that Woody and Soon Yi have a wonderful marriage. I, however, still see a man who married his daughter. I will never see it any other way. Mia was his girlfriend and she adopted Soon Yi as a child. Woody helped raise her. Then Woody took nude photos of her and fucked her. “The heart wants what the heart wants.” Yeah, and pedophiles belong in jail. This man could make the best movies in the world and I still would not pay one penny to see anything he’s done. He makes me ill.

Steve O or any Jackass: What is the point of watching big boys hurt themselves? I hate it. They encourage kids to try these stunts and kids get hurt.

Lisa Rinna: Just look at her! I can’t.

Steve Wilcos Show: I like him but I cannot watch this show for more than 30 seconds. He makes Springer look classy and he yells in losers faces. He scares me . . . but in a good way.

Stargate: I hate that guy with the thing on his forehead.

Celine Dion and Mariah Carey: Never cared for either one. Why are they famous??

parker-uglySex and the City: Weird. I watched it when it first came to regular TV from HBO. I loved it. Watched episodes over and over. Then I watched the movie. I couldn’t get over how ugly SJP is. Let me say that I’ve defended her for YEARS, even arguing with my brother saying he’d “do” her if he had the chance. However, in this movie there were just too many close-ups. She’s not Scarlett Johanson. Hell, she’s not even David Johansson.

Hulk Hogan: Okay, I don’t always turn the channel. Wish I would because his entire brood makes me sick.

O.J.: Don’t care. Won’t watch. Lock the killer up and throw away the key, please.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck: I cannot watch “The View” anymore. All she does is whine. She tells Whoopie that she can’t use the “N” word and then cries when she doesn’t get her way. She love Sean Hannity and goes on the show to give the fat white guys hard-ons. And speaking of fat, Republican hard-ons . . .

Anne Coulter: This woman is dangerous. First off, why does she ALWAYS where a black cocktail dress? Seeing her on a morning show she looks as if she’s hung-over from heavy partying the night before. “Work it Anne”

and, I hate to even mention these attention whores:

Heidi and Spenser: Have no use for them. Never had. Never will. Please go away.

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