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Ming Vase?? Really Jon? And why do all Jon’s “friends” have the same lawyer?

Jon Gosselin claims that his apartment was ransacked and his priceless Ming Vase was destroyed. If Jon really had a priceless Ming Vase, why was his wife begging for handouts when still pregnant with the tups? Ming Vases are very valuable and worth millions. I know if my kid was hungry, I’d sell the vase and buy some food. But that’s just me. What about his original Michaelangelo? Didn’t he have some Faberge Eggs too?

Stephanie Santero, Michael Lohan, Kate Major and now Hailey Glassman all have the same lawyer. All these people follow each other on Twitter and Facebook. “Schmecky Girl” has done the research and here is her post:


Hi all! Hope you don’t mind, I just wanted to spread this around as many sites as I can because I think it should be out there:

Okay I was just reading a comment on radaronline and it said that Hailey’s lawyer also represents Michael Lohan and Kate Major. I looked it up online and it’s true! Not only that but the lawyer Stephanie Ovadia also follows Stephanie Santoro and vice versa on Twitter. They all follow each other! Some follow each other on Facebook too.

What the heck!??!?! Something is definitely sketchy about the whole Hailey, Lohan, Major, Stephanie scenario. Those conspiracy theories are starting to sound plausible.

ALSO, This was posted on GWOP on Dec. 20:

I might know things said…

Pay close attention to this and then watch what happens. The conspiracy against Jon is more far reaching and twisted than anyone knows.

It is already fairly well known that Stephanie Santoro was on TLC/Kate’s payroll. As was Deanna Hummel. What may not be known is that Kate Majors was also and so were Lohan and Hailley herself!

Jon needed to be on his toes while this whole thing went down. If he were to get a cut of the house or more access to the kids he did not need to be distracted by bimbos and losers giving bad advice.

Look how Hailley swooped in. The daughter of Kate’s plastic surgeon contacts Jon out of the blue to offer “support”. Yeah ok. So she pretends they have this big romance going and then BAM! She starts telling the world how Jon is a pathological liar, Jon is crazy, Jon is a stalker. And to what was she referring? That he “cheated” on her with Santoro and Majors! Lohan starts selling him out. Meanwhile, Jon took advice to move to NY and agreed to give up the fight for his kids thinking Hailley would be there for him always. She pressured him to do this!

Now Jon is out in the cold as was the plan from the get go. They knew just what this man’s vulnerabilities were and exploited them. He needed companionship and someone to care about him so they begin to send in the bimbo parade. They send in the fake friends. Kate is painted out to be a saint and Jon is forever known as just an douchey Dad. Note that Hailley never talked bad about Kate, said she respected her. Look at all the details Lohan now wants to cough up about how Jon broke his contract even though Lohan was the one pressuring Jon to do just that.

Another move is coming soon and it will be the nail in Jon’s coffin. It’s going to be devastating. Just watch.

12/20/2009 11:10 AM

AND, another connection discovered by “Dunwoody Mom” at Musings:

David Zaslav, who is President and CEO of Discovery Communications, parent of TLC, formerly worked at NBC. In fact, his bio indicates he was part of the startup of MSNBC. So, maybe this David character is using his connections at NBC to “assist” TLC?


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