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Who Reads This Blog?

Some have suggested I close this blog since I am no longer blogging or recapping TV shows. I’ve decided to keep it going for a number of reasons but mainly for my international audience. No, I’m not kidding. For the past few days we’ve had visits from:


 United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, India, France, Russia, Brazil, Indonesia, Bulgaria,, Mexico, Austria, Malaysia, Romania, Peru, Netherlands, United Arab Emerats, Argentina, Greece, Sweden, Colombia, Iran, Estonia, Singapore, Belarus, Hungry, Hong Kong and more.

I’ll assume some old Gosselin bloggers still check here daily to see what I might or might not say. I do my chatting at the IMO blog. I never wanted this blog to be a chat blog or a blog about blog wars and personal crap. BTW, The IMO Blog gets at least 10 times the hits as MySnark but all the hits are from the US and Canada.

The searches are mostly for Chelsea Handler, Real Housewives, Breaking Bad Recaps and April Blowby (Candi) from Two and A Half Men and Drop Dead Diva. Nobody finds my blog looking for Gosselin information. I guess TVSnark/My Snark is no longer considered a Kate hate blog. Well, it depends who you ask.

When I get inspired I will write about TV but until then, this blog will stand as is for those who are interested in reading what is already here.

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