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Chelsea Handler and Ted Halbert Break up! Ted taking it hard . . .

Host of Chelsea Lately Chelsea Handler broke up with her partner and boss Ted Harbert after three years. The 34-year-old talk show host kicked Harbert out of their Los Angeles home leaving him to stay at a hotel in Hollywood.

Harbert is the CEO of the Comcast Entertainment Group and oversees E! Entertainment Television, which features Handler‘s late-night talk show. One can only speculate about what this means for Chelsea‘s career and work relations with her ex.


Breaking up is hard to do, especially when you’re Chelsea Handler and Ted Harbert.

And it’s not just because the president and CEO of the Comcast Entertainment Group is technically Handler’s boss over at E! – the talk-show queen must be regretting that her upcoming book “Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang,” which she wrote when they were together, centers on her ex-man.

Which means that Halbert, who may not have aired his grievances as publicly, may have to relive the break up when the tome hits bookstores on March 9.

The funnygirl’s memoir goes as far as to hint that she and Harbert would be together forever.

“I said, p-promise you’ll n-n-never do anything that will make me break up with you,” Chelsea writes of a talk she had with Harbert after she watched the “Sex and the City” movie.

Ted responded: “I would never do that to you. You’ll probably do it to me, but I would never do it to you.”

But there were certainly some early warning signs that Splitsville was just down the road for the power couple.In one chapter of Chelsea’s book, she details her initial struggles over first shacking up with Harbert.

She writes: “My boyfriend is similar to a large toddler … He’s very animated and has a lot of energy and wants to exert it all at the same time on a variety of activities. It’s not a secret this can be incredibly annoying.”


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