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Clips of Lynn walking into doors, seeming spacey, drugged, stupid or just “ditsy”??

Andy asks Lynn, “are you a stoner?”

Vicki, “Nobody is that relaxed all the time.”

They allude to Lynn using pills after plastic surgery. She actually has to say, “I barely took any . . .” Stupid line of questioning.

Vicki and Don. She did change after seeing herself on TV.

Montage of Vicki being a bitch. Why do you have nannies? You don’t work.

I didn’t want to do conflict on the camera” . . . “BRING IT ON” . . . .

Alexis defending texted family. Vicki says, . .. “all through dinner”

beat every body up: I’m not a villain . . . you don’t know me.

Vicki talks with finger quotes saying Alexis is “better” – – Vicki is so jealous of Alexis it’s pathetic. Andy must think the same thing because he asks Vicki if she’s jealous of Alexis. OH, Vicki is “absolutely not jealous of anybody.” Vicki expected respect and Alexis is confident.

:Vicki is a bitch. Alexis said that is all that footage of you being mean to me, none of me saying anything bad about you.”

Vicki said, “because you’re perfect.”

Vicki defending WHO she is.

Q You were actually likable when you were renewing your vows. OF COURSE she counted her diamonds. It’s the biggest ring she ever had!!

Her Love tank is full.

Andy talks about the bad economy affecting the woman. Tamra’s kids cleaning toilets. Lynn’s husband “got creamed” but yet 2 members still got surgery.

Gretchen trying to get her makeup line going. Vicki criticizing that nobody works. Vicki

champagne tastes and a beer budget” Vicki, righteousness. “go to work’ they don’t got it.”

Lynn evicted and totally blindsided. She has HER own company and Frank is working for her. She’s turning a profit and can support her family.

Back to Vicki,
“I’m the only one who works . . . .

They are trying to explain that you don’t need to work in an office to be working. “I work that s why my house isn’t in short sale.” Vicki still giving excuses. Vicki trying to give advice. Tamra will get a job at McDonald.

Vicki likes having money. “Thanks for owning that, “ Andy said.

Tamra? Work.?? Stripping. “back in real estate.”

Jeanna Left after divorce and tired of drama. She gained a bit a weight and is wearing a very tight dress.

Kids are great. Cara works at Pink Taco, she says her boobs are her money makers and straight A’s at UCLA. Shane left for “spring training, Colton went to some “lovely things” for the A’s and Angels. Whatever that means. Matt is still legally her husband, still in and out.

Tamra’s advice. Just give Simon a blow job and everything will be better. (so that’s what Tamra was telling Jeanna_

Q: Vicki and Tamra, do you think you need to apologize Jeanna. Tamra’s mom wants Jeanna to apologize. YOU came from a broken home. Are you white trash. Oh, Tamra is hemming and hawing. She cried about it but she was 27 years old and Jeanna thinks she has “issues,” Tamra’s pissed

Gretchen Snarks . … loudly. I think she might have gotten snot on her shirt.

Andy doesn’t know what to do. This is obviously not going to be solved by commercial so he says thanks to Jeanna and good bye.

Commercial for David’s Bridal, Birth Control monthly ring, .side effects longer than the commercial bla bla bla. Ask your doctor.

MEN joining the stage. They don’t look happy.

No Simon. Jim spoke to Simon. They became friends. Tamra looks upset that Simon’s not there.

Is this the first time I’ve seen this guy talk, ?? Yes. Jim

Q: You are a self centered controlling bastard and every girls worst nightmare.?

Wow. I don’t think he’s THAT bad but he sees that being on a reality show makes you introspective, IF You’re HEALTHY. He changed a diaper.

Isn’t it weirdie? ?/
“no Andy . . .seeing it helps.

He blames his upbringing but needed to be a modern day man, You Andy . . ha ha.

DON, you got HAMMERED last season. LOVE TANK. Don also says it’s good, was assessed, didn’t like where they were going and tried to fix it. They new they needed to reconnect and they did.

Simon attacking Vicki. Don didn’t like it and it affected their friendship. He lost respect. Not friends anymore.

Fred. Q: why let wife and daughter have ps? Are you that financially irresponsible?

Yes, I am. He faked it. He lied. He wants nothing more than to stay married for life. He screwed. thereupon were called “grifters” and he says “it is what it is”

Is he guilty? Yes. He’s taking responsibility but wife and children are 100& innocent.

What did this man do? He seems like he should be in Goodfellas or something. Very shady character.

He’s very evasive and he says “bullshit” to being grifter. If he had something to hide eh would show his face on Nat TV

SLADE. You only started dating Gretchen when she got on tv . Can you understand why people think you are an opportunist?

NO, I had no desire to be on the show. Gretchen had to beg him. Andy starts talking about time line. Not 7 months after Jeff died. Slade claims he made the decision to leave after season 2.

Andy says, “Jo wasn’t here? You didn’t have a choice. No place for you.”

Silence.  Very. Awkward. Silence.

Q about Jo’s music producing, do you talk to Jo, ? No. Is that your MO. No.

He directed music video. Gretchen made sure Jo said it was okay to date.

You told Gretchen you and Laurie never dated.

Laurie said yes, you were hanging out. Never had a date or dinner, spent a night at each others home.

“You didn’t have sex?”

Slade doesn’t want to to say, Gretchen says, “it is what it is” Nobody’s business.

Vicki said, “SHE FELL for Slade. ‘We’ve been together everyday for 2 weeks!’ TO HER it was a relationship.”

Laurie confided in Tamra. He’s a liar, I have voice mails and text messages”

So play them. Now threatening when she was with George.

Yeah Jim. The guy has “game” so what.

Andy says, ‘Why do you bug people? I have thousands of emails”!

Slade doesn’t know. Looks kinda hurt.

Back to 3 housewives, Tamra’s single???ewww. Slade says, “That’s a funny question, though,” — and you could tell he had already considered it.

Commercial. Kelly Ripa pretending to be a housewife doing housework. Yeah, right.

Comcst cable. You suck ABC has no sound and CW is in Spanish.

RHWNY, hoping Jen is writing about it.

Gretchen said her mom cooled on Slade. He adores her parents. Talking about how amazing their relationship is. They spend lots of times with her parents.

Marriage should be a renewable lease. He said something “hes never had” and Vicki totally makes a “face”

Are we going to see a wedding, “you never know?” Hey, . . . .more commercial.

MAZDA. Zoom zoom zoom. Anybody buying a new car these days?

Canada Dry emphasizing the “Ginger” in ginger ale. I once had a roomate that cooked ginger beef. It was the first time I ever really tasted Ginger and I didn’t like it and I still don’t like ginger

Girls ONLY trip to Florida. Shocked that some would not travel without mate. What IS a normal marriage?

Vicki think should should trust your spouses”

Jim and Simon don’t like their wives to travel.

More finger quotes form Vicki.

Alexis with the texts. “Do they not trust each other”??? They don’t travel without each other.

Tamra says “Sounds familiar with such attitude.” Simon doesn’t like that idea. Vicki doesn’t want husbands but they all showed up. Vicki was shocked it turned into a firestorm.

It made it a couples weekend when everybody’s’ not a couple. “the whole “I don’t let my wife travel smacks of possessiveness . ..

Just our philosophy . .. Jim says. Jim says some behavior has not been appropriate and he’s working on changing it.

Tamra didn’t like it. And says you don’t need to travel to cheat. Alexis agrees but doesn’t like to be away from him for that long. She says SHE doesn’t want to be apart. Jim smiles. Don snarls.

Explain reality for lingerie and a bikini is at a swimming pool. L in the bedroom. He sees a difference. She winks at him after interrupting him.

Vicki is Fikki, fake and icki. Talk to slade, not take carap behind everybody’s , He’s being calm and he’s trying to tell her to stop making comments.

She says she doesn’t “want” the camera on her.




Go on the househusband show” — said Vicki.

Gretchen again defending Slade. Don’t say it to the press, say it to him. Even Alexis,”Ask HIM Now”.

Vicki said he’s “whoring me out” What that that me.

She had KNOWLEDGE that he’d call the press when they were out. He denies it.

Slade says that Gretchen is already famous and doesn’t need help. Gretchen said, “I didn’t know there was a 1-800-paparazzi.”

He doesn’t appreciate it.

She denies. He’s saying she’s disrespectful. Vicki is saying that her husband would never do that and someone says, “that’s because nobody talks to your husband!”

Jim to Vickie, you’ve talked about us and you don’t know us. Says Jim. Alexis there too. She’s about too blow. Time out. Cut. Standing up. I’m not doing this.


Vickie, “Cut, I’m not doin’; it.” basically, I’m running away because I can’t control the situation. Oh how I love when “reality” stars can’t control a situation. Don looks scared. He’s afraid of his wife but he loves her and I like him. I may not like her but I’m glad she finally started treating Don with respect.


Vicki is blaming everybody and saying they are all taking. Ok. Andy gets her to sit down. Alexis asking her to be accountable and learn a lesson.

Vicki says, “omy gddd” under her breath. She’s says “HELP” to don.

Don says after the dinner party”we have to go to work”

Oh, They were joking, they were rude. What is it. Who’s rude, who’s joking.

Why is all this familiar to me? I don’t have friends like this

Alexis. Vicki crying in the limo for hurting feelings.

Don defends Vicki.

Vicki said she was HUMBLE and had her tail between her legs.

The fake sleeping. Trying to explain it’s rude. Vicki says,
“Everybody’s perfect.” Her usual out.

Cadburry Bunny. Loves those things but they are not the same since they became Hershey’s. ‘Talking pothole. “Kay bye . . ..”

Beautiful Barrymore Covergirl.

Jill and Nene on watch what happens live.

Andy big smiles. “If you had to make up a bumper sticker of your experience what would say?”

Housewives Gone Wild

They can all suck it . . . (Gretchen’s)

Andy asked Vicki, “Do you feel like you’re done with the show?” She gives a long winded speech. The “ganging up me”” she wants to cry. She needs to soul searching  because all the fun is gone.

How she FEELS, no happy. Andy says sorry.

All these great things from this show. We can all agree. She’ gets the last, word

Lady Gaga, I’m a FREE BITCH, (Tamra)

Here’s to 4 skinny bitches. Yippeeee.


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