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Where’s all the Gosselin chatter?

I’ve gotten a few personal emails asking me where the “jellus haterz” are discussing Kate and Jon’s latest escapades. Since nobody likes to post here (residual that I accept), I thought I’d send you to the sites where I’ve found the most spirited, humorous and intelligent discussions.

15 Minutes Gosselin Style (formerly Divorce Gosselin Style) Written by a lawyer and former nanny, this busy, insightful blog has become the best of  the Gosselin blogs with great humor, information and respectful posters.

Small Town Gosselins Written by a neighbor of the Wernersville home, this blogger provides inside information and observations that cannot be found in the Tabloids or on TLC’s approved gossip sites.

The Lying Channel by JibberJabbers Is a great place for the snark that we all crave. She’s a photoshop genius, and her positioning of photos comparing the faces of the kids when with Jon, compared to when with Kate, are priceless and speak louder than any “photo op” staged by TLC. Too many of the recent magazine covers are very similar to some of JibberJabbers Sheeple Magazine creations. Truth is stranger than fiction.

I’ve watched all these blogs begin and grow. I don’t know the individual blog owners but it’s been fun watching the blogs blossom and communities being formed. Some very insightful and humorous posts/comments provide hours of great reading.
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