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“Breaking Bad” Season 3 Episode 3 “I.F.T.”

This is a flashback: At a bar in burro Asshole Mexico, we see Turtle aka Tortuga, played by the great actor, Danny Trejo, Guy brings him to the back room to show him a tortoise.

The cousins come in and chop off turtles head. This was last season and a few months ago in TV time. The cousins were brutal. This scene was barbaric and so are the cousins. When they were done (this we know from last season) they took the head and put it on a bomb-rigged tortoise body. It walked in the desert and all Hank’s co-workers were blown to pieces. He was the only one to survive and this is what’s causing his PTSD.

Jesse making a phone call from his new home. Sitting on the floor. No furniture. Knocking on the door and it’s Saul the lawyer. “Happy housewarming, kid” Saul is checking on Jesse and asking him to convince Walter, the master chef to do his thing. “Sure, man, whatever.” Saul says he’ll make it worth it for Jesse if he gets Walt cooking again. Jesse is straight, heart-broken, sad. Aaron Paul is a great actor. With no words you can see his emotions.

He starts making a call and you think he’s calling Walt but it’s Jane’s cell. He listens to her message.

Hank on stake-out gets a call and is saying “thank you.” He’s going back to the El Paso office and he’s very happy..

Walter getting the pizza off the roof. Bald bad guy is saying “he doesn’t realize how close he came. Saul doesn’t need to know. Mums the word.”

Skylar in car singing Old McDonald with baby in the car. She sees Walt’s car and says “son of a bitch.” She’s calling him and yelling at him for being in the house. ”
I’m back.” No you’re not. “yes, it’s my house.” She’s saying “NO. I’m not coming in until you GET OUT.” “Suit yourself.”


She yells. He stays very calm. He doesn’t want a divorce. She’s going to call the police and tell them, everything. “I mean it Walt.” —  “there’s the phone.”

Baby starts fussing.

She calls the Albuquerque police. She reports domestic issue. He just sits there. He’s not leaving. “do what you have to do Skyler, this family is everything to me, without it, I have nothing to lose”

“Fine.” “Yes, my name is Skyler White and my soon to be ex broke into my house and  I need an officer to come and remove him.” She give address and says, “They’re coming.” Walter doesn’t budge.

Walt Jr. comes home and is thrilled to see his dad. “Are you home, for good?” Skyler sends Walt Jr to his room but he wants to talk to his dad. They eat grilled-cheese sandwiches together and the doorbell rings. It’s the Police to take daddy away.

Walt Jr. yells at his mother. Walt Sr. won’t leave and she explains this to the cops. Cops are not buying Skyler’s whining about Walt trespassing. Baby fussing and Walt picks her up, “I got it, honey.”

They both are talking to the cops and Slyler realizes that the cops won’t do a thing. They need her to say he hit her, broke a law, do some kind of “wrong doing” and they could get him out of the house. Walt Jr. starts whining about how great his dad is and how mom won’t say what he “did” that is so bad.

“Sorry Maam. No legal basis for us to remove your husband from the house.”

“Best of luck to you folks.” buh bye.

Walt Jr. starts yelling. “WHY YOU GOTTA DO THIS TO DAD” he goes in his room and slams the door.

Skyler takes baby from Walt and says “welcome home” with disdain and hatred.


The cousins with an old lady in red. She looks scared.

Chicken farm. Cousins drive up, pointy skull boots, shiny suits, slow walking.. They wheel out Tio and they meet some guy in a suit. All start speaking Spanish.

Taco guy is inside opening a veggie tray. Taco guy is the main guy and he welcomes the men. and apologizes for the stairs not being wheel char accessible.

Guy with suit speaking about needing revenge for Tuco’s death. Taco guy says that he is doing business with Walter and needs him alive. Suit man takes Taco man outside and says the cousins aren’t as patient so he needs to finish up his business soon/


Jesse calls Jane’s cell again and again as the sun goes down. Sad.

Walter sleeping, Skyler smoking and hides it from the baby.  Walk knocks on the door and asks if she needs help. She locks the door and won’t let him in to use the bathroom. He pees in the kitchen sink.

Skyler speaking to a lawyer and is talking about Walter moving back into the house. Skyler tells the lawyer about Walter making Meth.  Lawyer wants Skyler to turn him in but Skyler doesn’t want Walt Jr. to know that his father is a criminal. For a split second I almost liked her.

In a bar Hank buys some guy nachos. They are in a sleazy scary bar and his friend says, “let’s go to Chilis or outback” – – -The do some weird hand gestures. What was that about??

Hank goes to the bathroom and is having a PTSD attack (Turtles head on the tortoise bomb). Hank seems to want to get in fights or something. His friend says others are  investigating these dudes and they need to leave them alone. Again, I’m confused.

Hank goes back in bar to use the bathroom but goes up to a table and tells two or three big guys to stand up. HE starts fighting with all of them.

He’s kicking ass. Hank against a few huge guys and Hank is banging heads and finally says “DEA, Don’t move.” Hank is breaking baaaaaaad.

Jesse. Calling Jane’s cell again. Poor guy. Love sick. She’s dead. He actually hangs up. and calls Walt. Phone is disconnected. Jesse is hitting a bottom and he needs Walt for cooking AND friendship.

Jesse goes into the lab and even puts a leather apron over his hoodie. Puts on the gas mask. He’s going to try to do this by himself.

Skyler with baby. Walt wants to talk.

Hank in bathroom cleaning blood off his hands. ASAC wants to see him. They are making up a scenario to cover for Hank, who left his gun on the seat before he went back in to arrest the drug dealers.

Walt says he “did it for us” and he has a bag of cash in the middle of the floor. Says it’s enough for both kids to go to college, health insurance, physical therapy, groceries, gas, birthdays and graduation parties . . . “

He continues. “This money, I didn’t steal it, it doesn’t belong to anybody else. I earned it. The things I’ve done to earn it, the, things I’ve had to do, I’ve got to live with them.  …..

Skyler at work and lover boy comes in while she’s making copies. He’s making coffee and she approaches him from the back, taps his arm and he turns around and they kiss. Then she backs off, someone walks in. He gets her a cup of coffee.  He’s got a boner.

She asks if his kids are home. They go to his house so she can . . . break bad . . . I guess. Parked in front of his house she starts “thinking” (don’t do that, you’ll NEVER get laid)”

Skyler comes home and Walt Jr has a friend over while Walt is cooking dinner. Don’t know if Sky did “it” or not. Kids watching “TV and Walt is cutting veggies. He’s wearing an apron. Hard not to compare it to Jesse’s leather apron.

Walt is trying to be domestic, sweet, patient. “Honesty is good. Don’t ya think?”

She looks at him and says, “I fucked Ted.”

“Boys. Dinner.”

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