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Today people were murdered by a military psychiatrist.

Babies and little girls being kidnapped, raped and killed. Sometimes by women or their own mother!

Wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan are taking lives every single day. I do not see and end in site for this war. 

My mother is bedridden for 2 months because her insurance will not cover the surgeon that has experience doing the surgery she needs. They say their surgeon could do it because she’s “seen a few performed in medical school.” Now my mom needs to go on medicare since her high-priced private insurance won’t pay. That doesn’t kick in until January. She’s in bed.

Americans are losing their homes, jobs and insurance at alarming rates and there is no end in site.

My friends in Maine had planned to marry but their neighbors decided not to allow it. They feel it will hurt their marriage if Bryan and Craig have a legal union. Bigoted assholes.

Gangs are shooting children who are trick or treating because they “thought” they were from a rival gang.

A man who was a convicted sex offender kept a child for 18 years and made her have 2 children.

Another man, also a convicted sex offender, has been discovered to have numerous bodies buried on his property.

My good friend lost close friends in a fire a year ago this week. Three little children were killed in that fire.

One of my best friends lost her fiance 3 months ago. He was 47 and just “died.” Now his relatives are mad at her because she’s not giving them the money he left for her to live on. They were close as family and now they are enemies fighting over money and “things.” He’s still dead. They now might move his body because he is buried next to her father and she will eventually be buried on top.  They couldn’t pay for a funeral but they are willing to exhume a body to “make a point?” People suck.

BUT over on another site, some people are so concerned because I have email contact with Hailey Glassman. Yes, This is what is big news and an important topic for these yahoos to talk about all day long. How dare I?? I’m hurting the kids!! I showed kindness to a person I felt empathy for. Shame on me. I do not support her recent media tour but it’s also none of my business what she does. I think she is a nice person and whoever has a problem with that can kiss my ass. Also, it’s really creepy to me to be followed all over the internet. So I post on other sites. Big whip. I have a twitter account. OMG, I’m a criminal. I also have a FACEBOOK account under this name and my birthname. I guess I’m my own sock puppet because the RDoK will call my home if they get my number. It’s happen to others when their legal names were discovered so forgive me for not always using my actual name when I post on message boards.


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