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Gap Commericals: Were they meant to make me IMMEDIATELY turn the channel? Because that’s what I do.

I won’t post the link because if you watch TV you know the stupid, annoying Gap cheerleading commercials. I go for the remote faster than I do for a “Girls’ Gone Wild” commercial.

Cheerleaders bug me. Not during the games, not during their practices, and not during pep rallies. No the cheerleaders (and wannabees) that bugged me were the ones who had to practice their moves at the bus stop, or, as I was reminded a few weeks ago, in line at a ride at Sea World. We get it. You are a cheerleader. Good for you. I will clap for you during a game and admire how cute you are but please, don’t bring back that memory of annoying cheerleaders who cannot stand still without doing their “moves.”

I also had my own cheer for the Gap.

“I – –

Will never shop at Gap ==

Your ads annoyed my nap = =

Go elsewhere to sell your crap == “

December 8, 2009 - Posted by | Advertising, Greed, Holidays, Shopping

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