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Paul Peterson: A warning to other TLC families

The Bad Made Worse (posted December 8th 2009)

The Learning Channel’s announcement that “Jon & Kate + 8” would be replaced by yet another family living under the lights and cameras of reality programming gone mad…this one called “Table for Twelve” with sextuplets and two sets of twins…should surprise no one. In the absence of shame all conduct is excusable.

Jon Gosselin’s counter-suit against TLC should serve as a warning to the Hayes Family of New Jersey. Jon and Kate sold their family for a song and didn’t even know that child labor laws applied, something TLC conveniently neglected to tell them. Naiveté’ and ignorance of child labor laws will most certainly be exploited by major broadcast companies. It’s in their interest to keep you in the dark when they profit from the unpaid labor of twelve children. Here’s a tip: There most certainly ARE child labor laws in New Jersey specific to Entertainment…just like in Pennsylvania…and pretending that the children are just “participants” will not prevent the Piper from asking to be paid.

You owe it to your children to become informed about the world you are entering, Mr. and Mrs. Hayes. The Industry is not obligated to educate you. In fact, it is in the Industry’s economic interest to keep you in the dark as long as possible.

A Minor Consideration and its allies are not going to go away. The moral imperative is to do what is right for the children…now, before the trouble starts…because the Day of Reckoning will be brutal when the children reach the Age of Majority. If the contracts signed on behalf of Minors have not been reviewed by competent legal council acting solely on behalf of the minors, and these contracts are not subject to Court Approval, all of these reality show Minors will have the Common Law right to assert Disaffirmance and sue for recovery.

Children are not amusements.


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