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Chelsea Handler in Playboy!

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The December issue of Playboy is soon to be released.  I mention this because I’m on the cover.  I’m also elsewhere in the magazine so if you were going to judge the magazine by its cover, go right ahead.  I didn’t eat anything but grapefruit and turkey for a few weeks to prepare for the shoot, so feel free to compliment me if you think you see a rib sticking out.  I brought a few of the perverts that work for me along for the shoot.  They shot a “Holiday Christmas Party” scene and those guys were more than happy to hang out and look at the other women’s boobs while Chuy and I worked hard on perfecting our poses.  I can’t give away what you will and won’t see, although some of what you won’t see I have definitely given away.  Think of it as my Christmas gift to the world…even though I’m Jewish and not a big fan of the world.  Anyway, I hope you buy a copy, show it to your friends who are 18 and over, and don’t ask me about airbrushing.  L’Shanah Tovah.H


October 30, 2009 - Posted by | Chelsea Handler |

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