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Sex and the City 2- My review

I went with high expectations and left wondering why that movie was even made.

A big part of the original series was the CITY which strangely, hardly made an appearance in this overly long, tedious flick.

Carrie was known for her risky style choices but in this movie it bordered on silly hit ridiculous a few times.  Her full , long, poofy skirt and t-shirt combo for her visit to the spice market definitely made me raise an eyebrow.  In her new role as a wife and she was sulky and unforgiving.  How dare her husband suggest that they stay home?  What kind of man wants to eat in his apartment? How dare he buy and install a TV so that they could watch romantic old movies.  THE PIG!!

Carrie has moved on to home decorator, or so we are told, but the furniture looked uncomfortable and not all that cutting edge.  Or was that just me?   We get that they are not having children and frankly, that seems like a good idea. Far too much narcissism going on there.

The gay wedding scene was overdone and took advantage of stereotypes.   What a cheap, easy way out.  Nothing new or original.

Why couldn’t Carrie wait until she was home to reveal her stolen kiss? What man rewards his spoiled wife for kissing another man?  If she got that big ring for a kiss I wonder what he would give her for doing the whole deal?

I could care less about Samantha’s “down under” and her references to her sex drive and menopause were overplayed.  Her loud sex scene in the hotel was not authentic and added nothing.

What was wrong with that 2-year-old?  She cried all the time.  That is not “normal” and she should see a doctor.   What mother makes cupcakes and offers paint while she is wearing vintage clothing?

Do these women own a pair of sweatpants?  Even at the end of the movie, when Carrie finally realized it was ok to stay home and watch a movie, she was in a full gown.

Miranda was the only one who struck me as real.  I did enjoy the scene with her getting Charlotte to admit she was struggling as a mom.  She escapes any snarky responses from me.  I was glad she quit her job and glad she had some fun.

Lastly, and the reason I was most offended, I don’t understand why this movie was set in the middle East.  Are the writers aware that we are in the midst of TWO wars in middle Eastern countries?   Isn’t that an ethical faux pax?  I do not find it humorous to poke fun at another culture and faith.   We, as Americans, claim to have such open minds but we can’t accept another culture just because it is different from ours?  Are we only open-minded to those who strive to mimic us?

I loved the first movie.  I wish they had stuck with the proven formula.

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