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TLC’s vendetta against Jon Gosselin: It’s transparent and pathetic. To get a bitter woman to use her hatred against her estranged-spouse and broadcast this on TV for wonderful “memories” for those kids is a form of abuse. Someday, TLC, Those kids will sue your fucking asses off. It won’t be TLC/Discovery/OWN . . . It’ll all belong to The Gosselin children with the help of A Minor Consideration. Oprah Winfrey is teaming with a company that will drain her legal budget to try and destroy Jon Gosselin. THEY WANT TO FILM THOSE KIDS and it really doesn’t matter who, what, where, why or HOW that happens. It will happen.

Nip/Tuck: Not good this season. I usually stick with shows even when they falter. However, I’ve forgotten to watch, fallen asleep and also just been geeking on my Crackberry during the show.

FoxNews: They are using clips from the 2008 presidential election to show how many people are showing up at Sara Palin’s book signings. They did this with other footage and Jon Stewart nailed them. Now they do it again?? “This footage just in . . .” and they show a crowd with signs that say “McCain/Palin 2008”.
Foxnewsisnotnews . . . . . We all know that, right??


November 20, 2009 - Posted by | Reality TV |

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