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Breaking Bad Season 3, Episode 2 “Caballo sin nombre”

“Horse with no name” is playing while Walt is driving through the desert. Why don’t they give the horse a fucking name? My co-worker and I ask this question whenever we hear this song.

Walt gets pulled over for shattered windshield. Walt explains that his house was near the plane wreckage, flight 515. Points to the cop’s blue ribbon in honor of the crash. Walt starts to argue with the cop. He’s yelling at cop. “Body parts in my yard!” “Pepperspray the man who is expressing his opinion under the first amendment.”

Walt gets thrown in jail. Better call Saul.

Hank and his DEA discussing the exploding truck from last week. Hank thinks it’s high-end cartel work. Hank isn’t aware that these particular criminals are after Walt’s alter ego’. I wasn’t aware either. I was busy last week and Jen had to explain the show.

Jesse driving. Looking sober, clean, and went to his parents home that is now up for sale. See’s his dad. (wearing a blue ribbon for the flight). Awkward conversation. Jesse wants to come buy for dinner sometime, dad says, “yeah, sometime.” This is all too familiar to me. Let’s not go there.

Walt is listening to someone talking about him. They are talking about his cancer. Walt apologizes to the cop and is let free (why is Hank there too? I guess DEA is everywhere).

Walt tells Hank that Skyler is divorcing him. Hank is so empathetic. “it is what it is.” Hank said that she doesn’t want him seeing the kids. Hank doesn’t know the truth.

Saul! “you don’t write, you don’t call?”

He reassures Walt that Skyler won’t go to the police. This would get Hank in trouble, the kids taken away . . . Saul assures Walt that Skyler is bluffing.

Walt is heart broken. He lost his family. Doesn’t really care about the police. Saul reminds him that there are other “fish in the sea.” Saul wants Walt and Jesse to “get cooking.”

Walt says, “I can’t be the bad guy.”

Saul sighs. He wants Walt to keep cooking.

Saul calls creepy bald guy about “wife problem.” I know this actor. I think he was on a soap opera. Bald, tough, kinda sexy with very deep voice.

This episode has my full attention. I was very distracted last week. It was a boring episode, right?

Walt Jr. yells at his mom because dad doesn’t pick him up from school anymore.

Hank thinks its all about another woman. His wife thinks it’s more. She’s curioous but Hank knows it’s the same old same old. Horny man. Skylar’s sister thinks it’s something more but her DEA genious husband says no.

More Saul. This man makes me smile whenever he’s on the screen. He’s praising Jesse. Starts telling Jesse that Walt is bailing on the business. He’s trying to talk Jesse into telling Walt to ‘get his head out of his ass.”

Jesse is unpacking cash. Tons of cash. Then he offers Saul a job.

Walt at a pool outside the cheap hotel where he lives. Scoops up band aid (eww) and leaves. That was odd. I’m sure we’ll find out more abut that later. Walt Jr. is in Walt’s apartment. He misses his daddy.

Old folks retirement home. Very old. Shaky lady doing cat puzzle. Here come the “bad guys.” in their shiny suites, slicked back hair, pointy shoes. They go to the Tuco’s uncle. There’s the bell again. Never did one simple sound give me the creeps so deeply.

Old man spelling out things on Ougi board and ringing the bell on correct letters. Bell rings go nuts after the bad guys spell out “W A L T E R W H I T E.” shit.

Last week these same men had an alter with Walt’s picture. He’s their competition. He’s meth is “better’ and he’s hurting their business.

Skylar getting a visit by her boss. He coos over the baby. They have some kind of history and I think he still wants to be with her.

Skylar is like Julia MacNamara. Hate the character. hate the actress.

“What if your kids found out?” her boss is fixing his books and she’s calling him on it. He said he did it for them, trying to provide. With time they will understand.

How ironic. That’s what Walt says too.

Walt calls Skylar to say that Walt Jr. is at his place. Walt Jr doesn’t understand why his mom is keeping him from his dad. Walt says “she has her reasons” and that’s just how it is for now. Walt Jr. whines. “It’s your house. Everybody is on your side. You haven’t done anything wrong.”

Except manufacturing the drug of the devil.

Walt gargles, puts on cologne. He’s going to take Walt Jr home and he’ll see Skylar and maybe she’ll be nice to him. Good luck with that.

Saul is representing Jesse and will purchase his parents home. Cash. Trying to lowball and Jesse’s parents get up to walk out, until Saul mentioned the meth lab in the basement. Fraud, concealing a felony. Fast talking Saul gets the house for half price.

Walt brings Walt Jr. Home. He brought a big ol’ pizza.

Skylar doesn’t want to let him in. She’s making dinner. He’s being cheerful. She’s beeing a bitch. After all, he got dipping sticks!

He tosses the pizza on the roof. Nice shot. Peels his Prius out of the driveway. He’s baaaaad. I always wondered why men did that. Do they think that screeching the tires is a turn on?

Walt sleeping on the floor while Slylar leaves a nasty message about the pizza on the room (how did she see it? was she up there for her morning jog?) She threatens a restraining order. Walt is pissed.

Jesse comes to take hold of his new home. His parents are trying to get rid of him. He shows them the keys and says, “bought the place.”

Creepy bald guy watching Walt jr. and Skylar.Dressed in black, of course. Takes out his “tools” and walks to the house. Pizza on roof. ha ha. Still looks good.

He’s planting a bug or something and walt drives up. Bad guy is messing with wires. Walt’s Key doesn’t fit the door. Tries breaking in windows, patio door, dog door, and the bad guy is around the corner watching him.

Walt gets in through a crawl space. Bad guy leaves. Don’t really know what he did but I’m assuming he planted a bug of some sort. Pointy shoed bad guys in their shiny suits now come to the house. Bald bad guy doesn’t leave, just watches.

They walk in the front door. Funny, it was locked for Walt. They walk slowley cuz they are bad guys and that’s how bad guys walk. Walt is in the shower and he’s singing “hourse with no name.” Give the pony a fucking name.

Shiney suits are looking around the house. Touching things. Bald guy is listening and he calls the guy from the Taco place (head bad guy?) that they met through Saul.

Walking slowly, shiny suits go to the bedroom and sit on the bed waiting for Walt. One is holding a sledge hammer. Walt is still singing “Horse with No Name” and is oblivious to the scary guys sitting on the bed.

Bald bad guy makes a phone call, phone rings in one of the suits. Couldn’t see message. They wait.

Walt is naked.

Men NOT on bed.

but he sees something is different.

Walks out of the bedroom. Episode over.

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