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“Celebrity Rehab” or “D-listers open up their wounds to the public

10 years ago I had an hour commute to work. On the way home we listened to “Love Line” with Dr. Drew and Adam Corolla. I LOVED Dr. Drew. Thought he was wise, empathetic and ethical. His career has exploded the past few years and he is the “go to” guy for addiction on VH1, MTV, CNN and HLN.

“Celebrity Rehab,” “Sober House” and “Sex Addiction Rehab” are three shows on VH1 that star Dr. Drew and D-list celebrities trying to either get clean and sober or to get their names back out in the public for future career revival. I completely understand that shows like this really do help addicts watching and can be very inspirational. However, I also think these shows are extremely exploitative. “Sober House” showed so many of the clients “having a relapse” — Yes, I undertand that relapse is part of addiction and recovery but watching it made me feel dirty, like a peeping tom.

This season has Dennis Rodman, Mackenzie Phillips, Heidi Fleiss, Carrie Ann Whatever, Joey from “Real World,” Mindy McCready, and some others who’s names I forget. This was filmed before Mackenzie’s book with her “revelation” about her father was released. So far, I find her to be the most “into” recovery and the most willing to do the things necessary to get where she needs to be.

In one very emotional scene, Dr. Drew took her to say goodbye to her dog before he was put down. Her tears and the love for that little dog touched my heart and I was crying along with Mac. Did Dr. Drew go with her because he was afraid she’d use drugs or because it would make “good TV?”

I guess I’m just so sick of every emotion, therapy session, puke and personal moment people have being exploited for ratings, sponsors and tears. Dr. Drew wrote a book about the addiction of celebrity but he is one of the biggest offenders. Click here to see how many shows Dr. Drew has on his resume.

Many of the clients on these shows comes from the management company of David Weintraub. On “Sober House” I saw him encourage his girlfriend, porn star, Mary Carey, to strip in club even though she was trying to get clean and sober and change her life. Great guy. Great manager.

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