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Todd Goldman is a famous artist. His designs are everywhere, t-shirts, posters, and famous people’s walls. Just a quick search after a blurb on VH1 has showed me that I’ve been completely ignorant when it comes to this man’s greatness. This is probably because I have a 10 year old artist and she’s thrown away artwork that was more original than what this ‘artist’ gets paid for some of his creations.

Some of his stuff is funny and very cute. However, $65,000 for an original?

Here are some examples:


From archives

Rihanna’s Painting Purchases

Rihanna’s Painting Purchases

Rihanna poses with friends at the Grove’s Jack Gallery in Los Angeles on Saturday night.

The “Umbrella” singer, who turned 20 yesterday, purchased seven paintings by pop cartoonist Todd Goldman as an early birthday present for herself, including the one she is photographed in front of, “Fat Kids Are Harder To Kidnap.”

“Half of the paintings are going to her house in L.A. and half to her apartment in NYC,” a source exclusively tells

Rihanna also picked up other pieces of artwork including “Goodbye Kitty in a Microwave,” “Gold Digger Like a Hooker Just Smarter,” “My Mom Says Not to Run Scissors,” “Barbie is a Slut,” “A Salt with a Deadly Weapon,” and “Smurf Blue Balls.”

To see more of Todd’s artwork visit or to see his clothing line, visit

Am I missing something here? 



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