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Time for action: DO NOT WATCH

Sponsors for Kate Plus 8:

ABC Family – Secret Life of the American Teenager
Taco Bell – New Meal Deal
Chase Credit Cards (Blue Print)
Kleenex – (New) Hand Towels|
Nexxus (Hair Products)
High Fructose Corn Syrup (Corn Refiners Association)
Disney – Alice in Wonderland DVD
Cisco – Valet
Hefty – Unscented Odor Block trashbags
Weight Watchers OnlineHome Goods
University of Phoenix(Local – San Antonio)
Cavender Buick/GMC
ABC Family – (New Show) Pretty Little Liars
National Assoc. of Realtors
Samsung – 4 Door Refrigerator
Red Baron – Pizza by the Slice
DisneyWorld Dining Plan
Ford F-150
AT&T – Mobile
Playtex – 18 hour bras
Toyota Camry/Corolla
Road Runner International

Personally, I hope TLC, Kate and Twist of Kate continue to work together. This isn’t about “destroying Kate,” putting her out on the street or forcing her to get a 9 to 5 job. It’s about 8 children who do not want to film. It’s about a father who doesn’t want his 8 children to have to work to support their elaborate lifestyle. Kate didn’t “win” anything. She was ruled to have the right to film her children while they were in her custody. In other words, “Kate works, kids play, TLC films, adults get rich.”

I don’t expect anybody to boycott all these products, write letters or make phone calls. That is a personal decision. Many of us have been writing or boycotting products for years. I do think this list of “family friendly” companies needs to be distributed internet-wide.

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